Barack Obama: The Leopard in the Book of Daniel?

The person in the YouTube video below says that he finds Barack Obama in Bible prophecy. President Obama, apparently, is the leopard found in Daniel:


If anything that this prophet says makes sense to you, and you are taking medications, you might consult your physician about your dosing options (because you may be over or under medicated).

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397 Responses to Barack Obama: The Leopard in the Book of Daniel?

  1. Tim says:

    I do not think this can be answered with a purely black and white, yes or no answer.

    I’m not all that sure why this guy calls himself the third eagle, or what basis he has to state he is a “co prophet”. But his commentary on Obama being symbolized Biblically as a leopard, does seem to have merit. Likewise – biblically speaking – Great Britain is factually symbolized by a Lion – a lion appears on England’s coat of arms – and Russia symbolized by a Bear (in fact Medvedev’s last name means ‘bear’ in Russian).

    It is a fact that Kenya is where many leopards originate from. A leopard is both white and black, as is Obama’s own ancestry. And arguably, a leopard is a ferocious hunter, although primarily at night which would imply some degree of hidden agenda which increasing numbers of Americans see in Obama.

    • angie says:

      he calls himself a co-prophet because he quotes the propecies of other real prophets such as Saint John in the bible. He passes along information basically as quoted by these genuine prophets not off his own opinion. He even stated this in one of hie videos. he will not say anything that can not be backed up in the bible. he is extremely wise.

      • But he is dead wrong about him being the last king of the south in Daniel 11, that is, Daniel 11:40. Obama is only a prince, Daniel 11:5, at best, and this in context of the office of the Presidency of the United States which is introduced in the context of the conflict of the two kings for whom I have begun the Cremalapers Memorial Library, William Leonard Cremers, II, and John Palamar, Sr.

        The fulfillment of Daniel 11:40, in print, began on November 8, 2012 A.D., when the king of the south, Theodore Michaels, signed onto an attack, which continues to this day, by Robert Sutton of the Phoenixville Police Department against me by and in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

        To be able to write of these fulfillments is not something about which to scoff on this Great and Holy Friday, April 3, 2015 A.D., the 934th day in the 1,290 and 1,335 day periods of Daniel 12:11 & 12, respectively.

        This is the final Lent of the years of non-Judgment as regards the Liturgical Calendar. The Great and Holy Friday of 2016 A.D., the Day of Judgment, is the beginning of the final 45 days of this heavens and earth unto the coming of the new heavens and earth as foretold in 2 Peter 3:10-14.

        The civil year of 2015 A.D. is the only year that will ever contain both parts of a non-Judgment Liturgical Year and a Liturgical Year of the Judgment.

  2. JM says:

    Assuming for a moment and for the sake of argument that William Tapley is correct in the YouTube video about Obama being “The Leopard” of Daniel, so let’s look at some facts on this: 1.) “The Leopard” is envisioned as coming “out of the sea”, Obama most certainly lived in both Oceaniana (Indonesia) as well as Hawaii, both of which are sea-lands. 2.) Obama is like “The Leopard” in many casual ways as well. He’s certainly of African heritage (I won’t get into the birth cert issue here); He is multicolored (black and white) like the cat; He’s beautiful to behold to many in appearance but has little use for women (a general quality of an anti-Christ); he moves with ostensible grace in outward appearance; he’s sly and quiet but also gives the outwards appearance [only] of power and forcefulness and he is a smooth operator at least to those who want to see him that way. 3.) “The Leopard” is described as having many faces. Obama is plainly a charming lair and tells another tale to all of those who hear him speak. He means none of what he says though which is another characteristic of the “two-faced”. 4.) Obama is also against Christ as we can see when he visited Notre Dame college and had the “IHS” (In His Service) icon covered over w black cloth so as not to be seen in the same frame with the historic “Icthus” symbol (no confusion here at least). 5.) Another disturbing sign is the Daniel cat has the feet of a bear. Now the bear is not a subtle nor delicate animal like the leopard but is rather a clumsy oaf of a fellow. The bear is perceived as rough and unrefined in his mannerisms and Obama certainly is lacking in manners and refinement to all those who see him up close. He is an oaf when it comes to acting diplomatically as well. “Having a bear in the cooler” is something no one wants and Obama is for sure making a mess out of everything he touches. He’s shredding our economy, running aground our historic relationship w Israel and our other allies, destroying our military and national defense, running our currency over a cliff and generally leaving behind a $hit-mess in his wake; and all within about 9 months. Can you imagine what things will be like in another year or two? At this rate, WW3 will be under way by next year. There is really no characterization of Tapley’s Obama that does not fit w “The Leopard” as described by the prophet Daniel. So there you have it for your rumination, if the shoe fits put it onto the paw? Let’s hope not!!! But still keep praying either for his conversion or for heavenly intervention on our behalf that this bear doesn’t come and ruin everything and everybody’s lunch. Unfortunately, I think ol’ Bill might be right 😦

    • seymoregray says:

      Your concern about the feet of a bear… Obama hails from Chicago, right? Since we are looking at symbols, what comes to mind when thinking about Chicago…Bears perhaps as in the Chicago Bears and Chicago Cubs. What is the origin of those symbols that were adopted for sports teams representing Chicago? Whatever their origins, it seems that bears and cubs symbology is related to the city of Chicago. Thus, solves the connection with Obama, the “leopard” having feet of a bear.

    • Anonymous says:

      don’t forget he speaks with the mouth of a lion which represents his sign of leo

    • geo says:

      Out of the’ sea means out from the people in end time.

      • Allen says:

        I was going to bring this to attention. It is a “sea” of paople. The first two horns are from the “sea” or gentile race. The little horn is of the land. This is from the tribe of judah I belive, someone that can sit on God’s throne in his own land. Makes sense to me how this would work.

    • FormerFundy says:

      The fact that you don’t even know what the “IHS” icon means, just proves to me that you have no freaking clue what you’re talking about. The IHS DOES NOT mean “In His Service”, instead IHS is a popular Latinized monogram acronym from the Roman 3rd Century based on the GREEK letters Iota (i), the first letter of Iēsous (Ἰησοῦς), Greek for “Jesus”; Theta (th), the first letter of Theos (Θεóς), Greek for “God”; and Sigma (s), the first letter of sōtēr (Σωτήρ), Greek for “Savior”.

      IHS = ἸΘΣ = Ἰησοῦς, Θεος, Σωτήρ = Iēsous, Theos, Sōtēr = Jesus, God, Savior.

      Try reading a book or two before posting you’re ridiculous drivel…you moron!

      • Nick Fed says:

        FormerFundy, your command of Greek (AND Greek fonts) is solid. Outstanding!

        I’m doing religious studies now (played the video in class) and we’re talking about apocalyptic thought. It seems every time period finds evidence that it will be the end. America-wise: People can believe it- the problem only comes when politics and the rights of others are compromised by dangerous and incomplete theology.

      • Sheila says:

        IHS stands for IEUSUS HOMINUM SALVATOR – Jesus Savior of Man
        Why did Obama have that covered? I never heard about that.

    • Anonymous says:

      You must be out of your mind! Look at the state of our nation after 8 years with George W. Bush and his ilk. Unbelievable!

  3. anonymus says:

    barack obama is found in bible prophecy. there was another youtuber who said the samething. and obama is the leopard which comes up out of the sea. the leopard has 4 heads and four wings.

    Vladimir putin of russia is also found in bible prophecy just read ezekiel 38 and 39.

  4. anonymus says:

    i also want to point out that the night obama won the election the lottery in chicago was 666

    the next day the number was 1111

    barack obamas number in bible prophecy is 444. he was elected of the 4th of november and he is the 44th president

    • Anonymous says:

      And I was born on 1/4/1960. Add those numbers up and you get 1965, which reminds me….I’d better dial 777-1965 to order my pizza.

    • AnonymusHippopatamus says:

      that 1111 might be the date for WWIII January 1, 2011 (1/1/11). The 11 in 911 is symbolic of Homosexuality one of the Sins against the Holy Spirit’s Gift of Life that America is about to be punished for. Read Revelation 18 for the general idea of what we are in for. Our Blue Democrat Coasts will be smoking ruins when that day comes.

      • World War III began May 8, 1981 A.D.

        It will conclude by Ascension Sunday, May 8, 2016 A.D., the Day of the Lord (Malachi 4:5), the 1,335th day of Daniel 12:12, only 104 days hence.

    • AnonymusHippopatamus says:

      I just fact checked your 1111 number and there was no such number in the Illinois lottery that week. You are either incorrect or a liar.

      There were 7-7-9 and 7-7-7-9 and 6-6-6 in that week but I did not notice any other interesting numbers.

  5. chuck says:

    Obama is an apostate. He had two fathers, and was schooled as a muslim. He caimed to be a christian. Read Daniel 11;37, Daniel 8;25, Daniel 11;21 Daniel 11;23. I believe that is Mr. Obama.

  6. thirdeagle says:

    vladimir Putin is also in bible prophecy. daniel chapter 11 he is the last king of the north

    • chuck says:

      The United States is or was the most powerful nation in the northern hemisphere without a doubt. Russia is “..from the furthest reaches of the north..” and is not the “king of the north”. Russia has not influenced the ideals of this current civilization in the way American society has. The American empire has dominated the world for the last 70 years. America was colonized by Britain, which was part of the Roman empire and our laws, structures and government, as well as our calendar, is based on Roman society. Sports, literature and a massive global religion could also be included as being influenced by ancient Rome. The current leader of the United States has in common these things directly from scripture and although debatable, to find someone else matching scriptural criteria in this manner would be almost impossible. Adding to the above list in my previous post, this prophecy about the antichrist is also interesting and points to a particular current political figure. The U.S. military under the current president has expressed interest in the use of drone aircraft to pinpoint enemy positions in Afghanistan and mountainous areas in Pakistan and up until recently, not much has been made about it. The remote controlled aircraft are operated by pilots at bases in America and can use computer guided technology to eliminate enemy positions from thousands of miles away while observing everything they are doing by computer monitor from wherever they are based. I believe that Revelation 13;13 mentions this; “..And he doeth great wonders, so that he makes fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men.” Is there another explanation to this verse? I don’t know, but 2000 years ago, I propbably would have written what I was seeing in the same manner as the author.

    • Ed Palamar says:

      Earth to Thirdeagle! Do you got a copy Thirdeagle!

      What do you think of the fact that the third beast in the Book of Daniel prophecy is the Kingdom of Greece?

      Do you agree with that or not?

  7. zomnificent says:

    Isn’t this depressing? 8/8 comments are idiots saying “Yep, the crazy video you posted was right! Obama really is a leopard!”

    You dummies didn’t seem to notice that Obama doesn’t have spots!

  8. thirdeaglebooks says:

    Russia is the last king of the north

    • zomnificent says:

      Russia is a country, not a person. How can a country be a king?

      • thirdeaglebooks says:

        zomnificent. the last king of the north is Russia. the prime minister of Russia today is vladimir Putin. Putin is the last king of the north. Medvedev is the bear

        barack obama is the last king of the south.

  9. zomnificent says:

    Do you not realize you told me Russia was the last king of the North, then you told me Putin was the last king of the North? So is it Putin or Russia? You just contradicted yourself!

    What does Obama have to do with the South?





      • zomnificent says:

        Either Putin is the last king of the North or Russia is, you nut. They can’t both be!

        The people writing a Bible knew what a king was! They did not write “king” and mean “nation”!

        Obama is not a leopard, symbolic or otherwise.

        You and your fucking insane prophecies. One of you idiots is going to push the goddamn big red button sooner or later, and then we’re all fucked because of your bullshit religion! So long mankind, you couldn’t survive Christianity!

  10. chuck says:

    Anyone following obama is going to spend eternity in hell! The events we are witnessing are not coincidence and the current president is filling the boots of the world dictator spoken of by the prophet Daniel and mentioned in the Book of Revelation. Atheists and agnostics should be worried if not outright frightened by this information. They have been given every opportunity to believe and still they insult and ridicule the Most High. Time is running out for you! You can continue to argue, call us names and agree with the islamic cult because you will all end up in the same hell! As for “our insane prophecies”, they are not our prophecies, they are God’s! It does not matter what you believe because the Lord will have the final say! You can only repent and accept the sacrifice of Jesus Christ which I think you will not because you hate Him! Eternity is a long time to spend in torment , Mr. atheist, but at least it was your decision.

    • zomnificent says:

      Chuck, you don’t understand why we’re not frightened. It’s because we realize you’re delusional and your religion is false. There is nothing to fear from Hell or God or the Antichrist because they don’t exist.

      You don’t think there’s any chance that Allah exists, right? Therefore you’re not afraid of Allah – not in the least. That’s how we atheists feel about both Allah and Jehovah. Neither of them pose any threat because they are fictional characters.

      What I am afraid of is that you and your fellow lunatics will commit violence in the name of your so-called prophecies. That’s the only real threat.

      The “Islamic cult” as you put it, is just a reflection of you. Both of you are convinced you’ve got the answers. Both religions are bullshit.

      Atheists don’t agree with “the Islamic cult” because we would be the first to die in a Muslim theocracy.

      They are your insane prophecies because you are the ones doing all the interpretation. You’ve got a book of vague poetry and you use Bible codes and metaphors that you make up to extract some kind of meaning from it. You’re like schizophrenics circling letters in a newspaper, convinced that the government hid a message in there for you about Fidel Castro.

      It wasn’t my decision, either. Belief is not a choice. I cannot will myself to believe in your God. It’s too ridiculous to my logical mind. It’s like if I were to try and convince myself that the sky outside is actually red. It can’t be done, even if I wanted to believe your God was real, which I don’t.



      • zomnificent says:

        Does your God appreciate that language, you psycho?

        You’re making baby Jesus cry a week before his birthday!

        I comprehend everything you’re typing – it’s just all so stupid it makes me laugh.

      • zomnificent says:

        You also might want to turn off caps lock when you type. It makes you seem even dumber.

      • thirdeaglebooks says:

        your father satan approves of your behavior. thats why people like you will burn in hell.

      • zomnificent says:

        Ooh, I’m real scared. You’ve resorted to placing voodoo curses on me.


      • Ed Palamar says:

        There’s that word vague again.

      • Anonymous says:

        Zomnificent, Right on! Hang in there and don’t listen to these ridiculous doomsday lunatics. Religion does nothing more than separate individuals and cause wars. They know it, too, and wouldn’t have it any other way. Enjoy the rapture, folks…ya’ll better up your medication and do the rest of humanity a favor.

      • dew says:

        dont be asleep my friend…. he didnt leave the bible here for nothing…. you need to think outside your little box you dont believe in them but they sure do believe in you an the devil has you right where he wants you by his side an many other’s to follow he does not want to go to hell alone an he knows thats where he is going an he wants as many people with him as possable… open your mind an really think about..

  11. thirdeaglebooks says:

    the difference between me and you zomnificent, is that i am a co prophet. you are nothing but satans puppet

    • zomnificent says:

      A co-prophet?! Oh, that’s hilarious!!

      Ha ha ha!

      • geo says:

        You’ are so stupid zomnificent and you’ cry like a baby and say there’ is no god your ignorant spoil American. thirdeagelbooks has not reply to you’ that is someone else using his name you’ better repent you’ say there’ is no hell wait and see!!!! Look you’ are pulling your hair out your scalp try to make a point. THRIDEAGELBOOKS, Has not said a word to you’.The’ hole time you’ fighting one of your Athisits buddy!! just like you’ LOL! you’ have a lot to Lern new jack!!!

      • zomnificent says:

        You’re not worth my time. I’m only responding to tell you that you should be embarrassed about your poorly written message, and that I think you’re too stupid to bother with.

    • Anonymous says:

      Co-prophet in your own little world. Yup. You and George W. have a direct line to the creator. Why is it all the loonies think they have a direct line. Don’t compare yourself to Christ now, you are not Christ-like.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are a poor speller. If you are going to drop the F-bomb, at least spell it correctly.

  12. thirdeaglebooks says:

    yes a co prophet. and so far my prophecies about barack obama have come true. just like my prophecies about him loosing world war 3 will also come true.

  13. thirdeaglebooks says:

    i said 2017 you idiot not 2016.

    • zomnificent says:

      Oh, so you’re saying he will lose (or did you mean begin – loose?) World War 3 in January of 2017?

      Where did you say that?

      And at any rate – I’ll get back to you in 2017 and tell you how stupid you are. It makes little difference. You’ll still be wrong then.

      • zomnificent says:

        Oh my God, you’re actually the guy in the video!

        You did not say anything about 2017 in that video. Maybe you edited it out. You didn’t say anything about 2017 on this page, either.

        I admit I hadn’t watched your video, but I actually like some of what you’re saying, even though I still think most of it is totally crazy.

        “Since my first prophecy came true, my other two will also come true.”

        How absurd! Is this what you call logic?!

        Anyone could have predicted Obama would be elected!

        Unfortunately I’m going to guess you’ll be “with your heavenly father” before you see that you were wrong in 2017.

        Are you expecting to be alive by then? Well, if you are, I’ll make sure to say hi on January 21, 2017, when Obama is officially out of the White House – or on January 21, 2012 if he’s not re-elected.

