Talk Radio and the Louisiana Exorcist: Beloved Leader of the Republican Party, Rush Limbaugh, HEARTS Exorcist Bobby Jindal—and Exorcist Bobby Jindall HEARTS Rush Limbaugh, Too

The love affair between Rush Limbaugh and exorcist Bobby Jindal is getting intense.

Exorcist Jindal seems to have a serious crush on El Rushbo:

In an interview with Limbaugh in 2007, Jindal gushed that he reads Limbaugh’s books and that he is a “huge fan” of Limbaugh’s program.

And Rush loves the exorcist too:

[T]he people on our side are really making a mistake if they go after Bobby Jindal on the basis of style. Because if you think — people on our side I’m talking to you — those of you who think Jindal was horrible, you think — in fact, I don’t ever want to hear from you ever again.

The intensity of emotion on display between these two men needs a song:

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I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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