Blogging UFOs: Why was the Military’s Response to Roswell Witnesses and the Local Story Disseminators So Heavyhanded?

This excellent video clip on the Roswell incident begins with Jesse Marcel’s son’s recollection of what his father showed him on the night that his dad had recovered debris from the Roswell UFO crash site, and how what Jesse Marcel’s son saw did not match the photograph of his father before the debris of a weather balloon (as pictured in the newspapers).

The below video clip thus raises a very good question: If Roswell’s triggering stimulus was just a downed weather balloon mistaken for something extraterrestrial, why was the military’s response to it so uptight? Why the pressure and threats towards the initial witnesses and disseminators of the UFO news? I mean, once the photograph of Jesse Marcel beside weather balloon debris hit the newspapers, reversing the initial alien reports, then why would the military care what people believed or said about the subject after that? There’s no further issue of military concern, right? Who gives a shit if people believe in UFOs? What was the big deal here?

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I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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