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Bearing Witness to the Holocaust: John Heartfield’s Art Depicted the Murderous Nature of Hitler’s Nazi State

A German born opponent of Nazi Germany, John Heartfield’s political art parodied the pretensions of Hitler’s regime and deconstructed its murderous nature. Below is a man set on a medieval wheel of torture turned into a swastika: More John Heartfield images here. … Continue reading

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Drudge Report Uses An Antisemitic Visual Trope in Depicting the Pope’s Visit to Israel

At around 11:30 this morning, I was blown away by what I saw at Matt Drudge’s website. Drudge made use of a classic antisemitic visual template—the sinister, overlarge, and shadowy Jew—as a way of supporting his “reporting” on the besieged Pope Benedict. … Continue reading

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“You’re no Republican at all, based upon what the hell you’ve said here!”: A Marine Caller to Rush Limbaugh’s Program Opposes Torture, and Authoritarian Limbaugh Calls Him NOT A REPUBLICAN

Apparently, support of torture goes with being a Republican these days. A Republican veteran of the Marines tells Rush Limbaugh that Americans shouldn’t torture, and implies that there’s something emotionally wrong with anyone who would be so sick as to advocate torture, and Limbaugh shuts … Continue reading

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Conservatives Aroused and Outraged Over Wanda Sykes’s Rush Limbaugh Joke (But Bush Era Torture Yields a Yawn)

The teasing of Rush Limbaugh’s oxycontin saturated kidneys has to stop! In the name of basic decency, how could anyone joke about such a thing—or laugh at it? Organ failure is never funny, mkay? But torture just short of the limits of … Continue reading

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