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H1N1: Hope for a Hot May

According to a group of physicians answering questions about swine flu virus transmission at Slate.com, heat is an important factor: Cells infected with flu virus are coated in a fatty material that hardens and protects them in low temperatures. (When … Continue reading

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Marble Greece, Limestone Egypt, and Muddy Mesopotamia: Why the Great Building Projects of Hammurabi and Nebuchadnezzar Have Not Endured

Mesopotamia once had ancient cities as architecturally grand and magnificently adorned as Egypt and Greece. So how come the region’s great cities, like ancient Babylon, are in such poor archaeological condition? Answer: Just like Leonardo da Vinci made his Last Supper … Continue reading

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Racism: Where Young Earth Creationism and Afrocentrism Meet

In the New York Times today is an article on the overwhelming evidence that our first human ancestors were from either southeast or southwest Africa, and they resembled the San Bushmen. In other words, they were black.  More than a … Continue reading

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Not Out of Mesopotamia: The New York Times Today Reports that Scientists Contradict the Bible, and Locate the “Garden of Eden” in Either West or East Africa

The Bible’s book of Genesis puts the first man and the first woman (Adam and Eve) in a garden called Eden, and claims that this garden was located along the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq). But the New York Times … Continue reading

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H1N1: Has the World Overreacted to This Strain of Swine Flu?

No. Even if the swine flu pandemic proves relatively mild, and does not result in global casualties greater than, say, a typical flu season, it is still good that governments are reacting as they are: By reacting quickly, governments are getting a trial … Continue reading

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