Bearing Witness to the Holocaust: Anne Frank and Margo Frank in a Purim Holiday Photo with Other Jewish Children, February, 1934, and an Image from Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp, Where Anne and Margo Died

Anne Frank is the little girl to the left (in a dress in the front row). Margo Frank, Anne’s older sister, is with the taller kids in the back row, and is wearing a dress similar to her sister’s. Margo is the one on the right. Both Anne and Margo died of typhus at Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp in March, 1945. Bergen-Belsen is near Hanover, in northwest Germany.

Here’s an image from Bergen-Belsen (taken in 1945):


Source for both photos: U.S. Holocaust Museum Photo Archive

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I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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73 Responses to Bearing Witness to the Holocaust: Anne Frank and Margo Frank in a Purim Holiday Photo with Other Jewish Children, February, 1934, and an Image from Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp, Where Anne and Margo Died

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  2. Krystal May says:

    i feel so bad for Anne Frank and her sister. If you could please send me some ways to tell me what typhus is in the mail.!?

  3. russianbrains says:

    omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is soooooooooooooo sad and gross and sick and wrong! i feel so bad for all of those dead people!

  4. bemba says:

    omg datz so sick

    • Maria says:

      I have read the dary and ANNE FRANKSN STORY retoled for childre the more i find the more I wish this stuff could never happen ever .

  5. lopz says:

    omg datz sad and kinda of gross

  6. EvelynMarieMann says:

    thats mad sad and digusting they should have bathed them better and fed them more so that they didnt die becuase thats messed up i think that hitler should have been punished and he should have been tricked into going into “going home” like the germans told the jews. But they took them to the effing gas chamber and killed them instead becuase there SICK effin PHYSCOS!

    • EliasDillonJohnson says:


    • Anonymous says:

      well hitler is part jew but he just dont wanna show it acting like jews arn’t people 2 and at the end they killed hitler cuz he was unfiar to them, they hanged him upside down and spit on him and his wife think its his wife even if she is she sould at least try to stop him from the bad stuff he done to other i learned this all from this teacher named mr.chesnutt and i know his name is funny i lauged to when i knew he was my teacher but anyway he is a smart teacher but he is a joker trying to be all black even though he’s not anyway i hope u enyjoyed the info,bye.

    • maria says:

      Many people tried to do that bu hitlar was very smart and out smarted them.Hitlar killed him self after a couple hours of being married .Hitlar whanted jews gone or germany to go down in flames.HItlar had no respect for any one .

      • Anonymous says:

        Hitlar????? Do you mean HITLER? I really wish you stupid idiot Americans could learn to spell correctly. No wonder your country is the most myopically ridiculous nation on earth.

  7. EvelynMarieMann says:


  8. taylor says:

    did you know that when the jews were taken to the “showers” (gas chambers) they were also given bars of soap while in line? thats the fucking sickest thing of all.
    and a waste of soap

    • m says:

      i know! its so that they didnt think they were on theyre was to be killed. they even killed some 2 year olds! its sick. just sick

      • Anonymous says:

        They killed all the kids that were under 10. everyone under that age was immediately thrown in the line that went to the gas chambers. even the pregnant women were sent there. they killed anyone that wasn’t old enough to work.

    • KE says:

      My God. How have we failed, when our children (clearly “Taylor” is not mature enough to be an adult) can read about such atrocities and see a picture that should bring all of us to our knees sobbing–and make a joke out of it. Are you 13, Taylor? That’s how old Anne Frank was when her entire family was forced out of their home and into hiding–because they were Jewish. How about 15? That’s when she died, after months of starvation, of typhus–and thrown in a pile to be buried in a mass grave. How about 2? Well, you would have been taken from your mother and killed–you had no value, unless perhaps you were a twin, in which case you would be turned into a lab rat for scientific “experiments.” Don’t find this funny, kids. Read about it, cry about it. Because millions of kids just like you died, along with entire families, just for being Jewish. And, just when I want to think it could never happen again, I’m confronted by more and more kids who find it FUNNY.

