Daily Archives: May 10, 2009

The New Bolsheviks?

Is nuclear armed Pakistan on the verge of collapsing to a band of revolutionary Islamic militants? The New York Times today reports on a “shaky” Pakistan being targeted by Al Qaeda: “They smell blood, and they are intoxicated by the … Continue reading

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Creation v. Evolution Watch: Fossilized Transitional Ancestor of the Seal Discovered in Canada

A missing link between seals and land mammals. The animal is named “Puijila darwini”: The official Canadian Museum of Nature website exploring this new find is here.

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On Torture, Cheney Implicates Bush

On Face the Nation today: SCHIEFFER: How much did President Bush know specifically about the methods that were being used? We know that you– and you have said– that you approved this… CHENEY: Right. SCHIEFFER: … somewhere down the line. … Continue reading

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What’s the Percentage of Republican Senators and Congress Persons Who Are Women? Just 10%

So says Politico today: Women make up almost 51 percent of the U.S. population but less than 10 percent of the House and Senate GOP — a gender disconnect that could make the Republicans’ climb back to power even steeper … Continue reading

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