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What are the Implications of the Block Universe for Atheism? In Other Words, If We Live in a Block Universe, Wouldn’t That Make Our Universe the Ultimate Flash-Assembled 747?

One thing that atheism seems to need is time for the simplest elements of existence at the Big Bang to evolve into all that we see around us. But here’s a quote from the physicist Paul Davies on the block universe: … Continue reading

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Divide and Conquer? By Picking off Moderate Republicans for Administration Appointments, Is Barack Obama Driving the Republican Party Ever Further into a Far-Right and Southern Top-Heavy Political Corner?

Contra Yeats, the center is definitely holding—at least if you are President Barack Obama. Politico today lays out Obama’s apparent strategy to hold the American political center by co-opting Republican moderates and leaving what’s left of the Republican Party at the … Continue reading

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