Why Science Will Never Be a Hegemonic Language That Causes Religion and Poetry to Go Extinct

Even if we arrive at a complete scientific language that accounts for the existence of everything in the universe in a functional fashion, we will still be up against an ontological mystery (the mystery of being itself), and we will still need other languages, and not just scientific ones, to make sense of our lives.

Metaphoric and poetic descriptions of the universe, and of our inner lives, will still be required 10,000 years from now, even after we’ve tidily sewn up all of the scientific questions that beguile us now. Our bodies, our minds, and the universe can all be accounted for in their minutest detail, and we can know the Great TOE (Theory of Everything) and it won’t change our NEED for Shakespeare.

We are embedded in an enigma wrapped in a mystery, and no single language—scientific, religious, philosophical, or poetic—can get itself fully around it. The universe is a Hindu elephant, and each of our languages touches only a part, even if some imagine that their particular language encompasses the whole.

About Santi Tafarella

I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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1 Response to Why Science Will Never Be a Hegemonic Language That Causes Religion and Poetry to Go Extinct

  1. Pierre says:

    We don’t have access to the universe, reality but through our anthropomorphic projections. To theorize is an attempt of interpretation impossible to comprehend through purely ontological terms. Every theory, no matter how hegemonic is but an act of interpretation. We can never escape our dreams.

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