Time to Talk Pot? Arnold Schwarzenegger Says Yes

According to the Huffington Post, Arnold Schwarzenegger is ready to talk pot:

Schwarzenegger was asked at a press conference if it was finally time to legalize marijuana.

“No, I think that it’s not time for that, but I think it’s time for a debate,” he said, according to a transcript provided by Schwarzenegger’s office. “And I think that we ought to study very carefully what other countries are doing that have legalized marijuana and other drugs, what affect it had on those countries, and are they happy with that decision.”

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I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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3 Responses to Time to Talk Pot? Arnold Schwarzenegger Says Yes

  1. Jared K says:

    This is why I appreciate Arnold–he keeps an open mind and an open approach.

    Even as something of a social conservative, I think we need to do something different with marijuana. Maybe not full legalization (not sure how I feel about Marlboro pot available at every gas station), but we need to immediately de-criminalize the private growing, possession, and private use of pot.

  2. santitafarella says:


    Marlboro pot by the pack, hmm.

    I think that Arnold wants to tax it—so it might be where this is going.

    The way the governor put it is very telling. He seems to recognize that the first step is a debate on the merits. Of course, he knows that the data is positive—countries with legalization aren’t having any special problems. And by talking about it, you can then move to a bill and a signature at some point in the future. The governor is gaming this.


  3. james brown says:

    I do not want to talk about pot. but if you need us it to help yourself.

    Arnold, I like to ask you for your help. We as people in Plumas Lakr CA. Had a dream. We as Americans Have a drem That is to have a home. My family lost our home.In the Mod. The bank said that thay wil help us out. thay gave us the paper work and said send it back with a check, pay us for 3 mouths and after that you wil have your Mod done, and save your home. But thay sold our home under us. without tell us at all. We do not know what to done. Please can you help us all. We also want that dren to have a home.

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