Afghan Crossed Lovers: Romeo, Juliet, the Taliban, and GAY MARRIAGE

Yes, there are real monsters in the world.

This today in the Guardian:

A young couple who tried to elope in one of the most lawless and conservative parts of Afghanistan have been publicly executed by Taliban gunmen after their parents handed them over to be tried by insurgents.

Officials from the south-western province of Nimroz say Gul Pecha, in her late teens, and her boyfriend Abdul Aziz, 21, were shot by a firing squad outside a mosque in their home village of Lokhi on Monday.

The couple had fled to a nearby village and were planning to start a life together without the permission of their parents, according to the province’s police chief Abdul Jabar Pardeli.

But they were found by their parents and turned over to the Taliban, who held them for four days in Lokhi’s mosque before putting them on trial.

Can you imagine the icy chilliness of these religious fanatics, keeping two young people WHO LOVE EACH OTHER from marriage because they aren’t doing it according to tradition and THE BOOK (in this case, the Koran)!

Oh, wait. We have fundamentalists in our country who, with similar icy rectitude, don’t let people marry here because a holy book forbids it (the Bible).

The young people above were murdered for their love, but if there is a difference between their love, and its denial by fundamentalists, and an American gay couple’s love, and its denial by fundamentalists, it is only a matter of degree, and not of kind. And make no mistake, there are many Americans who would support the death penalty for homosexuality.

About Santi Tafarella

I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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2 Responses to Afghan Crossed Lovers: Romeo, Juliet, the Taliban, and GAY MARRIAGE

  1. we are still like in the dark ages…

  2. doodie says:

    Good write! More folks need to know about this.
    Ironically the Taliban have always been secretly known to be man lovers. There’s a famous Kandahar saying: “Sparrows have to fly over Kandahar with one wing. The other is used to cover it’s behind”

    Ask any soldier that returns from Afghanistan. They’ll tell you the same. Super gay—–But secret.

    I wrote about this as well.

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