Was God to Blame for the 2008 Chinese Earthquake that KILLED 80,000 People?

According to AlterNet today, maybe not:

Last year, one of the most deadly earthquakes on record devastated China, killing over 80,000 people and rendering millions homeless. Yet last month, reports surfaced stating that the 8.0 magnitude Great Sichuan Earthquake could have possibly been induced not by Earth but its people. Particularly, the ones that decided to build the 4-year-old Zipingpu reservoir, which held 320 million tons of water, near a major fault line.

Does it then follow that the building of this dam was a SIN, and that the Chinese officials responsible for approving the dam are now morally culpable for the deaths associated with it (like the mayor of Amityville was culpable for the death of tourists in Jaws )? 

And perhaps Pat Robertson can tell us whether this was God’s judgment upon the nation of China for its environmental hubris (something akin to the building of the TOWER OF BABEL).

Who, exactly, CAUSED that horrendous earthquake last year?

About Santi Tafarella

I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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