Looking Back More Than 10 Billion Years in Time: NASA’s “Deepest Ever” Galaxy Photo Just Released

Long before there were dinosaurs, and before there was our Earth, and before our own star was even born, these galaxies were.

The photo below is the closest we’re ever likely to come to time travel.

According to the AP, this Hubble Space Telescope photo, released by NASA on May 4, 2009,  peers deeper into space than any previous image that it has ever captured. Some of the galaxies that we are seeing in the image may go back to less than one billion years after the Big Bang. And we are seeing these galaxies as they were more than 10 billion years ago, not as they are (or are not) today.   

Several hundred never before seen galaxies are visible in this ...

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1 Response to Looking Back More Than 10 Billion Years in Time: NASA’s “Deepest Ever” Galaxy Photo Just Released

  1. gravityrestatement says:

    The Hubble telescope is truly amazing, isn’t it? Some 19 years ago, when they discovered an initial problem with the lense, my professor at George Washington University – one of the leaders of the team – said it wouldn’t be an issue to repair it. He was right! For more insights that are supported by evidence from Hubble, see Gravitational Mass Displacement at http://gravityrestatement.wordpress.com/2009/03/27/a-law-of-gravitational-mass-displacement/.

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