Was Michael Jackson a Paedophile? British Millionaire Terry George, Now 42, Says the 21 Year Old Michael Jackson Regularly Used to Call His Home, When He was 13, and on at Least One Occasion Masturbated while George was on the Phone Line

The 21 year old Michael Jackson masturbating while his 13 year old “friend” was on the phone line?

That’s the deeply disturbing claim made by a 42 year old British millionaire businessman, Terry George. The Britisher says he has long forgiven Jackson. Being a millionaire himself, George would seem to have no financial motivation for making the claim. The full story of his claim can be read at the Mirror UK website here.

Money quote from George:

“Although I knew what he did was wrong I believed him to be a very confused person rather than a paedophile.”

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16 Responses to Was Michael Jackson a Paedophile? British Millionaire Terry George, Now 42, Says the 21 Year Old Michael Jackson Regularly Used to Call His Home, When He was 13, and on at Least One Occasion Masturbated while George was on the Phone Line

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  2. Matilda says:

    how was michael a paedophile then? im studying to work with children when im older, do you honestly think i’d love him if he was a paedophile, this rumour about him is only because people are jealous of him.

    • Jacklions says:

      You’re a fool. Not wanting Michael Jackson to be a paedophile did not stop him from being one. One of his irrational fans wanting to work with children in the future did not stop him from being a paedophile. I find it hard to believe anyone was jealous of him because he was messed up, that much was obvious from his multiple surgeries.

      • Adamski says:

        Believing every news story you read about Michael Jackson being a paedophile does not make him one.

      • Oh course not wanting him to be a pedophile wouldn’t “stop him from being one.” That’s a pretty stupid thing to even imply. And you find it hard to believe that anyone would be jealous of a BILLIONAIRE, with multiple houses, an amusement park in his front yard, tons of hot cars, and tons of hot girls throwing themselves at him? Yeah, you’re right, I can’t see why someone would be jealous of that either. LOL

    • Lee says:

      If you are studying to work with children then I hope for their sake you learn to err on the side of caution rather than defending accusations against someone of whom you have no in depth personal knowledge.

      • Well, I have IN DEPTH personal knowledge. I’ve been a fan for almost 20 years. I used to spend hours and hours learning everything I could about him. It isn’t possible that he did that to anyone, much less a child. Jeez, he was SOOO unbelievably shy, especially anything having to do with the topic of sex. I in no way, shape. or form believe for a single second he would physically or mentally be able to do anything to anyone.

  3. it wasin’t my fault that my uncle was a pedo

  4. Marc Richter says:

    When on the phone, would Jacko sing “Beat it”? Just wondering…

  5. Anonymous says:

    go fuck yourselves u racist cunts u all prob perverted yourselves

  6. me says:

    U fuckin ruined my life i wish u would die and stop fucking my head up i really fucking hate u

  7. Rebecca says:

    Terry George is lying out of his butt. Nonsense Michael wasn’t into boys. This is so full of shit. Once a lie is spread then people start believing it happened. Poor Michael did nothing and got judged. People should have listened too MJ not too those boys. MJ never sexually abused kids.

  8. Wilkins says:

    I love how people can be so adamant that he isn’t one. No one really knows except those who are involved. For the girl (Wendy)that is a hard core fan of Michael J’s also doesn’t know. Just because you are obsessed with him doesn’t make you a close friend with knowledge of what he does in the bedroom. You choose to believe that he isn’t one as it makes you feel good. Your choice isn’t based on fact. In saying that I don’t know either way guilty or not. I am suspicious due to his need to spend time alone with boys in particular at his never land range & this was after the first boy had accused him of molestation. Why set yourself up again if the accusations weren’t true. If he is a pedophile then there has be a lot of guilty people that helped Michael cover this up & as well as turned a blind eye.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Of course he was into boys.

  10. tj says:

    Terry george himself held orgies in the late90’s/early noughties forhis friends and rent boys,some were underage and leather and bondage was a big fixture. also around this time and up to very recently he offered countless members of his bar staff money for sexual favours. he thinks he’s iuntouchable because he’s a millionaire

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