“They are . . . out there in a scary place”: Shepard Smith, After the Holocaust Museum Shooting, Worries About the Fox News E-Mails He Gets from Amped Up Obama Haters

Last week a religious fundamentalist entered a church and killed an abortion doctor; today an Illuminati-conspiracy deranged Antisemite and white supremacist entered the U.S. Holocaust Museum with a rifle, and managed to kill one man before being shot himself.

Elements of the far-right in this country, with the election of the nation’s first black president, are clearly not just coming unhinged (they have always been unhinged). They are becoming strident. And more than strident. They are becoming openly violent.

I really think that our first black president is in enormous danger from far-right fanatics, and I think that the atmosphere has been stoked by the daily relentless hysteria generated by the Shout Radio and Fox News shit disturbers. Watch this video of Shepard Smith today and see if you see it the way I do. Here is a man who is visibly shaken, and wondering if he’s part of a network that is creating and feeding a movement that will culminate in the assassination of a president:

I admire Smith’s honesty here, and his attempt to dial down Fox News’s most fanatical goons, but this is the Iago-child of the right-wing echo chamber’s ensemen’d bed, and Smith has been a part of it.

No stepping away from your creation, Dr. Frankenstein.

About Santi Tafarella

I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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3 Responses to “They are . . . out there in a scary place”: Shepard Smith, After the Holocaust Museum Shooting, Worries About the Fox News E-Mails He Gets from Amped Up Obama Haters

  1. mary TSR says:

    i think you hitted the nail on the head. it is fox news and its far right extreme views stirring up the hate. shep is right to be scared but why is he at that horible place? wel, i know why. ts becuse of 8 milion a year salary but hes kind of hipocrate dont you think?

  2. ronda Violet says:

    shep like to play both sides. he get all huffy and angry over the crap the conservaivtes put out there but i mean, who is doing all the stuff that gets everyone all worked up and ful of hate? bill oreilly, glen beck, john gibson, its the “fox family” shep is always bragging about. shep likes it both ways. duh shep look around at whose behind the hate movemnt.

  3. santitafarella says:

    Ronda and Mary:

    You both make good points. It’s hard to know how, if you feel like Shepard Smith clearly does here, you continue to work at Fox News. Maybe Shep is thinking about jumping ship? He was adament a month ago about torture in a way that was off of the far-right talking points, too.

    It will be an enormous tragedy for our country if President Obama ends up like Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King.


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