        Who are you “co” with, may I ask? Which other prophet completes the pair?

        And sir, you say the reason Obama was elected was because not enough Americans prayed and fasted before the election.

        You mention that praying could have changed the results of the election. But wouldn’t that have violated human free will, if God, for instance, made people vote for McCain?

        I wish the conservative talk radio hosts would listen to you about not criticizing Obama. Unfortunately, they aren’t going to – that’s a prophecy I’ll make right now.

        I which case I guess we won’t survive the nuclear war you’re predicting, LOL! There’s no chance conservative talk radio hosts are gonna shut up about Obama!

        Have you tried calling in to warn them?

    • two timer says:

      W.T. Dont forget; CHRIST SAID :IN MY NAME YOU WILL BE PERSECTED!!! Another subject;Fox News said yesterday Bin-Laden was killed last week,what if it comes out that it was 4/23/11

  14. thirdeaglebooks says:

    yes i am the man in the video. if you go on youtube i have more videos. i never said obama would start world war 3 in 2017

    in 2010 he will start world war 3. october 31st 2017 is the day for armageddon

    • zomnificent says:

      Okay, then I’ll get back to you January 1st, 2011, since WW3 will not have started by then, it will mean your prophecy has failed.

      Glad you had the guts to pick a date.

      Are you saying WW3 will be nuclear, or just conventional?

      • thirdeaglebooks says:

        Russia will invade America and England. america and england are both babylon in revelation 17. babylon will be destroyed by a nuclear bomb. babylon represents capitalism. communism will destroy capitalism

        obama will start world war 3 within the next 20 to 36 months he thinks he can win world war 3 but he is wrong

        go to youtube and watch my video obama will start world war 3 in 2010

    • theREALthirdeaglebooks says:

      You are NOT the man in the video, “thirdeaglebooks”, you are an impostor. You are a liar from satan, the father of lies. I hope you get blocked on this site just as I have blocked you and all your aliases on my own YouTube site.

      • Thirdeaglebooks says:

        I am the real thirdeaglebooks, you are the one who is the fake you claim you are a catholic you are not a catholic. you tell your million subscribers to worship mary and her rosary

  15. thirdeaglebooks says:

    Barack obamas number in bible prophecy is 444. the leopard has four wings. four heads. elected on the 4th of november

    barack obama is the 44th president. he is found in bible prophecy

    • Anonymous says:

      WE ARE NOT A SPOST TO WARSHIP MARRY THE DEVIL WHANTS YOU CATHLICS TO WARSHIP HER SO YOU GUYS CAN GET DESTATID IN TO WARSHIPING MARRY. WE ARE A SPOST TO WARSHIP THE LORD JESUS CHRIST NOT !!!!!!!!!MARRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. zomnificent says:

    2011 is not 20 months away. Are you giving yourself wiggle room or changing your prediction?

    You say “a nuclear bomb”. You’ve referred to Babylon as America. So America and England will both be destroyed by a nuclear bomb, or capitalism will be? Because it would take more than one nuclear bomb to destroy America.

  17. thirdeaglebooks says:

    i said 20 to 36 months obama will start world war 3 i say between octoboer november 2010

    watch my video on youtube called obama will start world war 3

    or i will just post it here

    • zomnificent says:

      Um, “Between october november 2010” is not 20 to 36 months away. It’s about ten months away.

      You said it would happen in 2010, but then you said it would happen in 20 to 36 months. They can’t both be true.

  18. thirdeaglebooks says:

    • geo says:

      hey mr william your youtube ch is haked

    • As amusing as this thread is at spots, I can’t get past 40 seconds of this 2nd video here due to Third Eagle’s errors in the 1st video.

      He says in the 1st video not to go against Barack Obama, but the overall effect of the 1st and 2nd, even only 40 seconds into the 2nd, is that Tapley, himself, flagrantly, yet subliminally (or perhaps subliminally, yet flagrantly) goes against Barack Obama.

      Provocation against the first king of the south in Daniel 11 began as early as June 25, 1956 A.D. I was there and I heard it myself, a taunting about my kingship against him when I had just begun to breathe (again, as I have come through 3 wombs in the course of God’s working in me) at M-block in Chester County Prison, viz., “Here’s your king!”

  19. thirdeaglebooks says:

    watch my video i posted in january 2009. obama is our last american president and he will loose world war 3.

    • Anonymous says:

      He’ll “loose” it or lose it?

    • In terms of the coming Judgment Day of March 25, 2016 A.D., that is true, there will not be time for another election, but World War III began in 1981 A.D., the year when both attempts on the lives of John Paul II and Ronald Reagan were perpetrated.

      The Lady of All Nations began to prophesy at the close of World War II to Ida Peerleman, a Belgian, about World War III. As such, there really aren’t any losers or winners, at least so it seems to me.

    • Dave says:

      Well mr”co-prophet” i bet you feel pretty stupid now eh? This is what happens when start date -setting.You make the rest of us Christians look stupid and as a result drive people away from Christ.

  20. thirdeaglebooks says:

    • The Book of Mormon says that there will be a time of men bearing their confusion, but Christ said that there would be men fainting due to things coming upon the earth. Tapley is a mix. He doesn’t have World War III right in a time frame, but he is somewhat cognizant of the evils of communism spreading throughout the entire world.

      His overall dilemna, though, is from not treating the Book of Revelation with respect. His corruptions of Holy Writ all stem from not leaving that Book as a written message of hope for all who can see and/or hear it. The Book of Revelation becomes his tool to present his own interpretations contrary to such simple warning contained within its pages.

      In this he leads others astray, presenting a varied back drop that it is okay to abuse Holy Scripture, when in actuality, it is not okay. Should his ‘teaching’ reach a child (and we were all once children and shall be forever more), the severity of leading astray is such that Christ Himself said that he is better off tying a millstone around his neck and plunging himself into the depths of the sea. Reader take note (nota bene).

    • He is very much on the button, however, regarding the 20 months, as concerning the posting of this link to his video, as in one month and two days the cleansing period of Daniel 8:14 began on January 20, 2010 A.D.

      There remains but 104 days of this cleansing remaining.

      A tip to the Tap, ol’ chap.

  21. thirdeaglebooks says:

  22. thirdeaglebooks says:

    • zomnificent says:

      Look, stop spamming this guy’s blog with your videos, or I bet he’ll block you. I can look at the videos on my own.

  23. thirdeaglebooks says:

    these videos will answer all of your questions. i have over 121 videos on my youtube page.

    • zomnificent says:

      Why don’t you just answer the question? It simple math.

      [1] 2010 is over in about 12 months.
      [2] But you’re saying WW3 will start in 2010.
      [3] You’re also saying it will start in 20 to 36 months, which is long past 2010.

      It cannot start both in 2010 and in 20 to 36 months. You have to claim one or the other. [2] and [3] cannot both be true.

      • thirdeaglebooks says:

        look stop spamming, i answered your question if you cannot do the math on your own thats your problem

        world war 3 will occur between october 29th 2010 and november 20th 2010

        it will occur way before we see 2012. if you want any more questions go to youtube and watch my videos

      • Ronald Jones says:

        World War 3 did not Occur on those Dates you HandPicked Did they Mr Tapley. so According the the Bible you are a false prophet

      • Christ's Angel says:

        It has been said concerning WWIII that it is one of hidden struggles, much like St. Paul wrote of our struggles with “powers and principalities.”

        I would have liked to have attended my piano instructor’s Celebration of Life but had to finish a roof. This occured on November 20th, 2010. So William Tapley is not a false prophet.

      • More like a confused maniac.

  24. thirdeaglebooks says:

    and further more you don’t own this blog therefore unless the OP tells me other wise i can post what ever i want.

    thank you

    • zomnificent says:

      I’m just making a suggestion. I have a feeling this guy is going to ban you if you don’t knock it off. But I guess that’s a risk you take.

  25. zomnificent says:

    You are the one spamming, you weirdo. Posting your videos on someone else’s website is spamming.

    So you’re claiming, once and for all, that WW3 will occur in 2010 and NOT in 20 to 36 months, as you said just a few posts ago? Can I write that down? I that your final prediction?

  26. thirdeaglebooks says:

    and yet this is his blog but he took one of my videos without my permission and posted it in his blog

    as for you if your that dumb to do the math then thats your problem. i am done responding to you

    • zomnificent says:

      You told me two different predictions for the beginning of WW3, you imbecile. You said it would happen in 2010, and then you said it would happen in 20 to 36 months.

      Can you not grasp this basic logical contradiction? Do you really not understand that you gave me two different, contradictory answers?

  27. thirdeaglebooks says:

    what i gave you was the timing of world war 3. it will occur long before december 21st 2010. that will occur in 2010.

    within the next 20 to 36 months. between summer and fall of 2010

    • zomnificent says:

      You stupid moron, 20 months away is at the end of 2011, not 2010!

      How come you can’t understand this? It’s very fucking simple!

      Did you flunk fourth grade?!

  28. thirdeaglebooks says:

    you are the moron. 20 months from now is august 2010. your iliterate

    • zomnificent says:


      How many months do you count in a year, you nut?





  29. thirdeaglebooks says:

    Again you don’t tell me what videos to post. for one the author never got my permission to even post my video in a blog

    • zomnificent says:

      Actually, you already gave him your permission. There is a setting when you upload a video called “Allow Embedding”. Embedding is when someone posts your video on another site by copying the Embed code. Because you set it to “Allow embedding”, people can embed your video without asking. You can also switch that setting to not allow it.

      But what about the other point I’m making? You can’t even do basic math, and not only that, but you are refusing to admit your calculation is wrong. How do you expect anyone to take you seriously?

  30. thirdeaglebooks says:

    i already did the math. world war 3 will trigger the 7 years of tribulation. america and england will be destroyed by a nuclear attack

    you must prepair to leave babylon/america now

    • zomnificent says:

      You told me on this very page that October 2010 is 20 months away. It’s not.

      You can’t admit that you’ve made a mistake because of your pride. The Bible says pride goeth before a fall.

  31. thirdeaglebooks says:

    again you seem to loose tract of what i said. 20 months from now is august 2010. the decision to start world war 3 will be made in moscow

    Russia in october november 2010 will invade the united states like a whirl wind. means by air power

    • zomnificent says:

      Okay, August instead of October. That’s still waaaaaaaaay off. August 2010 is a little more than 8 months from now.

      You count 12 months in a year, right?

      And you realize it’s 2009, right?

      What month do you think it is now?

  32. thirdeaglebooks says:

    you do realise that after 12 comes 13? january is 13. feb is 14 15 is march april is 16 may is 17 june is 18 july is 19 and august is 20.

    i do understand there are 12 months in a year. but my prophecies about world war 3 will come true this summer

    the decision will be made in august. putin will send troops and soldiers to america in the fall of 2010

    • zomnificent says:

      I’m going to count this out month by month. Feel free to count this on your fingers if you have to.

      RIGHT NOW it is December 2009. December is the last month in the year, so RIGHT NOW it is the end of 2009.

      Next month, the first month of 2010, is January 2010.

      It’s almost the end of December right now, but let’s round it and say we’re at the beginning of December 2009 just to keep it simple, so we don’t count the extra days between now and January.

      January 2010 – 1 month from now
      February 2010 – 2 months from now
      March 2010 – 3 months from now
      April 2010 – 4 months from now
      May 2010 – 5 months from now
      June 2010 – 6 months from now
      July 2010 – 7 months from now
      August 2010 – 8 months from now

      That means, according to your prediction, WW3 will begin in about 8 months, not 20. We have about 8 months between now, and the time period in which your prediction will either come true or turn out to be false.

      You added a whole year. Why are you adding a year?

  33. santitafarella says:

    Zomnificent and Third Eagle:

    I’m the person who administers this blog site, and I’ve only just finally gotten around to read your thread exchange. I’m okay with the posting of some additional videos in this thread, just exercise reasonable restraint. And your exchange is informative. It’s interesting to see how a biblical literalist and an atheist respond to one another.

    My own take: third eagle has a lot of associative intelligence (connecting Obama’s ancestors south of Israel so he can be the “king of the south” is a creative way to make your allegorical system work). But obviously, I’m a secular person myself, and so think the whole biblical tea leaves reading is, to put it politely, of questionable value. I’m with Zomnificent in my skepticism. And I love Obama (I mean the leopard in the book of Daniel). Sorry.


  34. santitafarella says:

    Third Eagle:

    You’ve generated an elaborate and dark poetic system, but why do you believe the Bible is true in what it says? Just one or two reasons that seem compelling to you are sufficient.


  35. thirdeaglebooks says:

    zomnificent once you understand bible prophecy you will understand numerology, within 8 months world war 3 will be discussed in moscow. it will occure october november 2010

    this is what will start the 7 years of tribulation. i posted my world war 3 video in the blog. that should answer your question

    • zomnificent says:

      Can you admit that you added a year, or is it too much to ask you to admit you were wrong over such a quibbling detail? You’ve fought very hard over something you are very obviously wrong about.

      It’s not about numerology. You added a year to your calculation. It was a mistake.

      From watching your videos, I DON’T get the impression that you are a totally stupid person. But your stubborn refusal to admit a mistake in math makes you seem very prideful and very foolish.

  36. santitafarella says:


    I notice just above that both of us had the exact same response, within moments of each other, to third eagle.

    Great minds think alike.


  37. thirdeaglebooks says:

    i am starting to believe you and sanita are the same person. same type comments and questions. as i said before do the math. i gave you the date for world war 3

    i also gave you the date for armageddon which will be october 29th 2017

    • zomnificent says:

      I think that’s a ridiculous thing to believe, but you’re no stranger to believing ridiculous things. 🙂

      Why don’t you answer the question? For what reason do you believe the Bible is the word of God?

      The math works out to 8 months from now. That’s settled. That’s proven. The fact is, you said 20 months before I corrected you, and I’m still not sure you realize you were wrong. You certainly wouldn’t admit it.

      Your pride puts Satan to shame. He’s not half as prideful as you, being unwilling to admit even the tiniest error. You are the most arrogantly certain person I’ve ever met. It’s like you think that you are God and can’t make a mistake.

      You should humble yourself.

      • thirdeaglebooks says:

        i Don’t answer to blind children of satan. i posted the world war 3 video to answer your question. you have not watched it

        i think you need to read revelation 20. because you and your non believing friends will go to hell

      • zomnificent says:

        You don’t answer questions your own pride won’t let you answer, and you don’t answer questions you can’t answer.

        I have no reason to believe Revelation 20 is the word of God, and therefore no reason to take Revelation 20 seriously.

        You haven’t explained why I should believe the Bible is the word of God.

  38. thirdeaglebooks says:

    i wish you would quit spamming. its up to you if you believe the word of god. the problem with you non believers is you pervert lies into gospels.

    • zomnificent says:

      You need to look up what the word “spamming” means. I’m not spamming. Spamming is posting the same message over and over again, usually to advertise something. I’m arguing. There is a key difference.

      I have no reason to believe the Bible is the word of God. Why do you believe it is?

      The problem with you believers is that you don’t know how to think, so you never do.

  39. thirdeaglebooks says:

    you are spamming, you accused me of it earlier. i don’t owe you a explaination of why i believe the bible is the word of god. you have your opinion i have mine

    the bible also said during the last days people will scoff and mock the bible. something you are doing now.

    i bet you will be one of the ones who will take the RFID CHIP the antichrist name mark and number

    • zomnificent says:

      No, you were spamming when you kept posting links to your videos that I already know about, and you kept posting that you had 121 videos. Like I give a fuck.

      You don’t owe me an explanation, but I’m not going to believe it unless there’s a good reason. I don’t think you have any explanation that isn’t circular.

      People have always scoffed and mocked the Bible.

      And then you’ve got more conspiracy garbage. Tell me, where does it say the words “RFID chip” in the Bible? Nowhere.

      This is just a new spin you’ve put on it for modern times. You’re reinterpreting the text in a completely clumsy and illegitimate way, making up the meanings of symbols to match modern times.

      You’ll be wrong like all the generations of Christians before you because the Bible is nonsense. You’ll see that come December 2010.

  40. thirdeaglebooks says:


    NOT ME.

    • zomnificent says:

      My psychology is perfectly stable. You’re the one wrapped up in delusions of grandeur, believing you’re a prophet. What a joke.

      You can’t even use reason, so you don’t try. You just get angry and defensive instead.

      • thirdeaglebooks says:

        i am a co prophet. meaning what i say is not my opinion. again you need to start listening more carfully instead of letting your devil shine among you.

      • zomnificent says:

        Yes, and as a prophet I’m sure you believe you were elected by God, you were chosen, and that everything you say is true. That’s fucking arrogant.

    • Anonymous says:

      This just in: “Thirdeaglebooks will be there, too.” Got that straight from the guy in the sky.

  41. todd says:

    I do believe him we are in the end times.

  42. thirdeaglebooks says:

    and further more liar. i was not spamming. i was posting my videos because i got tired of you asking me the same question over and over again. and yes you WERE SPAMMING.

