Quote of the Day: John McCain Calls Dick Cheney Out on Torture

Jeffrey Goldberg talked to John McCain today about Dick Cheney and torture:

“When you have a majority of Americans, seventy-something percent, saying we shouldn’t torture, then I’m not sure it helps for the Vice President to go out and continue to espouse that position,” he said. “But look, he’s free to talk. He’s a former Vice President of the United States. I just don’t see where it helps.”

And then he got acerbic: Cheney, he says, “believes that waterboarding doesn’t fall under the Geneva Conventions and that it’s not a form of torture. But you know, it goes back to the Spanish Inquisition.”

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2 Responses to Quote of the Day: John McCain Calls Dick Cheney Out on Torture

  1. Jared K says:

    Good man. Would’ve been a good President. Unfortunately, he was selected at the same time as perhaps the finest democratic candidate since FDR.

    I blame the 2000 GOP. I supported McCain back then and thought he was the best major candidate from either side. Voting against him last year was actually quite difficult for me–I had to remind myself that I was voting against his supporters, not him personally.

  2. Scarlet Letter says:


    In previous comments we discussed speeches as teaching tools.

    I listened to both McCain’s speech and Obama”s speech at the end of the American Presidential election and I was particularly impressed with McCain’s speech. I remember commenting to my students that it is easier to give a great speech when you are the winner (Obama) than it is when you are the loser (McCain). If I were an American, McCain’s concession speech is one I would have students read.


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