SPEAK CRAZY TO POWER: Video of a Right Wing Glenn Beck “Tea Bag Party” Shows People Talking Paranoid about Obama and Calling for the Burning of College Evolution Textbooks!

In the below video, a Glenn Beck inspired “tea bag party” goes weird with displays of paranoia, conspiracy, and authoritarianism, culminating in a hysterical woman (at the 4:48 mark) calling out, without irony, “Burn the books!” (by which she means the books they use in college, such as the ones with evolution in them):

LGF transcribed the anti-evolution part thus:

Woman: [Shouts] “Burn the books!” [applause]

Man: “I don’t think you were serious about that, were you?”

Woman: “I am too.”

Man: “Burn all the books?!”

Woman: “The ones in college, those, those brainwashing books.”

Man: “[laughs] Brainwashing books?”

Woman: “Yes.”

Man: “Which ones are those?”

Woman: “Like, the evolution crap, and, yeah…”

Can we be blunt here? I think that Fox News is evoking a know-nothing populist rage towards our new president so extreme and hysterical that right wingers with guns might take it as a signal that the “patriotic” thing to do at this “crisis point” in American history is to act with violence against him. It is outrageous and irresponsible to stoke the emotions and resentments of unstable, conspiracy prone, people.

About Santi Tafarella

I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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