    • zomnificent says:

      I have to ask the same question when you won’t answer it.

      And I was well aware of your videos the first time you posted one. Even before that, I had watched the video posted on this blog. It was totally unnecessary to post them again and again, like you did.

      • thirdeaglebooks says:

        You don’t own the site or the blog. basically the blogger who posted this video didnt get my permission.

        second i did not post the same video again and again. that is another hellish lie

  43. richard says:

    Hi Third, i had a question. what do you think of the norway spiral? that appeared the same night obama was in norway getting his peace prize?

    also how many people will be raptured?

  44. Todd says:

    why do i have to be foolish explain that?

  45. Brother Tim says:

    How do you know 444 is barack obamas number?

    • thirdeaglebooks says:

      Because he is the 44th president elected on november 4th

      the leopard has four heads, four wings. elected on the fourth of november

  46. zomnificent says:

    I already explained about how permission worked in youtube videos like 3 hours ago. But it proved you wrong so you didn’t pay any attention to it.

    Todd, I suggest you read this whole exchange so you’ll see what an idiot this guy is. He can’t even do basic addition.

    You posted the message that you have a lot of videos again and again, which is exactly what I said. Your claim that I said something else is a lie.

  47. greg says:

    all of this is utter bullshit, do you people really believe this arrogant ass of a so called prophet?

  48. john says:

    All i have to say is Obama is not the person he said he was during his campaign. he promised he would end the war and bring our troops home. he has not done that, instead he sends more troops over seas.

  49. thirdeaglebooks says:

    who are you reffering to as a false prophet?

  50. bob says:

    Man of man this is all childish, name calling. people playing prophets. others playing the role as the non believer, geez people get alife

  51. jake says:

    Do you think mahmoud ahmadinejahd will wipe israel off the map?

  52. jake says:

    and who is the antichrist? and false prophet? i saw a video of yours where you said banned your videos why?

    • thirdeaglebooks says:

      Jake Godtube is not a christian ministry. they ban real prophecy. they allow false prophets and false prophecy on their site. they are part of the new world order

      they allow hail lindsey, dave hunt, JR church, irving baxter, doug bachellor, and chuck missler all to preach false prophecies on their site

      as for the antichrist, i do not know who he is. his idenity will not be revealed until the second half of the tribulation the false prophet is peter the roman.

  53. Todd says:

    zomnificent, i really do think you need to be saved. its sad at the comments you have said. especially the part when you said you don’t take revelation seriously

    • zomnificent says:

      Why should anyone take anything in the Bible seriously, Todd? Why do you believe any of it?

      • Todd says:

        because i am a born again christian, the bible is gods word. there is no lies in the bible all true

      • zomnificent says:

        That’s not a reason to believe it, Todd.

        HOW DO YOU KNOW it’s God’s word?

      • dew says:

        let me ask you something How you know the bible aint gods word ?.. your the type of person that has to see it to believe it but by then its to late…

  54. beverly says:

    You sir are a false prophet, i watched a video of yours about mystery babylon and her locations. you blocked several people who did not agree with you.

    you said the united states and england is the whore. but it is the catholic church. rome sits on 7 hills

  55. jake says:

    what do these other people teach on Godtube william?

  56. todd says:


  57. thirdeaglebooks says:

    Jake, doug bachellor says that jesus is michael the archangel. this is simply not true. irving baxter does not believe in the trinity. all these false prophets claim Russia invades israel. this is a lie

    Russia does not invade israel. Russia and china will invade England, america and the rest of the west

  58. jake says:

    China? you said Russia invades america and england. now you say china and russia so which is it? russia or russia and china?

  59. jake says:

    zomnificent, why dont you just google is the bible true and see for yourself instead of nit picking people

  60. bubba says:

    william have you been in prison before? seems the inmates there would love to listen to this false garbage

  61. greg says:

    William is a false prophet, i just watched your other videos on youtube. you told two different lies.

    1. you said in 3 videos dmitry medvedev was the king of the north

    2. you made a video last month saying vladimir putin was the king of the north

    3. you said in another video china and russia,

    true prophets don’t change their prophecies. they stick to the same ones

    • thirdeaglebooks says:

      Greg, first off Dmitry medvedev is the bear. in daniel chapter 7. daniel says that this last king of the north will not like women. the reason why i say putin is the king of the north is because i believe he is a homosexual.

  62. roger says:

    what i want to know is who is this maitreya person?

  63. roger says:

    and what does 666 mean william? i know what it means but i wanna see if you know. im testing you

  64. tito says:

    I hate athiest.

    • zomnificent says:


      And aren’t you supposed to LOVE THY NEIGHBOR and LOVE THY ENEMIES?

      • thirdeaglebooks says:

        you should read revelation 20 about non believers going to hell

      • zomnificent says:

        Why should I believe anything in the Bible is true? There’s no good reason. It’s just a book of fairy tales as far as I’m concerned.

        There is no such thing as Hell or Heaven.

        Revelation 20. Here goes:

        20:7 is very interesting in that Satan must be locked up for A THOUSAND YEARS OF PEACE before the world ends. After that thousand years, he is unleashed and the world ends.

        Clearly, this prophecy will never come true as long as mankind is having wars. Have we come close to having a thousand years of peace? Have we even come close to having peace for even a year?

        This means the end of the world is at the very least one thousand years away if all wars ended tomorrow.

        20:12 and 20:13 both say we’ll be judged according to our works. So even if some of this is true, if I’m a good person and I do great charitable things for others, I’ll get into Heaven even if I don’t believe.

        At any rate, this is a bizarre fantasy but nothing more. The Bible is just a book written by men. It is not divinely inspired. It’s a book of myths.

  65. Todd says:

    zomnificent, you have that wrong. in revelation it says liars, unbelivers, idolatry worshippers, prostitutes, murderers, and sorcerers will be thrown in the lake of fire.

    you are a non believer therefore you will not go to heaven. jesus said in order for a believer to get to heaven you must be born again

    you are not born again

  66. Todd says:

    you are not a believer therefore you will not go to heaven. in revelation it does say people will be judged by their works

    these are for the evil non believing people. therefore you do not qualify for this. you don’t even believe in the bible. therefore you are going to hell

    • zomnificent says:

      Well, does it say that non-believers go to Hell in some other part of Revelation? I only read Revelation 20 like thirdeagle asked me to.

      “these are for the evil non believing people.”

      I’m not evil. I’m good.

      • thirdeaglebooks says:

        Yeah right, being good does not get you into heaven. it all depends on if you believe jesus christ died on the cross. for your sins


      • zomnificent says:

        I definitely do believe I’m a good person. In fact I’m more moral than most people.

        If the God you worshiped was good, he would punish the wicked and reward the good, not reward the believers whether they are good or bad and punish the nonbelievers whether they are good or bad.

  67. jerry says:

    This athiest is nuts. he is not going to heaven and totally misquoted revelation

    • zomnificent says:

      I didn’t misquote anything.

      I’m not going to heaven. The place doesn’t exist. Neither are you, and nobody else is, either.

      I’m not nuts. You can’t tell the difference between sane and insane because your mind is poisoned by Christinsanity.

      • dew says:

        I am misquote anything.

        I’m not going to heaven becouse im a sinner.

        I’m am nuts. i can’t tell the difference between sane and insane because my mind is poisoned by devil’s work ……… from: zomnificent

  68. thirdeaglebooks says:


  69. thirdeaglebooks says:

    It doesn’t matter what the Bible says happens to non-believers because the Bible is full of shit

    And by this comment you made. you will be one of the ones who will go to hell. and by you saying the bible is full of shit. that is blaspheme.

    you are definently going to hell

  70. Brother tommy says:

    romans chapter 10 says if you confess with your mouth jesus is lord you shall be saved.

    you must believe this in your heart. this athiest does not believe this. therefore he will not see gods kingdom

    • zomnificent says:

      “this athiest does not believe this. therefore he will not see gods kingdom”

      No one will see God’s kingdom because there is no God and there is no kingdom.

  71. todd says:

    zomnificent, says he does not believe in hell. he will believe in it when he goes there.

  72. jeff says:

    Thirdeagle, i do not believe you are a prophet i believe you are leading many people astray. fooling people and manipulating gospel

    there are no prophets, the only true prophets will come when god sends down enoch and elijah during the tribulation

    you sir are false

  73. todd says:

    i dont think he is false

  74. todd says:

    i dont think he is false in his prophecies

  75. thirdeaglebooks says:

    What you all need to do is prepare for world war 3. it will occur in the fall of 2010 or in 2011. it will happen and it will occur before 2012.

    this is what will start the 7 years if tribulation. Russia will invade the united states and the rest of the west.

    • zomnificent says:

      Okay, now you’re changing your prophecy again. You’re no prophet at all. You just change the date when the day you originally predicted comes and goes so you can claim you weren’t wrong. No dice. I’m going to remember you predicted fall of 2010 and when that comes and goes, you are proven wrong.

      In December 2011, you’ll be telling us Russia is going to attack America in 2013. That’s a prediction I’ll make right now.

  76. thirdeaglebooks says:

    My prophecies have remained the same as they have been. world war 3 and the tribulation begins this year.

    jesus returns in 2017 for armageddon

    • zomnificent says:

      No they haven’t, because earlier you were saying WW3 would begin in fall 2010, and now you’re saying it will begin in fall 2010 or 2011. You need to pick prediction and stick to it.

  77. joseph says:

    I saw your latest video today in regards of the pope being attacked. in this video you said jesus returns in november 2017.

    jesus clearly says that no man knows about that day or hour. so why do you keep saying 2017?

    first it was 1984, then 1989, then 1999, then 2000. then 2003, 2006. 2012 now 2017

  78. thirdeaglebooks says:

    to both joseph and zomnificent, you need to prepair for world war 3 and the 7 years tribulation. well zomnificent you are an athiest so this doesnt apply to you. you will take the antichrist name mark and number on your hand and forehead

    as for joseph i only said 2017. not the other years you mentioned

  79. thirdeaglebooks says:

    you still will go to hell because you are a non believer the only way to change that is to believe.

    jesus knows the heart and he knows a fake believer from a true believer

    • zomnificent says:

      So then I would defy two evil tyrants in the name of liberty – one tyrant is the Antichrist and the other is Christ. One wants to control your behavior and the other (Christ) wants to control your mind and your behavior, which is even worse.

      Of course neither of them exist.

      Maybe you’ve never thought of this idea – it’s just for fun in my opinion – but the best thing Satan could do if he wanted to defeat God is to not create the Antichrist. That’s what gets the whole ball rolling.

      If he just sat on his thumbs there would never be a final conflict for him to lose, people would just keep going to Hell, and eventually everyone would stop believing. The world would never end.

      • thirdeaglebooks says:

        The Antichrist will be controlled by satan. but the antichrist will loose and be thrown in the lake of fire by jesus christ in november 2017

  80. zomnificent says:

    Why would Satan create the Antichrist if it meant God would beat him?

    • thirdeaglebooks says:

      Satan does not create the Antichrist, the Antichrist is already here he will not be made public until the second half of the tribulation. In revelation 12 satan is thrown from heaven by michael. when satan falls he will persue israel.

      at that time The Antichrist will receive a fatal head wound he will die and once satan Enters him. satan will bring the Antichrist back to life. of coarse this is a big scheme between satan and the Antichrist

      this is when people will worship satan, satan will give his sit and kingdom to the Antichrist. like the NWO who will also give their seat to the Antichrist

      in 2017, the Antichrist will gather the NWO to jerusalem to battle jesus. at that time jesus with marys rosary will defeat the Antichrist. satan and the false prophet

      and they all will be cast into hell along with the followers of the NWO

      • zomnificent says:

        If Satan does not create the Antichrist, who does?

        Where does it say this stuff about a fatal head wound and Satan possessing the Antichrist? Is that actually in the Bible, or just in The Omen III?

        What is “Mary’s Rosary” and where does it say that in the Bible?

        Does Satan know he will ultimately be defeated?

  81. Thirdeaglebooks says:

    The tribulation will start in world war 3

  82. Gloritatv says:

    Mr tapley sir, you are a false prophet. first you were on our site with these lies about the Catholic church now you are on here with your lies.

    you are a false prophet and a wolf in sheeps clothing

  83. I pity you says:

    I’v read some of these comments and I cant help but say that I pity you both. Third Eagle, it seems you only take from the bible what is convenient for your conversation. Read the rest of it. I’m assuming that your defending God with your rebuttals, but I dont think God would be pleased to hear cussing in his defense. Furthermore, only the Lamb is worthy to judge us for our sins, not you. You have no place to tell some one that they are going to hell. Also, the scripture states that no one, not even the Son of God, knows when the end will be, it is only the Father. He gives us clues to help us see that his return is near (THE PROPHECIES), and that is so that we can prepare ourselves for His return, it’s basically giving us time to repent. And that should of started with the first of the end time prophecies, Isreal being given back to the Jews. The scripture also states to Pray for you enemies instead of criticizing them and what not, for if you love or show kindness to your friend, what reward is in that, the true reward comes from praying for those that come against you. Oh and most importantly the scripture states that there is only ONE TRUE GOD, and that he is a jealous God, although I do respect her for giving birth my King, The Virgin Mary is not a God and should not be held in to such respect, because Jesus is the only way to Salvation.

  84. Stallion says:

    I have read all the postings on this page and have found them to be most interesting. Third Eagle, you are extremely zealous but you need to be extremely careful regarding when dealing with bible prophecy, especially the Book of Revelations… comes with stern warnings. It serves us all to study the full message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ not just one aspect of it. I do find your efforts noteworthy but I think you should not be pontificating about who goes to heaven or hell. The Word itself will do that and let us not forget the great sacrifice of God and Christ and his awsome love and mercy towards us.



  85. observer says:

    Mr tapley i am so ashamed that i have ever got your book i was on youtube recently and saw where a youtuber exposed you as a false prophet. and for twisting scripture around.

    I always wondered why you called yourself this Eagle. but now i see it is really Angel and you twisted scripture.

    i hope others see this and see what a false prophet you are


    PART (# 2)





    CHAPTER 13: 2!!




    PART (# 1)
    HAS (18-LETTERS) IN IT!!

    AND (18) EQUALS
    (6 + 6 + 6) OR (666)!!

  88. Atheist Aussie says:

    Mr Crapley is called the Turd Eagle of the Apocalypse and the co prophet of the burning times

  89. Charlie Hinkel says:

    zomnificent-Would it be OK if I pray for you? Specifically, I would like to pray that Almighty God will draw you to himself, show you his love and compassion, and that he will make himself real to you. Christ did not come to this world to condemn people, but to bring them to himself, therefore I do not condemn you. I know that God is real because I have experienced him personally in my life. No one can come to God until God draws them to himself-he chooses us, we do not choose him.

    As for you THIRDEAGLEBOOKS, I do not condemn you either. I am not sure why you esteem so highly Mary, the mother of Jesus, Luke 11:27-28 Says “As Jesus was saying these things, a woman in the crowd called out, “Blessed is the mother who gave you birth and nursed you.”

    28 He replied, “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.”

    Clearly Christ esteemed higher the people who hear him (because He is the word of God) and obey him. Mary also knew that she needed a savior just like everyone else.

    • zomnificent says:

      Sure Charles, it’s a free country. You can waste your time praying to a God who isn’t there if you want to. That’s your right.

  90. The kingdoms finally merge once again in the resurrected Prophet of the Most High, yours truly, Peter the Roman, the resurrected John, as in the John whom Jesus Christ said was the “Elias to come”, St. John the Baptist, king of Israel, Roman Emperor, and Pontiff.

  91. Not telling says:

    hi im in 7th grade and i’ve watched all the videos… i really dont know what to do because I am a obama supporter(mostly because of my parents),but at the same time you do make some good points of obama being the leopard and i just wanna know will i go to hell for supporting him still. And also i still cant get really believe if you are right that im gonna die when im like 21. Thats the main reason why I want your prophecy to be wrong. Can you please give me some advice on how to take this?

  92. Dee says:

    People you are missing the point. It doesnt matter who the antichrist is or where he comes from .The point is you need to get right with the Lord or you are going to hell.If you take the mark of the beast you are going to hell. Its up to you not the antichrist.

  93. Dave Chace says:


    I am very disappointed in you. I watched your videos and found them to be quite informative and I figured that you were a decent Christian. However after reading your reply comments in here, where you use the F-Bomb and other curse words multiple times, I find it hard for one to believe in your sincerity as a TRUE Christian. If your gonna teach others about the Bible and Christianity you need to lead by example.

    Repent and apologize!

    • theREALthirdeaglebooks says:

      @Dave Chance
      The “thirdeaglebooks” on this page is not the REAL thirdeaglebooks from YouTube but a phony who has stolen my identity. I NEVER drop “f” bombs. Here is a good way for you to test if the so-called “thirdeaglebooks” on this page is legit. Ask him what his next video published to YouTube will be? Of course, he will be unable to answer. But for your information, and for all the others led astray by this phony, 24 hours before I post my next video on YouTube I will announce it on this page so you will know that I am real but that the “thirdeaglebooks” on this page is a liar from his father, Satan, the father of lies!

