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“I am gay”: West Point Graduate, Lt. Dan Choi, Comes Out as Gay, and Is Kicked Out of Barack Obama’s Military!

Where is President Obama on this? According to Rachel Maddow today, Lt. Dan Choi recently received a dismissal letter from the military for coming out as gay. Here’s a segment from Maddow’s show in which Choi publicly declared his sexual orientation: Kicking … Continue reading

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Evolution v. Creation Watch: Chris Matthews Does an Inane and Surreal Segment with “Intelligent Design” Advocate, and Former Presidential Candidate, Tom Tancredo

The anti-evolution Congressman who ran for president, Tom Tancredo, was on Chris Matthews’s MSNBC program today, and it was one of the most infuriating segments of talk television I’d seen in a very long time, as Matthews largely gave Tancredo … Continue reading

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Looking Back More Than 10 Billion Years in Time: NASA’s “Deepest Ever” Galaxy Photo Just Released

Long before there were dinosaurs, and before there was our Earth, and before our own star was even born, these galaxies were. The photo below is the closest we’re ever likely to come to time travel. According to the AP, … Continue reading

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Doorknobs, Elevator Buttons, and H1N1: Politico Notices That Around D.C. Government Buildings are Newly Installed Hand Sanitizing Dispenser Stations

Politico has noticed little hand sanitizing stations popping up around Washington D.C. government buildings. I actually think that this is a great idea. During flu seasons, and when there are viral outbreaks out of the ordinary, as with H1N1, it … Continue reading

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