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The Pope Shakes Hands with Anti-Semitism

It’s carnival season in Germany, and Der Spiegal showed today this float depicting the pope shaking hands with the anti-Semite and Holocaust denier, Bishop Richard Williams. More carnival photos here.

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The Universal Declaration of Human Rights Set in Motion Typography

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Andrew Sullivan directs us to this stunning juxaposition of a corner in Leningrad, during WWII, and that same corner, in what is now St. Petersburg, today.

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A Supporter of Gay Marriage—and an Opponent of Gay Marriage—Write a Joint Piece in the NY Times Proposing a Federal Compromise on the Issue

This just might work. It seems sensible to me. Money quote: It would work like this: Congress would bestow the status of federal civil unions on same-sex marriages and civil unions granted at the state level, thereby conferring upon them … Continue reading

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“I would not invite a creationist to a debate on campus for the same reason that I would not invite an alchemist, a flat-earther, an astrologer, a psychic, or a Holocaust revisionist”: Biologist Nicholas Gotelli Likens Creationism to Holocaust Denial and Other Forms of Pseudo-History and Pseudo-Science

Biologist Nicholas Gotelli, of the University of Vermont, likens creationism to Holocaust denial and other forms of pseudo-history and pseudo-science, and explains how creationists can acquire “street cred” in the scientific community: Academic debate on controversial topics is fine, but … Continue reading

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