      • fyrstikken says:

        Mr Tapley don’t try to play innocent and pretend like you are not leaving swear words on here

        you are not a prophet nor are you a thirdeagle

        you took this out of revelation 8:13 and the CORRECT TRANSLATION IS ANGEL

        I hope people watch the video i made in regards of your lies

    • fyrstikken says:

      Watch the video i have on my youtube channel

      he is not a thirdeagle the correct translation is Angel

      if you read this in revelaion 8:13 it says i saw a angel cry out woe woe woe

      Tapley says this is him and this is not true

      my name is fyrstikken please watch my video as i expose mr tapley

  94. theREALthirdeaglebooks says:

    For anyone coming to this page after watching “frystikken’s” hate video about me, here are the facts: fyrstikken lies about me in his video because he claims I twisted the words of the Bible in Revelation 8:13 from “angel” to “eagle”. The following versions agree with ME and not with fyrstikken: Holman Christian Standard, American Standard Version, New International Version, Bible in Basic English, Complete Jewish Bible, Douay-Rheims, English Standard Bible, God’s Word, Good News Bible, Hebrew Names Bible, New American Standard, New Century Version, New International Reader’s, New Living Translation, Revised Standard, Darby Bible, Latin Vulgate, The Message Bible, Today’s New International Version, Weymouth Bible, World English Bible, New American Bible and Navarre Bible. Frystikken’s attacks against me are completely groundless because all these versions agree with me and say “EAGLE”!

    • zomnificent says:

      Hey, Mr. Tapley,

      Don’t you think there is a problem with having so many different versions of the Bible? What about all the ones that disagree with your interpretation? Do you believe the Bible is inerrant?

  95. fystikken says:

    If you all come to youtube please watch my video

    this man is lying to you the correct translation is Angel not Eagle

    there are so many videos about mr tapley on youtube

    people such as myself have exposed him and his lie

    he is labeling himself as an Angel and he is clearly leading people astray

    please watch my video if you guys want to see it i will post a link so you all can watch it

    • zomnificent says:

      I don’t really care what the book actually says, it’s just a book of nonsense. It doesn’t matter to me.

      There’s pretty good evidence that all of this re-interpretation of the Book of Revelation is theologically mistaken, anyway, since Jesus said everything in the book would come to pass before the people listening to him were dead. He was talking about the Roman Empire falling. Christianity was an end times cult when it started. It’s only after that didn’t pan out that it became a religion.

      I know some Christians believe there’s still a 2,000 year old apostle somewhere out there, but this is preposterous. The prophecy failed about 2,000 years ago when the world didn’t end during the lifetimes of his followers, who are all long dead.

  96. theREALthirdeaglebooks says:

    Hey, zomnificent, you need to read the handles of the liars on this page very, very carefully. “TheRealThirdeaglebooks” is another phony. Check out which letters are capitalized. If you want a discussion with me, please go to YouTube. Also, please note that fyrstikken did not attack “thirdeaglebooks” for five months on this page but only when I came on here to expose the lies of his buddy, the phony “thirdeaglebooks”. That itself should tell you that fyrstikken lies when he says I use the “f” bomb. You also need to ask yourself, why is Satan going to so much trouble creating all these false accounts in order to create confusion?

    • zomniscient says:

      Okay, even granting that there are impostors here, my question about the different versions of the Bible and whether you believe it is infallible was aimed at you.

      I can’t really see what the point of imitating you would be. They seem to be saying about the same things that you are. I have no way to know for sure who is who – that’s one of the problems of the internet. So I address each argument as it comes, whether the author really is who he claims to be.

      It could just as easily be that you looked really stupid when leaving messages as “thirdeaglebooks” and this whole spiel about “impostors” is just a way of saving face and disowning those earlier comments. After all, you can type your name however you wish when posting here, without having to create a new account, as I did just now.

      However, I think the real reason to believe you are not the same person as the other “thirdeagles” on here is that your messages read differently. That doesn’t mean that you’re actually William Tapley, though. You could prove it by sending a message from your youtube account to mine (zomnificent).

      And of course, if there are impostors, why would you think it is “Satan” creating them? Isn’t it more likely that it’s just mischievous internet trolls? You feel validated by believing that Satan himself is opposing you. Really, it’s just kids with too much free time.

  97. fystikken says:

    zom if you are interested please let me know

    i will provide a video link to the blog


    that is blasphemy and the correct translation is Angel

    you are not saying you are a thirdangel

  98. fystikken says:

    here is the link to my video please watch this video as i expose this fraud this so called thirdeagle

  99. theREALthirdeaglebooks says:

    zom, you are right, there are a ton of phonies here and I told you I will expose ALL of them because only the TRUE thirdeaglebooks will be able to announce ahead of time which will be his next video posted on YouTube! Another way you can tell all those others are phony is because fyrstikken did not come here attacking me until now. You may not be able to tell the difference, but a liar like fyrstikken sure knows his own!

    • zomnificent says:

      Actually, that won’t prove that there are “phonies”. It could still all be an act put on by you. If you send me a message through your youtube account, though, I’ll know that at least someone here is the real William Tapley.

      • fyrstikken says:

        Zom, mr tapley does use profanity he has other profiles on youtube that he uses to harass people

        if you would like to know more about him visit Gloriatv

        he was also kicked off that site for the samething

  100. theREALthirdeaglebooks says:

    Actually zom there are plenty of videos out there that expose me as the false prophet

    my video will be uploaded tonight and it will be about this site

    • zomnificent says:

      I just assume Mr. Tapley is a false prophet until some of his specific prophecies start coming true. You clearly are an imitator. The real one wouldn’t say “there are plenty of videos that expose me as a false prophet.”

      I’m still waiting on the real Mr. Tapley to send me a youtube message from his account.

  101. theREALthirdeaglebooks says:

    You are correct about that last post. He is one more imitator. I am not going to compromise my YouTube site by sending you a message from it. If you go to my YouTube site I will be glad to communicate with you. On YouTube I have control over my site. However, I do not trust this site any more. I do not know how that last phony could duplicate my exact handle, unless the operator of this site is in cahoots with the phonies. Therefore, I take back what I said about announcing my next video on this site because obviously they can manipulate my postings. Visitors to this site will just have to learn how to test the evil spirits on their own because, In fact, THIS IS MY LAST POST ON THIS SITE!

  102. theREALthirdeaglebooks says:

    It’s quite simple how he managed to duplicate your screen name on this site – you can type anything you want into the box that says “Name:”. I did it too (this is zomnificent).

    I will send a private message to your youtube account from mine. In order to confirm that you are the real William Tapley, simply copy the last sentence of your message, starting with “Therefore”. If I don’t get the correct reply, I won’t believe you are Tapley.

  103. theREALthirdeaglebooks says:


    • zomnificent says:

      See, I know you’re a fake because the actual William Tapley sent me the message that proved who he was. Not only are you a trollish imitator, but you’re a pretty stupid one. Thanks for wasting my time, jackass. I really regret spending – what – at least about 15 hours total arguing with you when you weren’t even the real Tapley.

  104. FireCharger says:

    Fyrstikken sent me the link to this site and i will say from watching mr tapleys videos he is Definently a false prophet

  105. Dave says:

    Mr Tapley has a potty mouth

  106. SpaggleMcDraggal says:

    This is a Youtube bunfight. To the fuckwit who decided to use my YT name in this thread, I hope your mother dies in a freak yachting accident you utter tard.

  107. lmao says:

    Everyone on here is fuckin nuts LMAO Funny stuff! I would like to see this thread continue until it contains so much rhetoric the internet implodes. Then a movie can be made specifically about this thread, called. “Everyone on that thread which imploded, is fucking nuts” lmao 😉

  108. Joseph says:

    I just Pray for all you Atheist and other religions to see and read the book of revelations. The Bible uses Metaphors and Similes because if it had the exact name of everything people wouldn’t believe either. The Devil is trying to trick everyone and make them be unfaithful to GOD. Get any Bible and see the Book of Revelations and put his words to your head. When you notice that people disappeared there will be a lot of things going on that are in the Book of Revelations. You will See who is Crazy. GOD ALMIGHTY I PRAY FOR THESE PEOPLE TO UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH YOU LOVE US AND WHAT YOU DID TO WARN US PLEASE MAKE THEM UNDERSTAND. YOU SENT YOUR SON TO DIE FOR US AND PEOPLE WILL NOT ACCEPT YOU STILL. PLEASE GOD CHANGE THESE PEOPLE, MAKE THEM REPENT AND ACCEPT THEM. PLEASE GOD, TEMPTATIONS FROM THE DEVIL ARE HARD TO BREAK, BUT YOU HAVE THE POWER TO END THOSE TEMPTATIONS. THANK YOU FATHER FOR LISTENING TO MY WORDS, THANK YOU. AMEN

    • zomnificent says:

      You look like the only crazy one around here, Joseph. Do you think God is on the internet?

      Why would metaphors and similies make anyone more likely to believe? They can be interpreted any way you want. I’d take it seriously if there was a detailed description of the internet in the Bible, or some other advanced technology.

      “When you notice that people disappeared.” Have you even read the Book of Revelation? The Rapture is not in it, you know. That’s a belief that wasn’t invented until the 18th century.

      • Todd says:

        Zomnificent, You are the one who is crazy. You Don’t even believe in God based on your comments

  109. i think its true,if ever pls make some clarrification,because im also studying about this 2012 end of the world.

  110. zomnificent says:

    Of course I don’t believe in God, Todd. There’s no evidence. I don’t believe in leprechauns for the same reason.

    • Todd says:

      Zom God Exist, the Bible is proof of it.

      • zomnificent says:

        The Bible is just a book. It’s not evidence. It’s like saying the Big Bad Wolf is real because it says so in Little Red Riding Hood. Why do you believe the Bible is true?

        The Quran is also a book. It also says there is a God, but it’s a different God. While the Bible tells me Yahweh is God, the Quran says it’s Allah.

        Why do you believe the Bible rather than the Quran? Both Christianity and Islam claim to be the one true religion. I see evidence for neither.

      • St. John the Baptist says:

        I find your analogy seriously lacking. I know I am resurrected by Jesus Christ. The Holy Bible states this most closely to fact than any other book.

  111. zomnificent says:

    St. John, all you’ve done is dress up the same circular reasoning in more intellectual language. How do you know the Bible is true?

    • St. John the Baptist says:

      What you minimize as ‘dressed up circular reasoning’ is something in vitro, however, I usually see it as coming from a place higher than myself. The mind is a living organism incapable of sustaining itself. Proud men cloud the reality that the grace of God, and the grace of God, alone, sustains the human mind. The Bible is the oldest and most detailed history book.

      I have seen that Christ may well have been so pure that the Bible (Old Testament) served as a means for the Father to speak to Him.

      The Bible, as Christ spoke of His Kingdom, endures assaults.

      Jesus Christ taught, “My burden is easy, my yoke is light.”

      There is a force (admittedly, not always so obvious) against purity and righteousness. This ‘anti-force’ is the cause of difficulty, confusion, doubt, despair, in essence, everything dark and annoying.

  112. zomnificent says:

    The Bible is a book that contains some history. It’s not the oldest book containing history. After all, what you call the Bible is actually a combination of the Old Testament (The Hebrew Bible) and the New Testament. If this argument from antiquity (the Bible is old, therefore it is true) were not a logical fallacy, it would only point you towards Judaism, not Christianity.

    You once again failed to answer the question. How do you know the Bible is true? This time don’t try to deceive me with poetic language and irrelevant statements. It won’t work.

    • St; John the Baptist says:

      I have come to know that the reason I know the Bible is true is due to private revelation.

      Until you show me one better, the Holy Bible is the oldest AND most detailed historical book.

    • Edward Palamar - St. John the Baptist says:

      I previously mentioned the concept of God saying “Try me in this.” We have also been given a law by which to live. Most importantly, if we love Jesus, we will keep His commandments. All our blessings then, continue from Love while we are in love.

      The argument of the Bible being old therefore true is something of your mention.

      We are ordered to give heed to the prophet whose words are true. Conversely, the false prophet is to be reproved.

      The prophecy in Ezekiel written thousands of years ago concerning the drawing back of the people of Israel to their land of origin is occuring in our day. To top it off, Christ said to His disciples (who were all Israelites [Israel and Judah]) that you will be hated by all on account of me. When one looks at the more recent history of the foundation of the State of Israel and the multi-sided attack upon it that very day, these two prophecies are confirmed to be true, but this is not the case to a liar filled with rage and hatred. The maniac liar will argue against the obvious to no beneficial end.

      As to irrelevant statements, the Torah, which you mentioned, is in the Bible as well.

      • zomnificent says:

        I’ll answer both of your most recent posts here.

        Why should I have to love Jesus? Why should the whole point of life be to obey? Why should I want to go to heaven and be with God?

        And why should I “try God in this” if he’s not even willing to show himself? You’re telling me to base my whole life around something I have no reason to believe. Just leap before you look, you tell me.

        On the point of the Bible being old, I was responding to you saying the Bible is the oldest and most detailed history book.

        The Book of Ezekiel is a Jewish book. They were aware of this prophecy. They made the prophecy happen. The political force in Jewish life that was motivated to return to Israel was called Zionism. That’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

        His disciples were not modern-day Israelis, so that’s not a prophecy, it was a warning to his own followers, who were starting an intolerant religion in the middle of pluralistic Rome. If you understand the history, the Romans didn’t care what gods you worshiped as long as you also made sacrifices to theirs. The Christians and Jews wanted only worship of their own, single gods. All other gods were false and were not respected. Monotheism explains a lot of why Christians and Jews were hated by Romans.

        Are you saying all people are omnipotent when you say “the existence of heaven and hell demonstrates that one has power over them.”

        Nostradamus’ quatrains are vague poetry, not specific prophecies. He was well aware of the story of Christianity, so it could simply be a poem about the first resurrection, or even a poem foretelling the second, which has not happened.

        I don’t understand what you are talking about with your own resurrection. Could you please explain that?

        “It’s part of God’s plan” is not an answer, it’s a cop-out. It’s a way of not answering the question while pretending you are. It’s passing the buck off to God to answer my question, only I have to wait until after I’m dead for the answer. Sorry, I’m not going to wait around my whole life believing in something without understanding it.

        What is the benefit to knowing darkness, in your metaphor? Eden before the fall contains no suffering, did God set Adam and Eve up like dominoes so that they would “know darkness”? And then blame them for it? And what is heaven supposed to be but light without darkness, joy without suffering? That’s the state humanity is supposed to reach, but according to the theology that suffering is good, heaven is incomplete without suffering and it would become meaningless.

        Can we know light without darkness? Not literally. You’re using light and darkness either as a metaphor for pleasure and pain or good and evil. We can know pleasure without pain, and pain without pleasure. We can know good without evil, as good is based in feelings and pleasure.

        Where in the Bible does it say we would die if we saw God?

    • Edward Palamar or St. John the Baptist says:

      “I’m not giving you my name because frankly, I don’t trust you enough. I’m not a coward for not sharing my real name with strangers, I’m prudent. The world is full of religious lunatics willing to kill anyone who disagrees with them. For all I know, you could be one of them. You haven’t earned my trust.”

      And how is it that by your insulting Jesus Christ you are not already the lunatic on the loose? In fact, you are that lunatic here.

      As for me giving you a chance to come clean here with a little honesty concerning your real name, you have turned down with your own self-idolization that you are prudent while you remain a wreckless fool, and a thieving, hateful one at that.

      You got me wrong, zommie, I don’t want your name, I don’t need your name, I’m not even asking you to give your name, I’ve got plenty of names. But in order for you not to be a lying, fathead cyberbully, you need to own up to that persona which you try to impress upon another, and yes, that would be sharing your first name here, or at least an honest, truthful explanation why.

      Otherwise, all you do, oh wicked zommie, is hide.

      An atheist bears no truth, for the atheist does not believe in “The Way, The Truth, and The Light.”

      Jesus Christ spoke of such division amongst those in darkness, but He also spake “My sheep hear my voice.”

      Zomster, listen for His voice, then. Love it and care for it.

  113. St. John the Baptist says:

    I didn’t fail to answer your question, you just don’t like my answer, nor do you like me. When the Old Testament was being written, the Israelites of that day did not call themselves Jews, nor did they think they practiced Judaism. So why do you allude to such quippy bastardizations without even a second thought?

    It is written in Daniel that there shall arise a king despised. This is one example of how I know the Bible is true. Other readings also conform and confirm the grace received of being created by the Divine, not the other way around, as proud minds also contort facts in their usual lazy manner. Your conduct of speech even confirms fulfillment of prophecy.

    The Bible has a verse where God commands us to “Try me in this.” God challenges us to a relationship with Him.

    There is the concept of “growing in the Lord” and “growing in the Word of God”.

    To those who abhor and wilfully fight such growth, there remains many things incomprehensible to them. But we all remain challenged by Our Maker.

    • zomnificent says:

      Well, I was indifferent to you before, but now I think you’re a pompous, pseudo-intellectual jerk. What does my liking you or not have to do with anything? I’m addressing your arguments and you aren’t addressing mine.

