$134 Billion Dollars—in One Suitcase!—Seized at the Italian-Swiss Border! I Smell a Movie Brewing!

According to Spiegel today, Italian customs officials stopped two people carrying, in one suitcase, $134 BILLION DOLLARS worth of bonds:

The two men, reported to be more than 50 years old, were traveling by train from Italy to Switzerland on June 3. Financial police at a control on the border found the documents tucked inside a closed section at the bottom of their suitcase, separate from their personal items. According to their statement, the men’s luggage included 249 government bonds worth $500 million and 10 so-called Kennedy bonds, each worth a billion dollars.

That’s, like, more than Rush Limbaugh’s four year radio contract. And it could bail California out of its budget crisis with more than $100 billion to spare. And Italian law stipulates that, even if the money is not the product of fraud or underground illegal activity, officials can seize 40% of it because the bonds were not declared by their carriers at the border.

As we speak, somewhere in the world there are probably some “underground men” clawing at their own flesh, tearing out their hair, and wailing and gnashing their teeth over this.

The horror.

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I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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2 Responses to $134 Billion Dollars—in One Suitcase!—Seized at the Italian-Swiss Border! I Smell a Movie Brewing!

  1. Larry Myles says:

    I’m on this story since it broke. Lots of butt covering happening right now. A complete news blackout in Washington…to match the hand-wringing going on behind the scenes.

    False doc’s or real doc’s…the news will not be good for the US dollar, or for those who believe in the fiat currency experiment in general.

    There are only two nations that can match the bond count totals (China and Russia)….so logic dictates the bonds are fake. But if so…they are of such a high quality that possibly only a government press could make them. So the plot thickens….

  2. santitafarella says:


    I’m no conspiracy buff, but on this story it sounds like an awful lot of money, and I could certainly at least entertain the belief that an intricate nefarious conspiracy underlies it. If you find out anything interesting, or a link that talks about this story more, please share it with us here.


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