Jesse Ventura v. Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Speaking Truth to Stupidity

Jesse Ventura has a clear head on torture. And I thought Elisabeth Hasselbeck was a “Christian.” Isn’t a Christian someone who follows gentle Jesus, meek and mild—a man who was tortured? Wouldn’t Jesus regard the phrase “Christian torturer” to be an oxymoron? I think that we need a new denominational phrase for “Christians” like Elisabeth Hasselbeck: “Fox News Christians.”

I especially liked Ventura’s analogy of the North Vietnamese “Hanoi Hilton” to Rush Limbaugh’s “Club Gitmo.” It’s quite telling that Rush Limbaugh stumbled onto a nickname that parallels the nickname of the infamous Vietnamese torture location.

But remember, it’s only torture when somebody else does it. It’s “enhanced interrogation” and a vacation at a clubby resort when Americans do it.

God bless it, America!

About Santi Tafarella

I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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1 Response to Jesse Ventura v. Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Speaking Truth to Stupidity

  1. Jared K says:

    He is certainly dead right with respect to everything he says in the video. Ventura is such a weird guy. I’ve always been half-attracted to him as a politician because he represents independence from the status quo, and sometimes a radically moderate approach. But then, for me, he’s just a little too fringe–in the paranoid-conspiracy-crowd sort of way. It ruins it for me.

    But as a commentator, you gotta love him.

    You are spot-on with the Christian comment. All I can say in defense is, there are plenty of Christians who take the right view on this.

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