  9. I will pray to the LORD JESUS CHRIST & GOD to never ever let such a thing happen to man or woman as long as the earth is populated with humans. I was born December 14, 1972 the same day as Nostradamus, different years of course. I will predict never ever again will such a thing happen.

  10. hi says:

    Their naked lmao

    • m says:

      that is rude to say! they suffered inhumanly.

      • sophie campbell says:

        it’s not nice to say such a thing they were abused horrendously as soon as they died they probably kept there clothes and sold them

    • Sarah says:

      the only reason they are like that is because they were dehumanized and the nazi’s thought that they were vermin and other things like that and that is why everyone should remember who they were as people and treat them like they were people instead of what hitler and the nazi’s did.

    • Tyler says:

      You my friend are sick..thats all i got to say bye/.

    • Anonymous says:

      U r a bitch for saying that about innocent people like u that we’re murdered like hogs and treated worse than that

  11. M says:

    this is sick and mean. this is a terrible thing that happened to all of them. i have learned about anne frank at i am, at the moment, doing a powerpoint on her. i hate having to read about all of the inoscent poeple who died! anne and margot, my heart goes out to you guys! you died of human cruelty, and i admire how strong anne was through the entire thing.

    • Sarah says:

      have u read her diary cuz i heard that there was an actual copy of her diary and it might help u with your powerpoint

  12. kelly price says:

    Yhis is so sick and sad. What has this world become of today? Gad did not put us on this earth to become prejudice. He put us on this earth to love and live life. I wouldnt be surprised if it was destroyed soon.

  13. me says:

    As a Jew, I have no words for this profoundly disturbing, and ultimately, inexplicable part of human history. As a human, it brings me to my knees is that is still going on in different ways in our world, and not only to Jews. Tell me what the substantive difference is to build walls in the middle east today than in Poland then? Explain to me to the camps in Darfur, the passing of Prop * in California?
    Hate + demonizing of what is OTHER… again: no words/

  14. santitafarella says:


    You might like Zigmunt Bauman’s book on the Holocaust. Bauman suggests that the structures undergirding the Nazi State are inherent in Modernism, and so are always capable of taking on toxic characteristics (and so repeating similar catastrophes). It’s one of the best books on the Holocaust I’ve ever read:


  15. g says:

    I dont understand either how kids in this generation can make fun of such an atrocious thing, the holoucaust should never be forgotten because if we do, if we forget things like this, horrible things like this, we would let it happen again. God bless the innocent souls of more than 5 million Jewish that perish on this barbaric part of the history…

  16. Mill says:

    Cannot believe that people put things on here like

    “Their naked lmao” (laughing my arse off)

    You want to be so ashamed….you absolutly discust me. You need to learn a little respect for the 6 million innocent people, that were MURDERED. Otherwise this will all happen again. Saying things like this just shows your immaturity and makes you seem like such a cruel, heartless person…..

  17. exactly says:

    I feel you on that one you cruel people out there need to show a little respect for those who r treated unfairly!

  18. Thomas Gordon says:

    I am an American and my children just celebrated Purim dressed in costumes not much different than the ones worn by these beautiful children. Makes me sad to see know that such evil exists in the world and to know it is not dead.

  19. Tyler says:

    The holocaust is terrible people. Yall need to quit making immature comments like that. Anne and Margot Frank are just like all of us teenagers out here. They were just a little bit stronger than you immature people because of they were here right now, do you think they would say something like “they’re naked, haha?” NO! Thats just down right cruel. Yall people are sick that say that. God put us here for a reason and it wasnt so we could make fun of them, gaaaa! If you cherished jesus christ as much as you think you do, you wouldnt say stuff like that. Bye.

    • maria says:

      I might not be a teen yet but I agree with u completely .I am glad there r poeple out there that under stand the heart acke

  20. maria says:

    the holocaust is never funny or cool t is sick and killed and distroed lifes of many inicent people because of how they belive in

  21. maria says:

    I mean who they belived in

  22. Taylor says:

    This is the most horrifying thing i have ever seen. I am learning about this in class and when i heard the story i was devstated!

