IRONY: There is a Young Earth Creation Museum in the American South, But No Major Museum Devoted to the Subject of Slavery

According to the NY Times, former governor of Virginia, Douglas Wilder, and entertainer Bill Cosby, are trying to fix that:

The museum, once built, will be “transformative,” said Lyn Henley, a Topanga, Calif., exhibition designer whose past projects include the “Trail of Tears” display at the Cherokee Heritage Center in Tahlequah, Okla. “I think people who visit the museum will leave it changed. Any time you look at slavery, you’re looking at the dark side of humanity, our evil side. To look at that and see how people have overcome it is inspirational.”

I think that, rather than just having a museum in Virginia (as Wilder and Cosby are attempting to do), that we should also have one in the nation’s capital. If there is a second stimulus bill next year, why not use a few hundred million dollars to build a museum devoted to the history of slavery?

It’s ironic that the supposedly most “Christian” part of the United States—the South—has had the enthusiastic wherewithal to raise money for an anti-evolution museum in Kentucky, but the Lord has not spoken to enough hearts there to start up a museum devoted to the region’s grossest historical sin.

What museum would Jesus have built?

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2 Responses to IRONY: There is a Young Earth Creation Museum in the American South, But No Major Museum Devoted to the Subject of Slavery

  1. Roger Salyer says:

    That’s because it is not a sin, and we are not ashamed of it. If money is used for such a museum, it better not be any of mine.

    What should exist (and I don’t like all this Creationist museum nonsense either)is a museum devoted to Reconstruction, and I don’t mean a laudatory one.

    Or a Museum on the Underground Railroad and the Emancipation Proclamation–i.e., a museum to remember thievery.

  2. Roger Salyer says:

    To engage in irreverance, Jesus would have built a museum to all those Southerners attacked and disposessed of their property.

    Why should Southerners have not bought all those slaves all that time ago? That is, what duty did they owe those heathen Africans? I will answer the latter question: None at all.

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