      You answered my question with a logical fallacy, the argument from antiquity. You possibly implied that you have had some direct experience with God. If you have evidence like that, tell me about it.

      Judaism is a condensed, organized version of some of the practices of the Jewish people. Whether they called themselves Jews or not, they worshiped Yahweh and not Christ, and had their own religion that predates yours.

      “Quippy bastardizations”? What does that mean, in this context? You’re still playing at rhetoric and trying to dazzle me. I’m not buying it. You can construct a flowery sentence, but do you actually have the intellectual will to examine your beliefs and accept the result? No. You don’t honestly examine them because you are afraid of what you’ll find.

      “There shall arise a king despised.” How is that a prophecy? When has there been a king that wasn’t despised by at least somebody? And which “king” do you think it refers to? Obama? Please. The people who wrote the book of Daniel, whoever they were, knew of kings, and they knew that kings were sometimes despised by their people. It’s a safe bet that there would be future kings who are despised.

      What you do when you interpret that Bible and apply it to the modern day is actually “postdiction,” not prediction. You are taking this book of poetry and myth, and applying your own meaning to it, informed by what’s going on around you. I’d be impressed if the Bible made clear references to something like bacteria, or airplanes, or television. That would be a real prediction. You’re going about the process of prophecy completely backwards, deciding that the things you read in the Bible relate to current events after the events have already occurred. You’re supposed to take the prophecy for what it is and see if it comes true, and the prophecy should unambiguously predict an event before it happens.

      As for me being “proud and lazy,” the same can be said of this “prophecy” as for the despised king. There were of course people mocking Christianity since it first came on the scene. They were dealing with “proud and lazy” people mocking them back then. Why call this a prophecy at all? People hated Christians as soon as they became aware of their little death-cult, and with 2,000 years of acting like assholes, it’s no wonder there are still people who hate Christians. Self-fulfilling prophecy.

      You’re telling me, in a nutshell, that I have to believe before I see evidence. This is how a person with a religious mind thinks. You start with your conclusion and then look for evidence to reinforce it, ignoring contradictory evidence.

      • St. John the Baptist says:

        Concerning fear – you tell me the first name given you by another and you’re not a scared shitless hateful coward. Until then that is all you are.

        If your only course of action in life is to belittle people you won’t admit exist because of your own fathead while debasing books you don’t care to understand, then hiding behind a computer seems like a safe place.

        But that is all you’re doing, hiding and lying, using your own limited scope of judgement to make yourself feel better in a world that doesn’t love you. The judgement that is appropriate for you is that YOUR ‘mythical’ hero turn out to be a flop, which seems more than likely to be in the offing.

      • St; John the Baptist says:

        Concerning evidence, if one rules out the possibility of it existing because of sheer hatred, there is an obvious total irrational mode of thinking in the works. Such ‘thinking’ is basically non-thinking, a lead of pure emotion, full of flaws and shortcomings, including the irrational.

        In your present mode of thinking, you are incapable of understanding the concept of eternal life. It is beyond you to think if you had died and were brought back to life almost 2,000 years later in another body what your starting point would be. Yet you make judgements about another who is going through just such a process.

  114. Wow, you really got the conspiracy theorists going with this one Santi 😉

    For some reason my mind read something about “Def Leppard” in the title.

    Maybe “Obama is the next singer for the re-formed Def Leppard” ? Ooooh, scary. 😉


  115. zomnificent says:

    “St. John The Baptist,”

    The gloves are coming off now? Okay, well is your real name “St. John the Baptist?” No! Why would you, a believer, impersonate a religious figure? What next, will you be calling yourself Jesus Christ?

    I’m not giving you my name because frankly, I don’t trust you enough. I’m not a coward for not sharing my real name with strangers, I’m prudent. The world is full of religious lunatics willing to kill anyone who disagrees with them. For all I know, you could be one of them. You haven’t earned my trust.

    I will wager that I understand the Bible better than you and most Christians. That’s why I don’t believe in it. I’ve probably given much more thought to God than you have. Every argument that can be given is easily shot full of holes. If someone is hiding, it’s God. There’s just no evidence. I’m engaging you on an internet forum. If I were “hiding,” why would I bother arguing with Christians whenever I see the opportunity? I would probably pretend to be a believer in my day-to-day life, but I don’t. I will state to anyone who asks that I am an atheist, face to face. That takes more courage than you can muster.

    Furthermore, by accusing me of “hiding” from you, you imply that I have something to be hiding from, which to me indicates that it is likely that you wish to do me harm, possibly physically assault or kill me, even though you haven’t explicitly said so. Why would the issue of “hiding” even come up if that was not on your mind? I may not be afraid of your God, but some religious nut with a gun, a hacksaw, or an axe is a frightening thought, because the religious nuts are real.

    My “mythical hero”? Who is that supposed to be?

    I can clearly ascertain that I’ve stumped you, as your post does not contain an ounce of reason or rebuttal. Most likely, you read my post, thought about it, and realized how convincing it was. Then you got afraid it might damage your religion and came back with an emotional volley. A cornered animal bites.

    The truth needs no apologists. It speaks for itself. Christianity is obviously false and needs theologians to patch the blatant holes in it. The truth doesn’t need you to protect it. When you’re really seeking the truth, you follow the evidence wherever it leads. When you’re not, you limit the scope of your own inquiries. For you, it is possible to have a blasphemous thought, a thought crime. I am free to think as I choose. You haven’t even seriously considered the possibility that you might be wrong.

  116. St. John the Baptist says:

    O.K. – We’ll go back a little.

    You wrote :

    “What does my liking you or not have to do with anything?”

    When it is a fulfillment of prophecy concerning a book you deny, your belief (or lack of it) falls short. I have met other writers who mention the “post-diction” or “after the fact” premise, a give away of the unbelieving, perhaps presumptuous, mind.

    The prophecies that were fulfilled in Jesus Christ are numerous.

    There was a time in the life of the soul which Christ has given me that Jesus and I met face to face.

    It wasn’t after the fact, it was real.

    Good day!

    • says:

      Your book says that people won’t like you, and you consider that a prophecy. People didn’t like Christians when that was written, it was a forecast for the near-future that anyone could have come up with, as well as a description of their present state at the time. You’re the one who applied it to the modern day, as if the writers were referring to 2,000 years in the future. Every generation does this, and they have all been wrong so far.

      There’s a couple of things you’re doing here. For your “king despised,” this is both an ambiguous prophecy and post-diction. You only determine who the “king” is after you find some modern day person that fits the vague description. I’m assuming you mean Obama, even though you don’t say as much. But suppose that’s how you interpret the “prophecy” – the text itself doesn’t even specify what the person’s name will be. That is ambiguous, and thus, we have throughout history put hundreds of people in the role of the Antichrist, and hundreds of institutions and nations as the beast, and so on. Jesus still hasn’t returned after all of these people thinking they had unlocked the prophecy.

      Let’s think about this “people won’t like you” prophecy. Christians hold a belief system that says that the only way to Heaven is through their god, and everyone else who doesn’t believe what they do is damned to eternal torture. You’re damn right people won’t like you if you go around saying that. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. People will mock the religion, too, because it is full of talking animals and nonsense like that. They mock it because it’s ridiculous.

      Start giving me some specific examples of prophecies that you think Jesus fulfilled. But be aware that a lot of the things you call prophecies were probably not even intended as such by the authors. Christianity has a way of interpreting everything in the Hebrew Bible in light of Christianity.

      And you say you met face to face with Jesus? Can you describe that experience?

      • St; John the Baptist says:

        Obama, as you and many others call him (as if you actually have room to speak), is actually a prince of the ‘king despised’, my prince.

        Concerning fulfilled prophecies about Jesus Christ – “He shall be call ‘Prince of Peace’.” “A bruised reed he shall not break.”

        Though I died and deserved death, Jesus Christ brought me back, bruised as I was, and He has never harmed me.

        What you need to understand, zommie, is that there exists the condition of simultaneous fulfillment of prophecy. Christ brings His angel back but Satan ‘thinks’ he has a body, that sort of thing.

  117. zomnificent says:

    I’m going to respond to all three of your posts here, to keep it condensed.

    Due to private revelation? What is that? Was it a dramatic religious vision, just a feeling, or something in between?

    The Torah is older than the Bible. I already fulfilled that request.

    I’m not ruling out the possibility because of sheer hatred. I’m not even ruling out the possibility. I just see no evidence for it. Depending on your definition of God, I might be able to rule it out based on internal contradictions. But I can’t rule out all conceptions of God as impossible.

    I think you are incapable of understanding the concept of eternal life, too. Tell me about it. Tell me what Heaven is going to be like? And I think you probably don’t have a very good grasp on “eternity” and how long it is. It’s a very hard concept for humans to grasp.

    This conversation is getting bizarre. Are you actually claiming that you have died and been brought back to life 2,000 years later? Who are you claiming to be?

    Wait, you are saying you are the king despised? No offense intended, but I’m starting to think you’re not all there. But treating you as if you were a sane person, Obama is not a prince. He was elected to his position. And both of these prophecies are extremely vague and metaphorical.

    Simultaneous fulfillment of prophecy? What is that? Can you explain it more clearly?

    But before you respond to anything, please tell me honestly: have you been diagnosed with a mental condition? Are you currently taking medication for a mental condition?

  118. St. John the Baptist says:

    The initial use of once conventional methods of controlling the mind, behavior, etc. occurred at a somewhat very young age for me. There is a quatrain by Nostradamus that references the particulars of the application of the electrical charges passed to me at an early age. If there was any medical diagnoses (sis) at the time, no record of a mental deficiency exists as a proof that the procedures were performed with any conventional legality, nor performed at all. In essence, the ‘treatments’ were in execution of crime, permitted by heaven, but I have come to accept it as part of God’s will with regard to the prophecies “a king strengthened, but not by his own force” and “he shall be struck”. Both of these prophecies are also in the proximity of the initial prophecy referenced by santita.

    Concerning the particulars of heaven, “eye hath not seen, nor ear heard”.

    Private revelation can be understood in this way : St. Paul the apostle wrote “Greater is He Who is in you, than he that is in the world.” The “He” within the “he” reveals to each on an individual basis. The individual revealings constitute private revelation, whether there be one person or many persons. (to confirm sanity, you are a person, I am a person)

    Dig, baby?

  119. Edward Palamar says:

    The leopard is commonly applied to the Greek Empire. Apparently, Mr. Tapley sees some Greek heritage in President Obama.

  120. chris says:

    zomnificent this message is for you. i have read all of the questions you have asked regarding the bible. i feel the need to share with you and anyone else that is a non-believer the TRUTH as I will break it down for your anylitical mindset. you say the bible is not real and there is no devil or God. I say to you: next time you have the blessing of feeling the cool morning breeze graze the back of your neck-or the glowing moon-light shine the path you walk when it’s hard to see-or the person that pulls out in-front of you while driving but somehow you manage to avoid the accident-or your first babies smile as she/he is pulled from your lovers womb-or any of the everyday miracles that you encounter throughout your journey of life that is unexplainable to man-please think about the most high as he is the one that allows and gives you the air that you breathe yet you still find the hatred within your cold heart to wonder and question his exsistance. You seem to keep traveling this endless road of despiration and wrong direction and you may be scared to live in the path of the richeous because to you it seems like a job of hard labor when in reality everything is simple with faith in Jesus Christ. Having him in your life will change you into something bigger and better than imaginable. You will never be able to understand unless you have faith sir. Please ask God to show you a sign even if you are sceptical. Mean it from your heart, for just one second, put aside your anaylitical ways and surrender yourself. God can and will make your life much easier and a heck of a lot better. If you are right and i am wrong and there is no God, we both end up at the same place after death which would be the dirt. But if just for one chance I am right and you are wrong, I will end up having eternal life with my heavenly father as you will be thrown in the burning pit of hell. Do you really want to take that chance sir?

    • zomnificent says:

      The miracles you speak of aren’t perceived as miracles unless you already believe in God, as you do. A cool morning breeze is pleasant, but by no means does it require a supernatural creator to explain it. The same goes for all of the other things you mention. Avoiding a car accident can be attributed to fast reflexes or luck, and babies are the biological result of the uniting of the sperm and the egg.

      I am not living in desperation and fear. Maybe you turn to religion because of your fear of dying. I have reconciled myself to the fact that death is the end, and I’m living the best life I can.

      There is no possibility of asking God anything unless I already believe in it. You have to give me real evidence to get me to believe. Faith is not a valid way of knowing anything. Ask Rumpelstiltskin to give you a pot of gold – that’s how much sense your request makes.

      Surrender myself? Never. I will not surrender my mind to your dogma.

      You must be new to arguing about this because if you weren’t you wouldn’t have used that final argument, Pascal’s wager, the old chestnut that any atheist can destroy without breaking a sweat.

      Firstly, you don’t lose nothing by following a false religion. Suppose Islam is the true religion, just for an instant. You end up in Hell just as much as I do. The only difference is that you wasted two hours every Sunday of your life listening to nonsense, and weren’t able to think freely, without fear of what answers you might find. Do you want to take that chance? You already are.

      The chance that you are right and I am wrong is miniscule in my estimation. There is no good reason to believe your religion is true. There’s probably something like a 99% certainty that God does not exist. Your religion in particular is also full of holes that falsify it.

      If you had read my other posts instead of just arrogantly popping in and acting as if you had “the truth” (and I’ve already heard all of your arguments about a thousand times), you would realize that belief is not half the problem. Not only can I not bring myself intellectually to believe in your God, but even if I wanted to, I wouldn’t worship him. A God that sends all unbelievers and heretics to eternal torture, who doesn’t tolerate anything less than absolute worship, is an evil tyrant.

      • Edward Palamar or St. John the Baptist says:

        Zommie, it is true that a strong dose of hell-fire preaching without the inclusion of God’s mercy will probably only terrorize you rather than persuade you.

        I hold that God has saved all souls by His work on Calvary. He told those who had doubts about Him that the miracles He worked were meant to foster faith, not tear it down.

      • zomnificent says:

        Except it doesn’t terrorize me, either. I find it laughable.

        Jesus speaks of hellfire in the Bible. What is your take on that?

      • Edward Palamar or St. John the Baptist says:

        The Gospel which contains the two sides of the coin (heaven and hell) is meant to show Christ’s omnipotence.

      • zomnificent says:

        How does the existence of Hell demonstrate omnipotence? And do you believe in a literal Hell or not? You say you believe everyone gets saved – if so, then no one is in Hell. So why have it at all?

      • Edward Palamar - St. John the Baptist says:

        I didn’t say the existence of hell demonstrates omnipotence. The existence of both (heaven and hell) and the fact that one has power over them (and all people, as well) demonstrates omnipotence.

        There is a quatrain written through Michel de Notre Dame (Nostradamus) that describes the resurrection process – “at the moment of death, brought back to life”. What can be said of this? What can be derived? Personally, I have come to understand that God has snatched me from death, yet I am dead. In His snatching He puts me with Him in heaven, yet in my death, I remain in hell.

        As to your last question “Why have it at all?”. This question is asked of many things. I think the best answer is that it is part of God’s plan.

        If you saw only light could you know darkness?

        When Moses met God in the burning bush, it was for a reason. If we saw God’s glory in complete, we would die.

      • Edward Palamar - St. John the Baptist says:

        “Why should I have to love Jesus?”

        I didn’t write that you should love Jesus, but that if you love Him you will do well.

        “Why should the whole point of life be to obey?”

        Because ‘no man is an island.’

        “Why should I want to go to heaven and be with God?”

        To live forever with your maker.

        And why should I “try God in this” if he’s not even willing to show himself?

        He has shown Himself, He died for you.

        “You’re telling me to base my whole life around something I have no reason to believe. Just leap before you look, you tell me.”

        I don’t see where I wrote that, could you be clearer?

        There are plenty of reasons to believe already, however.

        “On the point of the Bible being old, I was responding to you saying the Bible is the oldest and most detailed history book.”

        And you have failed to show me one older and more detailed.

        “The Book of Ezekiel is a Jewish book.”

        There you go with your racial minimizations.

        “They were aware of this prophecy.”

        They? Who?

        “They made the prophecy happen.”

        Who made the prophecy happen? You are so wrong you can’t even garnish a noun.

        “The political force in Jewish life that was motivated to return to Israel was called Zionism.”

        Do you mean the Holocaust? Are you are stating that the Holocaust was an Israeli-man-made contrivance to further Zionism?

        “That’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

        There is no such thing as a self-fulling prophecy. You are delusional. You have not grasped that prophecy is God’s gift of communication from God to man, not from man to God, and not from man to man.

        “His disciples were not modern-day Israelis,”


        “so that’s not a prophecy,”


        “it was a warning to his own followers, who were starting an intolerant religion in the middle of pluralistic Rome.”

        I agree with that part, but it still is prophecy.

        “If you understand the history, the Romans didn’t care what gods you worshiped as long as you also made sacrifices to theirs.”

        Many Christians have died for the maniacal enforcement of that paganism.

        “The Christians and Jews wanted only worship of their own, single gods.”

