Hieronymus Bosch Christ Killers, Larry Summers, and Andrew Sullivan: Michael Weiss, of New Criterion, Calls Out Andrew Sullivan for Reinforcing an Anti-Semitic Caricature

After my own posting on Andrew Sullivan comparing Larry Summers to a Jewish Christ-killer caricature in a Bosch painting, I noticed that Michael Weiss, at New Criterion, also saw what I did, and laid in on Andrew Sullivan for it:

“See if you can find him,” Sullivan invites, if only because the Where’s Waldo? supplement in Der Sturmer was a broken link.

Now, I could understand Sullivan’s failure to recognize a reference to the Dearborn Independent when it was made — unfairly, I thought — to suggest that he suffered from less-than-philo-Semitic tendencies. A British expat who has not made a study of American anti-Semitism may be forgiven much of its esoterica. But to claim innocence about a daubed medieval atrocity like the one above is to take Borat at face value on the Jewish Question.

And that this association between a black hatted moneylender (who actually more resembles Marlon Brando) and Obama’s top economic adviser should be made on the day that Sullivan’s faith commemorates the crucifixion of the main character in the painting is sickening, even by blogorrheaic standards.

Something that Weiss noticed, and that I had not registered, is that the caricature singled out as “Larry Summers” is wearing the hat of a moneylender.

Below are the images that Sullivan posted:


And this:


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