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Garrison Keillor Wants to Be Alone

At Salon.com this week, Garrison Keillor writes on the bliss of solitude: New York is a fine place in which to be alone. To walk into a little cafe with an armload of newspapers and sit at the counter and … Continue reading

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Iran’s Protesters and Two of Albert Camus’s Protagonists: Meursault and Dr. Rieux

I see characteristics of the brave Iranian protesters in two characters in Albert Camus’s novels. Meursault (the protagonist of The Stranger ) and Dr. Rieux (the protagonist of The Plague ) are both possessed of admirable heroic qualities. Rieux is … Continue reading

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A Success Secret of Barack Obama? Conciliatory Rhetoric as a Ruthless Political Strategy for Isolating Opponents?

Isolate with love, empathy, and dialogue? This is a technique that Jonathan Chait thinks that Barack Obama uses as a sort of cunning ju-jitsu on his opposition. By drawing opponents out, inviting them into cooperation and compromise, he actually succeeds, … Continue reading

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