        I have to set you straight here, however. There is only one God, the same for Christian, Jew, Greek, Roman, etc.

        “All other gods were false and were not respected.”

        Almost true – false gods are not worthy of respect.

        “Monotheism explains a lot of why Christians and Jews were hated by Romans.”

        Monotheism only has the definition of belief in one God and it doesn’t explain anything. The fact is that Jesus was innocent of all the crimes of which He was accused. It is written of Jesus, also in prophecy, “They have hated me without cause.”

        “Are you saying all people are omnipotent when you say “the existence of heaven and hell demonstrates that one has power over them.” ”

        I should have capitalized the “o” in one. My bad. One has power over them, Jesus Christ.

        “Nostradamus’ quatrains are vague poetry,”

        Perhaps in the hands of vague men.

        “not specific prophecies.”

        Wrong again.

        “He was well aware of the story of Christianity, so it could simply be a poem about the first resurrection, or even a poem foretelling the second, which has not happened.”

        Assuming it is poetry.

        “I don’t understand what you are talking about with your own resurrection. Could you please explain that?”

        Jesus Christ has raised me from the dead, to use an expression you might have heard before, lock, stock, and barrel. When I was born as John the Baptist, my birth was without normal consummation. I was born by the power of the Holy Spirit, like Jesus was. When He resurrected me it was the ‘normal’ way. Because Jesus Christ was raised to the right hand of the Father, He has power over such things as ‘normal’ intercourse, to which you referred in a previous post here as ‘biological’.

        ” “It’s part of God’s plan” is not an answer, it’s a cop-out.”

        Here again, I just don’t think you like the answer.

        “It’s a way of not answering the question while pretending you are. It’s passing the buck off to God to answer my question, only I have to wait until after I’m dead for the answer. Sorry, I’m not going to wait around my whole life believing in something without understanding it.”

        Then answer one of mine. If you see only light, how do you know darkness?

        I’ll get to the rest of your reply later.

      • Edward Palamar - St. John the Baptist says:

        Continued to zommie:

        “What is the benefit to knowing darkness, in your metaphor?”

        How would you know light without darkness in our current state of affairs.

        “Eden before the fall contains no suffering,”

        Not to the theologian because when God said “Let there be light!”, some angels rebelled and suffered rebuke.

        “did God set Adam and Eve up like dominoes so that they would “know darkness”?”

        By law, a child shall not suffer for the sin(s) of his/her ancestor(s) or vice versa. The fall is indicative of man’s nature.

        “And then blame them for it?”

        We are only blamed so far as it is our nature to be sinful, which is not a blame, but a condition.

        “And what is heaven supposed to be but light without darkness, joy without suffering?”

        That seems okay to me so long as we don’t forget how we got there.

        “That’s the state humanity is supposed to reach, but according to the theology that suffering is good, heaven is incomplete without suffering and it would become meaningless.”

        It was God’s choice to freely accept suffering on our behalf.

        “Can we know light without darkness? Not literally.”

        Then the answer is “no”.

        “You’re using light and darkness either as a metaphor for pleasure and pain or good and evil.”

        If we are less than perfect than He who is perfect, already there is a point ‘A’ and ‘B’.

        “We can know pleasure without pain, and pain without pleasure.”


        “We can know good without evil, as good is based in feelings and pleasure.”

        Is it? God is the cause of all things. You just put feelings and pleasure over Him.

        “Where in the Bible does it say we would die if we saw God?”

        Read the discourse between God and Moses that took place on Mt. Sinai.

  121. chris says:

    here is some more evidence for the anylitical mind. the islam religion end every other God that others seem to think is the “real God” you can visit there grave. You can’t find MY Gods grave. You know why? Because he is alive. He is all around as I write this very note. My God is the Alpha and Omega-The beginning and the end. My God says that good works are like filthy rags in the eyes of the Lord. You can keep thinking you are right about what you think but it is my job to help you as my father would. Did you know that Jesus Christ never PROVED himself to the Romans because Jesus Christ believes in giving you free-will to choose what you want. Faith is the ONLY way. Infact he loves us so much that he will not even taks away our choice. I will pray for you zomnificent because it will ultmately come down to you and God sir. This is out of my hands. I truly hope the best for you my brother. Is is ashame that such a talented young man can’t grasp the most wonderful thing this earth has to offer.

  122. chris says:

    another quick note- you keep saying you need proof- do you really think Jesus Christ should have to prove anything to a man? proof is what you find when something is able to be found. what about when something isn’t able to be answered? what proof do you seek?/when proof isn’t seekable- Like I said and I will say again-Faith is the answer not proof/if Jesus wanted to proove everything-we wouldn’t have a choice. A loving God doesn’t force someone into a belief- If you want to get anylitical when it comes to God you have already failed the test. Man can’t answer the questions you need to believe because man has not the authority or the ability, Once again-it’s all about faith. When i became saved years ago, I can still remember the feeling inside of my body fill with something I can’t really explain. I just knew right away that God was working in my life. Without that feeling a man is walking around blind or in the dark. If you accept Jesus Christ in your heart and believe that he died on the cross to save you from your sins he instantly rewards you with the feeling I above could not describe.

    • zomnificent says:

      Actually, you are mistaken. The God of Islam is Allah, not Muhammad. Muhammad was just the prophet, according to Islam. He was just a man. The same goes for Yahweh and countless other religions, (including dead religions like the cult of Thor). You cannot find the graves of most gods because very few religions claim their gods became men.

      Your god, Jesus Christ, has very little proof that he ever existed. He came from a town that didn’t exist, Nazareth. He doesn’t say any of the things you attribute to him, a book we have does. Why should I believe the book is true? It’s full of holes and has very little outside evidence to back it up.

      Free will is one thing, but this is a matter of evidence. I’m not going to choose to believe without evidence. That’s a choice made blindly.

      You assume I’m the one who isn’t grasping something. I have reached conclusions using my mind. You are the one who is deceived. You reach your conclusions based on upbringing, feelings, and blind belief. These are not reliable methods of finding the truth.

      Should Jesus prove anything to a man? What if there was an emperor who never made a public appearance, but had legions of loyal followers claiming he was a real person? We might begin to doubt that he is real. Why is Jesus playing hide and seek? Why is God hiding from us?

      We would still have a choice if Jesus proved himself. We can still choose to follow him or not. The free will argument doesn’t fly.

      The test is to see if I will believe blindly, like a gullible fool? Why would I want to worship a God who looks highly on such stupidity? The only reason you believe faith is necessary is because you don’t have any proof. If you would prove it, you would love to do that. That’s why you tried to use arguments against me, to prove it to me.

      Did Adam and Eve have free will? Did Moses? Did Daniel? Unless these people were robots, a demonstration from God of his existence does not take away free will. The argument that free will requires faith is contradicted by the Bible. In fact, Abraham knew God existed because he talked to him directly, and he still argued with him about Sodom and Gomorrah. Clearly he had free will, the ability to disagree with God.

      Is there going to be free will in Heaven, when we are in the presence of God? If there is, then obviously God showing himself will not take away free will.

      What you describe are feelings. I want proof, not from your God, but from you. Even accepting for the sake of argument that a God who demands absolute worship doesn’t owe me proof of his existence, you need to provide proof before you can convince me. I’m not just going to believe what people say without proof. I’d be a sucker if I did.

      You telling me that I should believe because it will make me feel good is like a heroin dealer telling me I should shoot up because it will make me feel good. I need good reasons to believe.

  123. chris says:

    go away Satan for Jesus Christ is the King of Kings Alpha & Omega, beginning and the end. The book is God and God is Love.

    Jesus will be the one two prove you wrong in the end and hopefully I will get the luxury of seeing the look on your face!

    But still I will pray for you as of now

  124. chris says:

    whoops wrong two meant to

  125. gary says:

    I’m 50 years old and have to say what zomnificent is saying makes ABSOLUTE sense. Chris, to name call and retreat to rhetoric is cowardly and defeatist. You aren’t carrying your message very well. My 13 year old son believed in the tooth fairly, because i lead him to believe it was true. At some point, he made the connections and thought it through and lo and behold, he realized the truth. I don’t know 100% what is going on out there past the cosmic horizon, but I too have senses, God understands my senses and is not appealing to my senses to convert me and allow me to believe without question.

  126. zomnificent says:

    Latest Response to Edward Palamar – St. John The Baptist:

    Before I start responding, I need to tell you that your new posting style is really irritating. Responding to a single statement like that means you miss the context, which I noticed several times. But I’m going to respond in kind, at least for one round.

    Lots of people love Jesus and end up suffering a lot and dying miserable deaths.

    The saying “no man is an island” has more to do with friendship than obedience to authority figures.

    Why would I want to be with my maker?

    God has not shown himself to me. There are books that people wrote and pictures they drew. I have had no personal experience with God. I have no firsthand evidence of God.

    The sum total of what you are telling me is to rebuild my whole life around your religion without any evidence.

    Give me some of those reasons and I’ll show you they aren’t very sound.

    The Torah is an older and more detailed history book than the Bible. Any of the Jewish books will do.

    Way to take that out of context.

    The Jewish people were aware of the prophecy and strove to fulfill it, therefore it is not a genuine prophecy but a self fulfilling prophecy.

    The drive to return to the Jewish homeland by the Jewish people predates the Holocaust by centuries. Zionism was a 19th century phenomenon. The Holocaust happened in the 20th century.

    I explained how it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. If I am aware of a prophecy, and I take action to fulfill that prophecy, then I am merely rigging the prophecy. There’s nothing remarkable about it.



    You interpret it as a prophecy. It was not a prophecy because it related directly to Jesus’ time. A prophecy is by definition about the future.

    Many Christians begged the Romans to kill them because they saw glory in being a martyr. The Christians also frequently did not make the sacrifices to the Roman gods because they saw it as idolatry. And then when the Christians had power, they mercilessly slaughtered and even crucified pagans of all stripes.

    The Christians did not want Romans worshiping Jupiter. That was a Roman God. Yes, they considered him false. The point was that they didn’t want the Romans to have their own religion.

    All gods are false gods.

    Christians monotheism meant the Christians were going around telling the Romans all their gods were false. Are you surprised that pisses them off? It explains a lot. Christianity is an intolerant religion. Jesus was a rabble-rouser in the eyes of the Romans and was guilty of that. In the eyes of the Jews he was a heretic and a false messiah and was guilty of that.

    But you believe everyone is saved, so why is there a Hell at all? You say do “demonstrate omnipotence.” This is a nonsense answer.

    The quatrains are just vague, period. They are poetry and not SPECIFIC prophecies. You interpret them through the lens of your times. Generations after you’re dead, people will apply them to other events. It’s been going on for centuries.

    It is objectively poetry whether or not it’s a prophecy.

    Okay, so to be clear, you really are a lunatic who believes he was immaculately conceived. I know I can’t get through to you, but maybe someone else will watch me debunk your arguments and fall away from religion.

    “It’s part of God’s plan” means you don’t know the answer. That’s what any religious person says when they are stumped.

    I answered that in my other reply. You can’t. But that’s just a metaphor.

    Light is something in itself, isn’t it? Are you saying goodness is dependent on evil? That if God were to destroy evil, for example, we would no longer understand that God is good?

    Granted, the angels rebelled, but they were put in Hell, not left in Eden. But that’s a minor point.

    If it is our nature to be sinful, God is the one who created us that way and he should be blamed for our evil. If a painter makes a mistake, you blame the painter, not the painting.

    If we remember suffering and evil in Heaven, what would prevent it from happening again? And wouldn’t those memories grieve us, thus making Heaven less than perfect bliss?

    God accepting suffering doesn’t really have anything to do with whether suffering is a necessary part of our existence. If suffering is a necessary part of our existence, then there can be no Heaven, as it is a place free of suffering. If there is a Heaven, suffering must not be a necessary part of our existence because there will be a day where we are in a state without suffering.

    Good and evil don’t require maximums to compare to. You can compare relative good and evil of one action to another.

    We can know pain without pleasure and vice versa because they are biological reactions in ourselves. They are things in themselves independent of one another.

    God is the cause of all things? That poses serious problems. Is God the cause of rape? Is God the cause of children dying of cancer or starvation?

    Of course I put pleasure and pain before God because I have experience with those things. I have no experience with God.

    Good is not just an abstract thing, it is tangibly related to pleasure and happiness, and human actions.

  127. Edward Palamar - St. John the Baptist says:


    You attempt to deride me by calling me a lunatic. Have I insulted you?

    Let me give my take on what your ‘pro-Jewish’ stand lacks and why you try to cite a syntax form as the root of your irritation. You overall have held that purely ‘Jewish’ writing is suffice for you. This inhibits you from seeing behind the Book of Daniel. It inhibits you from knowing Christ. The proof of this is that you still accuse an innocent man, Christ, of crime. You dismiss what you don’t like, such as the order of events and God’s binding power in His judgements. God was with Adam as were His judgements, so Eden was not totally free of suffering, not unless you dismiss God and His judgements. As we read Genesis, yes, man was free of suffering. It is written by a Jewish convert, St. Paul the Apostle, who was known as Saul of Tarsus, that “all men have fallen short of the glory of God.”

    Many have argued for centruies whether Christ is free of this judgement. There are those, like yourself, who say He did wrong to His own people, was a menace to society, even was a lunatic, as you say – do you see my drift here this reply. In other words, society contains some individuals who think that beating a dead man will bring relief. As you have already experienced, it does not bring relief, it brings irritation.

    If you were God, zomnificent, would you be innocent or guilty?

    The root of your problem is not me, nor my writing to you.

    • zomnificent says:

      I am not attempting to deride you. Some of your comments make me think you might have real mental problems.

      My stance is not “pro-Jewish,” I’m just pointing out that Christians misinterpret Jewish religious texts by fitting it into their own framework. “Purely Jewish” writing will not suffice as evidence, either. I need to see real evidence.

      What you’re seeing “behind” the Book of Daniel is something you add into it. You are mistaken in your interpretation.

      From both the Jewish and Roman perspectives, Christ was a criminal. To the Jews he was a heretic, to the Romans he was trying to rouse the masses against Rome. Not only this, but he actually assaulted some moneychangers if I remember correctly and committed property violations against them. Even from our perspective those are criminal acts.

      I don’t dismiss anything. I refute. How were God’s judgments a form of suffering in Eden? And what of Heaven? Will there be suffering is Heaven? That’s the real dilemma.

      Christ was clearly a lunatic. He said to cut off your hand if it causes you to sin, and that hating someone is the same as killing them.

      If I were God and I did the things you claim God does, I would be guilty. Guilty of being a bad creator, guilty of taking out his own inadequacies on the human race and animals.

      I don’t have a problem.

      • Edward Palamar - St. John the Baptist says:

        Either you don’t remember correctly, or someone had duped you. Either way, you are clearly in denial. Those very Jews who craved for His crucifixion were unknowingly supporting work which the Father in heaven had given Him to do. But the Temple, by law, was not the place for the moneychangers and merchants to be transacting their business in that day. According to you, I have claimed that Jesus Christ to have destroyed all of us that day in the Temple when He turned over their tables and drove them out rather than restore some sanctity.

        Because of this problematic judgement of yours, note I wrote “PROBLEM OF YOURS”, it’s YOUR FUNK, it’s YOUR LIES, it’s YOUR DEMAND OF PROOF, you don’t include God and His works in Eden, nor anywhere else. You treat creation as if you deserve it. Such is the haughtiness of pride.

      • zomnificent says:

        From your perspective Jesus was the Messiah. I see no proof of it. So, he was just a heretic to the Jews, who also have a false religion. It was one religious sect killing an upstart religious sect. The Catholic Church persecuted the Marcianites as a heretical sect, for instance. I see that as no different from what the Pharisees did to Jesus. It’s one false religion trying to stamp out another false religion.

        The moneychangers Jesus lashed with a flail. That is physical assault and is not tolerable. Jesus was an asshole.

        I am telling no lies, not living in a funk. I demand proof of this as I demand proof of everything else in life, just as you want proof that an airplane can fly before you board one. Your airplane, Christianity, doesn’t fly, and I’m not getting on it with you. I can see it crashing and burning. It is patched together with duct tape. Parts of it are dropping off on the runway. It has holes in the side.

        Deserve has nothing to do with it. I am here. I exist. It’s just the world I live on. It’s not creation because that implies a creator. I’m not the one who is prideful – you are self-abusing and misanthropic. Your religion is masochism. It devalues humanity. At the same time, I am more humble than you are, because you claim to have answers but won’t provide evidence for them. I do no such thing. You claim to speak for God and don’t even give reasons to justify your arrogance.

      • Edward Palamar says:

        The funk is coming out of you. Jesus Christ said of such profusion, “It must needs be that scandal cometh, but woe to him by whom the scandal come.”

      • zomnificent says:

        The crazy is coming out of you.

    • Edward Palamar - St. John the Baptist says:

      Jesus Christ did not commit assault, He was merciful in His actions that. Rather than return your insults and blasphemies, I’d rather deliver you up to Satan. Have a good day!

      • zomnificent says:

        Give me a break. Would the money changers say it was assault or not? If I hit you with a flail, is it assault? It either is or it isn’t!

