Apollo Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Says There’s a Monolith on Phobos!

I count at least three American astronauts who take UFOs seriously: Edgar Mitchell, Gordon Cooper, and Buzz Aldrin. On C-SPAN, for example, Buzz Aldrin recently made the bizarre claim that Mars’s satellite, Phobos, has a monolith on it.

A monolith?!

I mean, what the hell? How does Aldrin know this? Is he talking about a natural feature on Phobos that appears to be unnatural, and he’s trying to gin up support for more Mars funding by making it sound more spooky than it is? Or is he saying: There’s some weird artifact on Phobos that NASA believes is artificial, and we need to have a mission to Phobos to have a closer look? Why is Aldrin smirking about this, and being coy and paternal? It’s very annoying. If he knows something like this, it would be of horrendous and world historic import. He would (it seems to me) have a moral obligation to tell the full details of what he knows and how he claims to know it.

NOTE: Since posting this, I now learn that the Russians lost a probe on Phobos (in the late 1980s) and detected a shadow on the planet that was, apparently, monolith-like, and the last picture the probe sent back appears to have had something in it that “shouldn’t have been there” (possibly artificial that interfered with the probe). So maybe Aldrin is alluding to the Russian probe, and believes the claims that something strange went on with the probe when it visited Phobos. Maybe Aldrin is not alluding to some inside American government information to which he is privy. Still, it would seem that the press would follow through on Aldrin’s off the cuff statement. He is, afterall, one of the twelve men who have actually gone to the moon. It’s not like he’s some lunatic in pee-stained underwear madly posting UFO YouTube videos from a webcam over his computer. This is a former astronaut who went to the moon, and he is speaking on C-SPAN.

Is he nuts, or gullible, or does he know something? (Maybe he’s all three!)

About Santi Tafarella

I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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