Eschatology for Beginners

Something’s happening!

Whether it’s a dawning Messianic era, the UFO rapture, a technological Singularity, or some soon coming secular utopia (Marxist, neoconservative, or otherwise), the problem of suffering in the world and our intellectual confusions are about to be resolved in the arrival of some glorious thing , imminent, just beyond the horizon.

We promise!

It is coming, right?

Eschatological longing is the hope that something spectacular and world transforming is imminent (such as Jesus coming through the clouds). When thinking about eschatology, it’s important to make a distinction between imminence  (the soon coming of something) and immanence (something that has already arrived and is within you and around you already). Eschatology focuses on immInence  not immAnence.

The opposite of immAnence is transcendence. But the hope of immInence is for the transcendent (which has not come yet) to break into history and permanently transform it. 

My wife says Jesus in this video looks too much like Ronald McDonald.

About Santi Tafarella

I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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