        He also committed suicide, by the way.

        Prove that Satan exists before you “give me up to him.”

  128. Edward Palamar says:

    He didn’t commit suicide and He spares your life daily, hourly, with every breath you take.

    Satan speaks well through you.

    • zomnificent says:

      I’m flattered that you think Satan speaks well through me, but you’ve yet to prove his existence (or God’s). On the other hand, I am a little insulted that you are crediting my arguments and thoughts to Satan. I am not plagiarizing any of this, I swear. And if I am brainwashed by Satan, it is again God’s fault for letting him loose on the Earth. According to your own beliefs, God would have to know that some amount of people will fall for the wiles of the devil.

      You’ve heard of “suicide by cop,” right? Where a person gets a cop to shoot them, by reaching for the gun or something? Well, this was “suicide by centurion.” Jesus turned himself in to certain death when he had the opportunity to escape. He chose to die. The term for choosing to die is suicide.

      Jesus, if he exists, is going to send me to hell for not obeying/worshiping him. Why would I be grateful for that? Why should I be grateful to be alive if this brief little life is to be followed by an eternity of torment? If your religion is true, I’d rather God not have created me, instead of creating me with a mind is unable to believe without evidence.

      Your new tack is demonstrating to me that you have exhausted potential reasons to justify your belief. Do you have any more arguments for me to consider?

  129. Edward Palamar - St. John the Baptist says:

    You are misinformed concerning Jesus Christ. He said that any sin committed against Him will be forgiven. Your notion of damnation, whether misled, misguided or otherwise, is false. When one esteems Christ in the Trinity, any sin against Him can be perceived as blasphemy. But blasphemy against the Holy Spirit cannot be forgiven.

    The whole gist of your political stance against Jesus Christ leaves you needing to prove that there was not a glimmer of hope within Him that those who were seeking to murder Him, innocent man that He is, might repent and not commit the crime of hating Him to an undeserved death, like you have me and everyone else everytime you belittle Him.

    • zomnificent says:

      So why should I bother believing this? Why not sleep in on Sunday if all my sins will be forgiven?

      And have I blasphemed the Holy Spirit yet? How would one do that? What is the Holy Spirit in the first place?

      Jesus did say the wicked would burn in hell. Maybe you ignore that. I’m getting that idea straight out of the Bible. If Jesus didn’t want people misunderstanding that, maybe he shouldn’t have said it. And why call it a misunderstanding at all? The language is perfectly clear. What you’re saying is that your interpretation of the Bible is right and Jesus Himself is wrong.

      I don’t need to prove anything at all until you prove that Jesus existed, that God exists, and that Satan exists. The burden of proof is on you. But since it would be boring if the only message I typed to you was “prove it,” I skip beyond that and analyze the implications if this were true, and I analyze the mythos.

      Whenever any other human being besides Jesus chooses to die from an avoidable death, we call it suicide. It must also be suicide in Jesus’ case. You can’t just make a special exception when he meets all the criteria.

      You accuse me of a crime I have not committed. I do not hate you. Even if I did, it would not be equivalent to murder. Jesus says that hating someone is just as bad as killing them. Jesus was wrong. His moral views are confused and irrational.

      Jesus was also a bastard. He was born out of wedlock. God was not married to Mary. He was by definition a bastard.

      • Edward Palamar says:

        “So why should I bother believing this?”

        I never told you to believe this or that. You made a statement reducing the Bible to myth :

        “The Bible is just a book. It’s not evidence.”

        In the concept of self and others, I have found myself attacked by others via the United States judicial system, that would include you among others.
        Without your proving to me my crime, even crimes, of which you accused me, when it was your burden of proof to do so, you robbed me of $844,503.03, point blank. If that amount seems high to you, it has its share of mercy from me. This currently is your credit rating. Even if faith were an issue, you would apparently attempt to rob that, as well, due to your greed.

      • zomnificent says:

        Why are you bothering to argue for it, then?

        As for you “robbing” by the judicial system, I had nothing to do with it, and frankly I think you probably lost a lawsuit or were found guilty of tax evasion or embezzling or something and you didn’t like the verdict. I didn’t accuse you of anything, but I would bet that if you lost $844, 503.33, you were probably fined this amount or sued for this amount. As for “my credit rating,” I really don’t know what you mean by that. Credit ratings don’t go that high. The sovereign credit rating of Norway, for example, is only 94.05.

        You’re very self-righteous in comparing yourself to Jesus. That makes me think that whatever you’re talking about, you’re probably guilty.

      • Edward Palamar says:

        There was a time early on after Jesus Christ resurrected me when my brother told me of what happened to Jesus. My immediate reaction was to punch him in the arm.

      • St. John the Baptist says:

        The actual word is “despise”. You despise me. With your stolen camera, stolen computer and other paraphernalia, you attempt to side-step your guilt in the matter by attacking the Bible, the very book that convicts you.

      • zomnificent says:

        I never stole anything from you. You are a liar. You’re bearing false witness against me.

      • Edward Palamar or St. John the Baptist says:

        Not so, oh Zomamir Pissov.

        Confess your hatred and repent of it that you may be forgiven.

  130. Edward Palamar says:

    Sure, there is the parable of the sheep and goats, the parable. He even admitted to speaking in parables. You do not seem to be getting any meaning of His majesty in the parable you quote.

    • zomnificent says:

      I never behaved like that to my brother.

      No, there are more than parables. There is Jesus talking about a fire that burns forever, a worm that never dies, and wailing and gnashing of teeth. Into this the wicked are thrown.

      • Edward Palamar - SJtB says:

        Are you sure?

      • zomnificent says:

        Yes. Jesus speaks of hell in this way several times in the Bible.

      • Edward Palamar or St. John the Baptist says:

        Zomnificent wrote: “Yes. Jesus speaks of hell in this way several times in the Bible.”

        But the fact is, it is His place.

        Do you understand I was there for almost 2,000 years?

      • zomnificent says:

        Hey, Zomamir Pissov – I like that. I might start using it. Clever.

        No, I don’t “understand” that you were in hell for 2,000 years, I don’t believe that you were in hell for 2,000 years, and even if you had been, I wouldn’t “understand” what that has to do with me.

        I think you are actually suffering from mental illness and have a delusion. There is help available and I urge you to get it. But this conversation is not going to be productive if you are trying to convince me that your personal delusion is true.

      • EP or SJtB says:

        Not 2,000, almost 2,000. And it is a latent effect of actually being resurrected. The Bible states that man’s wisdom is folly to God, that a second here can be years to Him, or milliseconds. Yet, there is a quatrain that interprets to “at the moment of death, brought back to life.” That moment occured c.31 A.D. and being brought back took 1925 years. Think about it.

        The Old Testament “Sheol” is the equivalent to hell. From a strictly Old Testament viewpoint, that is where I was for some 1925 years. But a closer look at prophecy reveals that none of us are left to die.

        Your, once again, allusions to lack of sanity seem to only indicate fatigue on your part.

        I noticed your burning statue video at YouTube, I’m assuming you actually filmed the video yourself and it is the only one of its kind, you wouldn’t want to waste server space would you? The reason I ask is that there is at least one felon at YouTube who would rather feign to be the 4th beast rather than the leopard.

      • zomnificent says:

        I don’t see what relevance that has to anything, except that it tells me that you’re 54 years old.

        The Old Testament is not the final word in Christianity, Jesus is, and he talks about Sheol very differently, as a place of fire and worms and pain.

        I’m not alluding to lack of sanity, and am outright saying you have mental problems, and I think you need to get help. You are telling me that you were alive 1,979 years ago and now you are resurrected. Furthermore, your claim about me stealing $800,000 from you is delusional.

        I did not film the video myself, but I did set it to music. That Jesus statue was struck by lightning, and I used music from The Omen, which is a movie about the Antichrist. I think it is fair use – I am using the music ironically, because I think it was funny that a statue of “God” was “struck by God” and that “Jesus” was burning. I also will not profit off the video if I am offered revenue sharing.

        At any rate, if you really were St. John the Baptist, and died in 31 AD and were resurrected in 1956 by being reborn, that would falsify the prophecies Jesus made, because he said that all the things he spoke of would come to pass before anyone listening to him was dead. John dying in 31 AD would prove that wrong.

        I am aware that some Christians believe John is still alive and among us in order to get around that problem, as Methusaleh was said to live for so long. Is this where you are getting the idea from?

        I’m not fatigued because this argument has not been ongoing. I get a message from you from time to time, but it doesn’t take too long to reply.

      • ed palamar says:

        “The Old Testament is not the final word in Christianity, Jesus is, and he talks about Sheol very differently, as a place of fire and worms and pain.”

        (Hey, and just about anything else He’d like to add to that list as well because hell is as a tool to Him, His tool.)

        But he doesn’t negate the fact of His having baptized me to an end which I now enjoy (and it isn’t insanity – I actually helped one of the doctors at a hospital to fill out his required diagnosis because he was so confused.) Early “Christians” brutalized indigenous Americans for not ‘honoring’ Sunday just as the Scribes hounded Jesus.

        The part about the $844,503.03 is pre-Katrina. It is not delusional, no one has proven to me the crimes to which I was accused when robbery began.

        Which leads directly to wasting anything, including server space.

        As long as you remain in the opinion that the Bible is not evidence, my stand concerning the robbery is bolstered. Granted, faith is referred to the evidence of things unseen – if there be a book of faith, it serves no differently.

        You’ve misquoted the Master, again. The passage about which you referred:

        “Some of you shall not taste death until the Son of Man returns in glory.”

        Private revelation can become public. The current Church teaching on public revelation is that it is to be believed. I don’t need to get around it.

      • zomnificent says:

        You’ll have to explain in more detail what it is you’re accused of. And also note, it doesn’t matter if they proved your crimes to you, what matters is if they proved your crimes to the jury and judge.

        The Bible is not evidence of the existence of God, and you claiming that I’ve stolen money from you is not evidence that I have.

        He was speaking directly to an audience of people alive at that time, when he said “some of you.” In order for this prophecy to be true, these people would have to have not died yet.

    • zomnificent says:

      I see what you’re getting at. I did describe the Bible as “a book of vague poetry.” That was a misstatement – some parts of the Bible are vague poetry, others are very clear.

      The parts where Jesus refers to hellfire seem very literal, whereas all this stuff about beasts with ten horns and seven crowns on each horn, not so much.

  131. JAG.Christianos says:

    Hey all…I read about half of this…after I stopped laughing I had to post something to defend the TRUTH in God’s word.

    This was said of 3rd eagle…
    “It’s interesting to see how a biblical literalist and an atheist respond to one another.”

    3rd Eagle is a false prophet without a doubt. The Bible says that a false prophet in the old Testament was to be killed. In Revelation 22 Jesus gives a strong warning NOT to add or remove from that book and 3rd EAGLE constantly adds and removes from scripture and from that book.

  132. razorface says:

    I’m always amused by preachers and self-anointed “prophets” who try to interpret the books of Daniel and Revelation by reading newspaper headlines. If they knew just a little about the history of interpretation of these books they would know that this has been going on for centuries as each generation of doomsayers has applied the imagery of the books to political events of the day.

    The clear consensus of the majority of scholars is that Daniel was written to address the national crisis instigated by Antiochus Epiphanes in the second century BCE. Daniel’s dreams are explained by angelic interpreters as referring to a wicked king who would arise from the divisions of the greek empire (Ch 8). Then, chapter eleven actually pinpoints Antiochus by summarising the history of conflict between Egypt (identified as the Kind of the South) and Syria leading up to the actions and eventual demise of this tyrant.

    Similarly, Revelation is explicitly addressed to seven christian communities in first century Asia Minor who are repeatedly told that “the time is at hand” and that the end is imminent. The great eschatological enemy is clearly identified, in this case, as the then Roman empire (the woman who sits on seven hills).

    Commentators who try to identify local politicians and empires as the beasts of Daniel or Revelation will ultimately cause believers to doubt or lose their faith when the expected end of the world does not arrive. I would seriously advise followers of these self appointed “experts” to do some independent research of their own before wasting their lives waiting for an end that will never come.

    • Edward Palamar says:

      There are many holes in that traditional Catholic interpretation concerning Antiochus Epiphanes. Firstly, Daniel was a Hebrew prophet in exile in Babylon. Secondly, there is a specific chapter which concerns the Greek king. Thirdly, the time when “sinners have reached their measure” had not occured. Christ had not even been slain. St. Paul wrote in prophecy of the antecedent-consequent necessity of the Antichrist to come, and this was after A. Epiphanes.

      The logical conclusion from wholistic study of Daniel is that those who once prematurely judged the king despised to be Antiochus, did not take into account the already written prophecies concerning the Antichrist.

      The capital “A” Antichrist is risen as a result of iniquity, for instance, the way zomnificent here boasts of his atheism and purity. The more one does such things, the more severe the judgement against the committer of iniquity becomes.

  133. The sign of the Son of Man in Heaven says:

    You have not grasped one of Christ’s early teachings – that in order to be with Christ forever, you must be born again – the new self superceding the old. For you, personally, you only have to accept Christ as your God.

    One finds the passage from Matthew 24, to which you allude, in the New International Version : “I tell you the truth, this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened.” As the hairs on one’s head are numbered, so are souls. There have been those who have spent their lives nurturing their bodily hairs for various reasons. These, to whom I refer, have managed to exceed the normal length with respect to their peers, but all have been subject to Christ. So it is with what people have done, subject to Christ.

    In context, the passage relates in prophecy of the things to come, inclusive to the return of the Son of Man. This return occurs after any new creation of souls for the nations will be mourning. It is, therefore, not difficult to understand that the passing away of all the “old selves” should occur first, that all may be resurrected. But Christ, desirous to save all souls and in the order of the discourse, does not state that these ‘old selves’ perish until He has gathered each one of them, safe and sound.


    If there be anyone reading this blog from beginning to end, let the reader take note now :

    Behold, zomnificent (zomniraffe icentus pukus), the common farting couch potato. This seeming burgeoning twin to the dung beetle will effort to impress you that the leopard of Daniel does not exist. In fact, it (zomnificent) will effort to banish you forever in favor of the lie that you don’t exist. Once assaulting you in this manner, it will degrade you further with the pretense that only zomnificent exists.

    Zomnificent will claim that the prophecy of Daniel does not serve to Christ’s end, but to zomnificent’s, because to zomnificent, zomnificent is God. This egomaniacal, meglomanaical entity will debase you while robbing you with unrelentless violence and malice. To zomnificent, you are worthless trash, an object to be abused, broken, without any benefit except the glorification of zomnificent. This is due to zomnificent’s communion in the spirituality of narcissistic pride shared with the moderation of Catholic Answers, Band-in-a-box Independent Users group, Cassiopaea, Christian Forums, Fisheaters, medjugorje-online, Rapture forums, Stargatezero, The Straight Dope, and Wikipedia. The further commonality of these cowardly, porkuline blotches includes greed and hatred, unrepented.

    If there be anyone reading this blog from beginning to end, let the reader take note now.

    This has been an eye-witness report by the sign of the Son of Man in heaven, looking down on you with good favor.

    • zomnificent says:

      In some other versions the phrase used is “this generation shall not taste of death.” Which one shall we choose, and why? Why the New International Version?

      Prove that God exists without appealing to the Bible or faith. That’s what this all comes back to. If I am to believe, I need a reason. I need evidence.

      As for your delusions, seek psychological help.

      These personal attacks against me serve only to make you look frustrated. You cannot make your case without appealing to the Bible, so instead you turn to hurling insults.

      200 years ago, were we talking in a public place, you would have already turned to violence. 700 years ago you’d be burning me at the stake for what I’m saying. That’s why religion cannot win in arguments, it spent centuries using violence instead. Now, approximately 1,700 years after Christianity started using violence to win arguments, you are left with very few tools. My throat is not there for you to strangle, my tongue not within grasp for you to cut out.

      I am confident that if people read over this record, they will see that you were the one who first became abusive by calling me a “scared shitless hateful coward.” In fact, I have refrained from abuse throughout this whole discussion, while you have perpetually used it. I attack your beliefs, but you attack me as a person. I have no doubt that you would be using violence against me at this point if we were in the same room.

      • Edward Palamar says:

        The regular problem I find in explaining what is plain to me (private revelation) is that some others regard what I say as a claim, as if they are holding something of mine (as a cloak check) that I need to present proof in order to regain that something of mine. For anyone to be this way indicates they indeed do have or think they have something of mine, else they wouldn’t try to barter as such. Christ himself said, “An evil and wicked generation demands a sign.” In that regard, I could just as well keep my mouth shut. But I do rejoice.

        I trust Jesus as God to know the better of His plans, especially when it comes to putting spirit in and out of men. Is not our breath the breath of God? I think so. Christ also said, “If you are prepared to receive it, he (John [the Baptist]) was the Elijah who was to come.” I
        don’t think I was prepared to recieve it, but am capable now of understanding that.

