John Ashcroft: A Christian Complicit in Torture

Beliefnet today discusses John Ashcroft’s role in Bush era torture. Ashcroft, an evangelical, and George Bush’s first attorney general, was one of those who would have had to approve the key torture memos:

Many of the key memos justifying torture also went through Ashcroft.

How does someone who professes to be a contemporary follower of Jesus sign-off on torture?

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2 Responses to John Ashcroft: A Christian Complicit in Torture

  1. aunty dawkins says:


    Those who profess their piety the loudest are often (not always)suspectin my experience.
    A little humility would not go amiss from both christian fundamentalists and thier radical atheist tormentors. They could take aleaf out of the ideas of Sophocles who stated ‘I am very concious that I am not wise at all.’

  2. aunty dawkins says:

    The quote is from Socrates of course not Sophocles! slip of the tongue as it were!

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