French Air Force Captain J.C. Duboc: What Should We Make of His UFO Testimony?

If you’ve been following this blog over the past couple of weeks, you know that I’ve had a change of mind concerning UFOs. I’ve long thought that the whole subject of UFOs was an easy target for debunking skeptics, and so I never bothered to take a close look at the phenomenon. But since I was recently asked to consider the subject seriously, I’ve found myself ever more intrigued, and no longer regard UFOs as being nearly so easy to dismiss as I once did. Since I’m continuing to look into this subject, I’ll go on sharing at this blog some of the interesting things that I’ve found. But for anyone who comes around here regularly, and thinks I’m now exploring a kooky subject, I’d just like to reassure you that I’m still a skeptic, and I’m exploring the subject as a skeptic. I’m not advocating UFO belief (at least not right now!). I’m just sharing things that I think are interesting, and that puzzle me. And damn, the subject is fun and spooky. It’s got me wanting to watch old science fiction films and think about “space things.” And that’s enough reason to spend some time on the subject, right?

Here, for example, is J.C. Duboc, a French Air Force Captain, now retired, recounting at a National Press Club conference (in November of 2007) his experience of a UFO. He sounds credible to me. What should we make of his testimony?

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2 Responses to French Air Force Captain J.C. Duboc: What Should We Make of His UFO Testimony?

  1. nycjeff says:

    Does it make you wonder what else you’ve dismissed in the past that you perhaps should take another look at?

  2. santitafarella says:


    I suppose. You have a suggestion?

    I really think the universe is a hall of mirrors. I don’t think humans have figured out much yet. For example, a recent theory in physics is that our three dimensional experience can actually be accounted for with two dimensional physics. In other words, we may literally live in a hologram. Think about how absurd that is, and how we, as humans, have not even begun to absorb the implications of that (if it is true). We also might live in a multiverse. There’s so much we don’t know.

    With regards to human religions, or esoteric knowledge about the universe, I’m less worried that I’ve missed something big among what is on offer. For example, I’ve never studied the religious beliefs of Jains or Mormons in any detail. I know the basic outlines of what they believe, but I’m guessing I’m not missing much by not devoting a lot of time to studying their holy books in detail. That’s not to say that the study wouldn’t be valuable, and lead to some interesting insights about life and existence by reflecting on these religions. It’s only to say that I doubt they would surprise me in the way that my recent UFO explorations have surprised me. UFOlogy has a lot of bullshit in it, and a lot of bad books out there on it, but there are also some good books on the subject (such as those by Jacques Vallee).


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