        God once took a man to heaven bodily, the prophet Elijah. As God appeared to Moses in the burning bush because to see God’s glory directly would have caused Moses to die, something happened to Elijah to prevent him from suffering a similar fate for many years even though it is recorded that he went to heaven in a whirlwind. Any time beyond 120 years would have been the normal end for Elijah. It was part of God’s plan to bring Elijah back in spirit.

        The spirit of Elijah was put back into corruptable flesh and God had created a living soul. The Father in heaven via the angel Gabriel and Zachary gave the name “John” to that particular living soul. “John” was not given a seperate breath but that of Elijah.

        Christ died to save souls. So when Christ raises that soul of “John”, “John” is given a new course of both body and spirit, making “John” a living soul again.

        In essence, I have been given a free ride. But such is the existence of any creature of God. “God blesses and curses whom He pleases.”

        All living souls owe their existences to God, the Giver of Life. It is God who makes their souls alive. It is God’s prerogative to name and apportion spirit as He sees proper.

        Tertian Harmony and Chord Manual at :
        Some recorded piano solos at :

      • Paul The Protestant says:

        Let’s start with the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse. The Black Horse is Capitalism with its scale of Justice, Trade and Commerce. The Red Horse is Socialism. The Pale Horse is mistranslated. It is the Green Horse which is Islam. The White Horse, get this, is Christianity, it is the color of the Pope. The first thing you must know Zomnificent, is Religion is Dead. When you think about, most of our evil is caused by these four entities. Nobody has every been saved by religion or by going to Church.

        It is only by Faith that you are saved. Rather than argue whether JESUS is the LORD GOD of the Old Testament who created the Universe in a single instant out of nothing and stretched out the Universe with his hand so that the light from 13 billion light years away was available from get go. Why don’t you ask JESUS, if HE exists? And if so, to reveal Himself to you? Do it diplomatically and nicely and you will get the answer you are looking for. Do it out of antagonism and the answer, let’s say may not be so nice.

        Remember, there are 7 billion of us on the Planet and that a grain of sand on Earth is bigger than the Earth compared to the size of the Universe. To be comparable, you would have to make the grain of sand the size of the Earth and a grain of sand on it would be the size of Earth as compared to the size of the Universe. Of course, for you to compare yourself to the Universe you would have to make that grain of sand of the grain of sand the size of Earth. So don’t expect an answer in a blink of an eye. You will have to wait for the answer, it could be days or even weeks. While you are at, just ask JESUS if you are so great and so smart, why don’t you show me? You can ask him something everyday while you wait for your answer. I say give it a month. Ask him nicely, things like if HE did create the Universe how smart can HE be? I mean just because HE let HIS own Creation mock, torture and kill HIM because it was the Will of the HEAVENLY FATHER.

        Stop asking frequenters of IRS instituted 501 C 3 non profit organizations aka churches. The churches have left JESUS CHRIST and most serve mammon and not GOD. Whatever you do, do not take the Chip it will either to in your right hand or the hairline of your forehead. It will alter your DNA and you will not be human anymore. You will be nephilim. A human’s DNA consists purely of Mother Earth and the Breath of LORD JESUS, Genesis 2:7.

        Once JESUS reveals Himself to you, you must believe that HE died for your sins and that HIS Blood cleanses you of all your sins. The Daddy of JESUS was the HOLY SPIRIT. So under Jewish law it would have made him a bastard as how do you put that on a birth certificate and make it stick? You know the very people who stone their own kind for picking up sticks on the Sabbath? That’s why HE picked Joseph to be with Mary. The DNA of JESUS was human but HIS Blood is HOLY. It is only this Blood that GOD the Father will accept for the remission of sins. You ask to be your LORD and Savior, assuming that you asked HIM to show you that HE is the Creator, how smart HE is, how great HE is and if HE loves you, how much?

    • Paul The Protestant says:

      That was uncalled for. Go out and make disciples out of the nations. HE did not say Christians. Nor did HE say go out and drive potential disciples out of the nations.

  134. Apparently zomnificent's king and punisher says:

    I never called you a “scared shitless hateful coward.” That quoted phrase was contained in a conditional statement – that you be honest here. You chose not to be honest because you lied about the Bible, you lied about God. You claim your self naming and hiding is prudent, but you lie more, about yourself.

    I came to the comments here responding to a search for “Peter the Roman” and have seemingly found an antichrist in you. This is the form greeting I have developed for address.


    Jesus Christ has raised me from the dead!

    I have found you!

    A search for ‘Peter the Roman’ returns over 3 million ‘googled’ results. Yet, the prophecy given in 1139 A.D. was in virtual obscurity for over 400 years until the invention of the printing press. In the computer age there has been a resurgence in the interest of the list of names.

    As Jesus Christ spoke of not rejoicing that the spirits are subject to us, but that our names are written in heaven, and the fact that Jesus Christ has raised me from the dead to the office of ‘Peter the Roman’, I hold that the list of names in the St. Malachy prophecies are akin to, if not exactly, those very names written in heaven.

    Even Nostradamus spoke of ‘Peter the Roman’ in Century VII, #24.

    The use of ‘the strong one’ in the quatrain refers to Daniel 7:7.

    Jesus Christ’s resurrecting me is in His fulfillment of an agreement of contract law (Matthew 3:15) into which both He and I entered prior to my baptising Him.

    I am pleased to meet you.

    Please feel free to respond.

    the resurrected John,
    Prophet of the Most High,
    whom Jesus Christ called the “Elias who was to come.”,
    St. John the Baptist,
    enjoying the rapture in the call of duty as Peter the Roman

    The reality of the future is not totally revealed to us, it is written, “eye hath not seen, nor ear heard of the wonders God has in store for us.”

    As Christ had sent me to bear him witness, I now bear witness that HEAVEN IS GREAT!!!

    The world is saved through the Blessed Virgin Mary’s Brown Scapular and Rosary as prophesied.

    • zomnificent says:

      You need psychological help, Edward.

      You implied that because I was not using my real name on this board, that I was a scared shitless hateful coward. I have legitimate reason to believe you would attempt to track me down and murder me if I were to reveal my name, or at the very least that any person could. I will not take a security risk to myself for personal pride.

      There is nothing cowardly about remaining anonymous in a forum, the internet, that is mostly filled with anonymous people. It is common sense. Your identity can be stolen.

      • Edward Palamar says:

        I didn’t imply anything. You are entitled to the privlege of privacy so long as you don’t commit crime.

      • Paul The Protestant says:

        What ever happened to be good to one another. To Love thy Neighbor as thyself? You Christians are making the case, for Mr. or is it Ms. (you don’t have to tell me, Zomnificent. Love wins more souls than hate. So does being smart as opposed to being stupid. Some arguments work on the feeble minded, I don’t think Zomnificent is one of them.

  135. BillTapley says:

    Jesus fellated me

  136. RealThirdEagleBooks says:

    Who is using my username and claiming to be me? You are an agent of the devil. Tell me who you are NOW.

  137. RealThirdEagleBooks says:

    No, I am spartacus

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  140. Ronald Jones says:

    William is a false prophet. People Still follow him it Amazes me

  141. zomnificent says:


    You need to look up “burden of proof.”

  142. Satan says:

    Oh no! You guys caught me! Yes, I don’t want you to know about the Third World War. At the same time, it amazes me how these followers of God write like a retard and can still read the bible. Wait, they can’t read. They just listen to the prophets and the messengers of God. Damn you, word of mouth!

    BTW, don’t forget to drive your SUV and gas guzzling vehicles. The United States can’t be the last of the south if it gets out of the deficit. Also, keep paying that $4 coffee at Starbucks and other of my stores or you will have enough money to learn how to read and write.

    • Austin says:

      Hahaha, writing from Lucifer’s point of view suits no one. All I see behind this comment is a person raging against a belief that is not his own. Any and every belief, faith, and religion can be mocked and ridiculed just as much as the next one. Otherwise, it would not be a faith. Listen, whatever you have against God or Christianity, I ask that you lay your hatred and contempt aside just long enough to understand what you hate. I also ask that you understand that not all people who profess to be Christians ARE Christians. A lot of people believe they are, wish that they are, or simply lie and know that they are not, and just want to give Christians a bad name. The last thing I want to say is that I do not mean this comment to demean or make fun of yours. I simply wish to show you that we are not all the hypocritical, Bible-thumping idiots that most people associate with the name of Christ, if that is indeed why you wrote your post. If not, then I would greatly enjoy conversing with you over why you did.

    • Paul The Protestant says:

      Duh…Your words are like dung. They come out our your mouth, fall to the ground and lie there.

  143. Satan says:

    Actually, Barack Obama isn’t the last king of the south. He isn’t a true king because he isn’t legit. You guys need to pay more attention to the birther. You guys are so gullible.

    • Paul The Protestant says:

      You are right. HE ain’t Legit. Oh neither is McCain who like me was born on an American Military Base overseas who as Senator voted to circumvent the Constitution that Americans born overseas with American Fathers or Mothers can run for President. Not so he could run for President but so Obama could be President. Since Obama does everything through executive orders because Congress is too stupid, he is more like a king than President. Which is the same for Putin.

  144. ANONYMOUS says:


  145. ANONYMOUS says:


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  147. maqqef , witness says:

    Yes the man is true.however, chapter7 of daniel talks about before kingdom times,after which others come.be4 it,never the wrath

  148. Austin says:

    Honestly, this is just useless blathering and worrying. Jesus tells us to be ready for His return and for the end of the age, not to see the Antichrist in every world leader. The end of the world is not going to require vast amounts of interpretation, especially from those who are true followers of Christ. It will be obvious and brutally apparent to everyone in the world. Attempting to fit Obama and everything else into our own interpretation of Prophecy leads to nothing but anxiety and disappointment. It is also very ineffective and multivalent. For instance, the beast that arises from the sea, that has the body of a leopard, the feet of a bear, and the mouth of a lion, could easily represent a coalition and alliance between the Middle East (leopard), Russia (bear), and England (lion). There are far too many ways to interpret a prophesy for us to have any success in finding the right one. We wouldn’t even know the right interpretation if it slapped us in the face. “For no man knows the day, nor the hour…” does this not seem like a direct message from God, saying: “Guys. Relax. Everything is under control. Just wait patiently, and everything will go according to My plan”? Right now, I could not care less whether Obama is the leopard, the Antichrist, or the Easter Bunny. All that matters right here, right now, is that we wait for God’s return, and a clear sign from Him that the End is upon us. Until then, we must “go and tell” and lead as many people to Christ as we can before He comes. I disagree with you, Mr. Tapley. It does not matter whether America survives long enough to reach the Coming of Christ. Kingdoms rise and fall, and America would not be the first, nor the last. What matters is that we safeguard everyone we can against the coming storm, by preaching the Gospel and by showing the world that God is Love, and that Jesus is the perfect embodiment of this Love. Everything else is meaningless. Put aside these worrisome translations and interpretations, because they can do nothing to help us at our present point in time. God did not give us these prophesies so that we could guess and say “is that what this means?” NO. He gave us these prophesies so that we would KNOW. Such was the same for ancient Israel. Every prophesy presented to them referring to Christ seemed abstract and confusing to them. Only when Jesus was alive and teaching did people finally begin to understand the prophesies. Isaiah speaks of Jesus being put on a cross, when crucifixion had not even been thought of until the Roman Empire invented it. So again I say that we should “…not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble on its own.” (Matthew 6:36)

  149. Paul The Protestant says:

    I think he is right about Putin and Obama but I think he is off on the Tribulation and the Abomination of Desolation. The Abomination of Desolation has already occurred but not the one depicted in Revelation that starts the Great Tribulation. The first time it happened was in 176 BC when Antiochus Epiphanes IV placed the idol of Jupiter in the HOLY of HOLIES, in the Jewish Temple. It stood where it ought not. This statue has been reworked or recast and is now St. Peter in the Basilica of the Vatican. You will note that the Pagans have kissed the toes of the idol of St. Peter, so many times over millenia that they almost cease to exist. The toes but not all of the kissers. What we see is, that there is a precursor to modern events. It is the Old Testament. That the history of Israel is actually unfolding as prophecy. What happened in the past is a harbinger of what is to come.

    The reason why the Temple has not been rebuilt is because of the Holy Oil. The one in Exodus of the Torah had Cannabis (Kannabos) and the one in King James had Sweet Calamus. Irregardless, one of the main ingredients, was destroyed by the Romans in about 70 AD and only grew in Jerusalem. Do you think that Moses would tell us how to make the HOLY Oil? It is when they found vials of the original HOLY Oil at Qumran a few years ago, is when Israel considered rebuilding the Temple. In 2nd Thessalonians Chapter 2, we know that whoever makes the 7 year peace treaty with Israel will be the Antichrist which starts the 7 year Tribulation.

    The Beast with the body of the Leopard in Revelation 13:1-3 is not a man but a nation. The same Leopard with 4 heads in Daniel 7. The third Head was the Third Reich of Germany whose head, Berlin was wounded, in WWII. When the head was restored in 1989, the whole world marveled. The Nazis swore that should they lose WWII that they would come back in 25 years and dominate the world. Germany was split and was not Germany until 1989, which set the clock. Making 2014, 25 years later. Obama has tried to coerce Israel into a Peace Treaty before May 1st, 2014. May 1, is May Day or Jewish Illuminati Day founded on May 1, 1776, in Germany, founded the same year as the US. Will the 4th Reich succeed with their timetable? Only time will tell. We shall soon see.

    • Paul The Protestant says:

      May Day! May Day! May Day! The Tribulation did not start on May 1, 2014. For the day that Worf spoke of in TNG (Star Trek: The Next Generation) is coming. “It is a good day to die but the day is not over yet!” Well that day has not come yet but the year is not over yet, either. Was there any doubt? Some say that Revelations 8: has already occurred as Chernobyl means Wormwood, in English. While many of us kept our eyes to the skies, with Comet Ison, being the last with us watching for the next. WWIII of Revelations 9: has yet to occur. Not that Revelations is in Chronological Order as there is differing divisions of time between the Seals, Trumpets and the Bowls of Wrath, with the Seals the most overlapping..

      But the year is not over yet and the next Schmita will occut next year, 2015. As we all know Capitalism knows no forgiveness that no transgression or debt is ever forgiven until paid off. For that you will have to file bankruptcy. Which does not absolve predatory student loans. I fully suspect the US and Great Britain to be one of the two Ribs in the Bear’s mouth according to Daniel. Diplomacy and Financial Sanctions are no match for a thermonuclear armed madman who feels that he and his country has been wronged and has every reason to be angry. Not a good time for massive arms reduction or to close our nuclear umbrella of protection.

  150. To the atheists who are leaving comments – when I was in my early twenties, I had a life after death experience. My spirit left my body and I came within about fifty feet of a brilliant light, that light was Jesus. I asked to be returned because I really wanted to have children, He laughed a little, and said “okay!”. Point being, you can deny Jesus, Heaven and Hell all you want, but as soon as you take your last breath, you will find out that you were wrong. If you’ve just read this, it’s not too late.

  151. This Sunday, February 15, 2015 A.D. is the 887th day in the 1,290 period of days found in Daniel 12:11.

  152. Paul C says:

    Others have considered Obama as the he-goat of Daniel 8 also and the last president of the US and Barbarism and Tyranny will be installed.

  153. ELI YAHe says:

    Daniels 70 (Feasts of) week prophecy = The last 70 years of GOD’S 7000 year agenda (3983 BCE – 2017 CE).

    The commandment to rebuild “Jerusalem” was given at November 29, 1947.

    United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine: Wikipedia, URL: accessed 11.07.2014.

    Daniels 70 Feasts of week prophecy:

    Daniel 9:24 Seventy weeks (70 Feast of weeks = 70 years, see Leviticus 23:15) are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy. (October/November 1947 – October/November 2017)

    Daniel 9:25 Know therefore and understand, that from the going
    forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem (Nov 29, 1947) unto the Messiah the Prince shall be 7 weeks and 62 weeks (69 years): the street shall be built again, and the wall, even in troublous times (October/November 1947 Oct/Nov 2016).

    Daniel 9:26 And after threescore and two weeks (1947 CE + 7 years + 62 years= October/November 2016) shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself (the 2 Witnesses of Christ instead): and the people of the prince (Antichrist) that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary; and the end thereof shall be with a flood, and unto the end of the war desolations are determined.

    Daniel 9:27 And he (Antichrist) shall confirm the covenant with many for one week (Oct/Nov 2016 – Oct/Nov 2017) : and in the midst of the week (April/May 2017) (he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.

    For further information regarding: »ARMAGEDDON 2017« please go to e.g.

  154. Anonymous says:

    You dumb fucks need to get an education

  155. Anonymous says:

    Ahem… you “racist” dumb fucks need to get an education.

  156. Anonymous says:

    I will not try to guess when Christ will return. Even He knows not when. Christ does say he will be rejected by all just like in the time of Noah. Obviously we need more atheists so please for your own satisfaction of proving there is no God keep up the evil work. I will not try and pretend to be good because there is none good but the Father. I do however have a sadness for you in my heart. I would only ask why you believe there is no God, and please if you would be kind enough to answer be honest not angry.

  157. geirsmith1 says:


    the day of obama’s election the lottery in his home state drew 666

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