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Did the Irish Just Lose Their Right to Free Speech with Regard to Criticism of Religion?

It appears so. Ireland now has an unambiguous and explicit blasphemy law, passed on Friday, and its language is chilling. Staks Rosch has all the details here. Below are the Blasphemy Clauses of the Defamation Bill. Let me emphasize again … Continue reading

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Non-Zero? Are Religion and Atheism Morally Neutral?

Below, agnostic Robert Wright, author of The Evolution of God, discusses religion and atheism with atheist John Horgan. Wright has a rather novel view of religion and atheism, seeing both of them as morally neutral, with their “demonic” sides only … Continue reading

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Twitter Meets the Rhetorical Wars over Religion? Are You a Clicheatheist or a Clichetheist?

Actually, I hope that you’re neither, but I would coin these terms for atheists and theists who engage in combative and absolutist rhetoric with each other, and do so unself-critically, without empathy, and with an impatience for nuance, using what psychologist Robert Lifton … Continue reading

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Atheist Illiberalism and Emotional Blackmale? Steven Pinker Wants Francis Collins to Distance Himself from His BioLogos Foundation as a Condition of Heading the NIH (National Institutes of Health)

This past week, atheist biologist Jerry Coyne posted at his blog a letter that Steven Pinker wrote in response to President Obama’s appointment of geneticist Francis Collins to be head of the NIH (National Institutes of Health).  The full letter is rather … Continue reading

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