  23. sami says:

    omqq!!! this krazi shyte

  24. Anonymous says:

    i think the germans were cruel people and they should suffer just like the poor jews did. :-[

    • anonymous says:

      ok not all germans are bad to just say that “the germans should suffer jsut like the jews did ” is a terribal thing, there are lots of great germans and (i know one) that were alive during that and they suffered alot to just not as much they had to hide from the nazis and hilter to! and now a lot of people say that the german country itself is bad and it is cruel and untrue! geez!,

  25. savannah says:

    did you know till this day some german survivors refuse that it never happened and we just made this all up?!? that shows how brainwashed hitler had all these people!

  26. victoria says:

    i tink tat is soo sad and depresing and i feel soo srry fr al those dead people to be killd wen they r inisant

  27. Wow. I read a lot about the HOLOCAUST, but I’ve never seen such horrifying pictures of concentration camps before. Again………. HOLY FRICKIN’ CRAP ×(

  28. Tina says:

    omg……….i wish hitler had never been born… would be so much better!!!!! and those fucking germans can’t say that it never happened cuz it was a big part of history…..i feel sick just writting this…..can u tell me how Anne and her family were found out????? i mean how did the nazis kno that they were hiding there????? oh goodness i can’t write anymore!

  29. Leah says:

    Hitler was a sick, sick, man. The only reason he did this was because he heard stories about the Jews and turned something little into a huge thing. He started sending them to concentration camps and when they didn’t obey, or got sick, or got weak they were sent to the Gas ovens ( Also known as Lillth’s Cave by the Jews) Anne Frank died of Typhus a deadly disease caused by flies or bugs. Her sister Margot Frank also died of the same disease. Margot died a week before Anne did, sometime in March nobody knows the real date (or is still unconfirmed)

  30. sophie campbell says:

    apparently since I’ve read all of the books a young Jewish student killed a high class German who was very good friends with Hitler and the Germans thought it was outstanding for someone to do it and after that the concentration camps started but also there are many other reasons such as the Jews were very smart and they kept winning lots of things, but on the other hand the Jews helped the Germans on world war 1.

  31. nag says:

    thats just disgusting look how thin they are thats just sick thats not even funny

  32. JT says:

    anne frank was a good girl that had never caused trouble but the natzies did

  33. beastly says:

    this is such a horrible thing to happen! and for all of you immature people..grow up cuz im tired of all this bs about tha holocaust it was inhumane and sooooo far from funny there is not one single thing funny about this so yall can shut that up !

  34. badLibly says:

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  35. Jimks says:

    I hate to say it, but these pictures are mild compared to so many. I have seen hours of film that was never released to the public, that makes what the public has seen…. as mild. It was horrendous. What was worse was stealing people’s humanity and lives as if they were totally meaningless.

    Anne Frank, wanted to write. She did, and unknowningly reached literally millions of people and into their hearts over some generations now, while making her life and the holocaust ‘real’ to them. Anne’s life was valuable. It’s such a shame she died right before the liberation of the camp. RIP Anne, may God’s love forever be with you.

  36. Shivani Rana says:

    I have deep respect for Anne frank . I feel souls like her are born to light the world

  37. Anonymous says:

    i fill bad for anna i could never
    do wat she did

  38. Sam says:

    Anne Frank was Audrey Hepburn see on Magazine

  39. Anonymous says:

    sep 1943- 1945 so sad they almost made it and died days before the americans got to camp

    typhus is a disease spread by rats mites bedbugs lice

    i see the film read the book
    then read online follow ups and the film doesnt say she died only goes back to her diary but
    its such a shame she perrished in belsan weeks before the camp was liberated

    wish the landings had been via holland and maybe ann frank would been here sending her deepset sympathys to all the millions who died in dreadfull disgusting ways by sycotic nazi scum

    How can the courts human rights free these mass murderes of belsan and all other nazi camps after 4 years when they have still been involved in genocide and some still physically butchured people yet are freed after a few years of imprisonment
    my heart goes out to Ann frank and all her family and all the worlds butchured and forgoton people xxx

  40. Anonymous says:

    Fuck you hitler

  41. Anonymous says:

    i learned about hitler 2day but i had already knew about him and anyway i looked over to my friend and she was about to start pouring with tears!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

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