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The Republican Far Right’s Steady Drift into Explicit Racial Appeals and Concerns

E.J. Dionne notices it: Race-baiting is no longer off-limits on some of the right-wing talk shows. Fox News’ Glenn Beck, for example, declared that Obama “has a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture.” Ethnicity has been an … Continue reading

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Sure, the Far Right in America Isn’t Racist

They just portray Barack Obama as a blood-mouthed and minstrel painted monster, and share the image around the Internet. No big whoop. Rush Limbaugh used this image at his website today. And Drudge also featured the image at his website. And … Continue reading

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Demonization Watch: Rush Limbaugh Uses the “Barack Obama as Blood-Mouthed Clown” Image at His Website

I noticed the Obama as a blood-mouthed “sinister clown” in minstrel white face make-up was being used by Rush Limbaugh today at his website:

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Barack Obama the Sinister Clown?

Have you noticed the curious “Obama as scary clown” image meme circulating among right wing circles? I’m having a hard time getting my head around its connotations for right wingers (a racist minstrel projection comes to mind). In any case, … Continue reading

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Holy Birther of a Nation, Batman! Is President Barack Obama’s Kenyan Birth Cerificate Not Just a Forgery, But a Hoax?

It appears so. The latest “birther document” circulating among the John Birthers as President Barack Obama’s “real” birth certificate appears to have hoax markers. In other words, somebody isn’t just forging a document, but seems to be conning the Birther Right, and … Continue reading

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Nanny State Watch: Fire-Safe Cigarettes Are Intrusive Upon Human Liberty

I don’t smoke, and I didn’t know there was such a thing as fire-safe cigarettes, but apparently there are states legislating their sale, and Andrew Sullivan today got a life-affirming rant from one of his readers about them. Money quote: We … Continue reading

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