Quote of the Day II

Alan Jacobs, of The New Atlantis , puts in a good word for writing well, and writing teachers:

Again and again in my career I have seen that people who can write well — in almost any field — give themselves a great advantage over their competition. I have former students in the business world, English majors all, who have kept their jobs or even gotten promotions when people with business and economics degrees were being laid off: their ability to communicate, especially in writing, was always the key. What Toor and O’Connor show is that there are basic writing skills that almost anyone can learn and employ, skills that will save them a lot of time and effort later — if they are willing to take some time and effort now. But of course, it helps if they can find someone to teach them.

About Santi Tafarella

I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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