After the Abortion Doctor and Holocaust Museum Shootings: Contemporary Right Wing Racism—and the Threat It Poses to President Obama

Shepard Smith basically said aloud what I’ve been thinking for awhile. The hyper-amped far-right in this country is ginning up an atmosphere that makes Obama’s assassination ever more likely.

Last week it was the murder of an abortion clinic doctor (in a church!); this week it is a rifleman entering the U.S. Holocaust Museum.

And now Shepard Smith is saying that his Fox News e-mailers are going, in their rhetoric, to a “scary place.” That scary place, of course, is the creation of a climate that could lead to the assassination of President Obama.

Let’s be honest here. The far-right, its hysteria abetted and given broad public legitimization by Shout Radio and Fox News, has erected its hate on a black man. It’s no longer quite kosher to erect your hate on all black people—racism is broadly frowned upon culturally—so the right has done the next best thing. They’ve erected their hate on just one black person. And now at least one person within the right-wing echo chamber, Shepard Smith, appears to be having at least some public qualms—and even fear—about the elements that he and his compatriots have so manipulatively (and enthusiastically) been egging on:

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I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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