Blogging UFOs: What Do You Make of Professor Robert Jacobs’s Bizarre UFO Testimony?

This segment of the UFO documentary, Out of the Blue , features in its first half the UFO testimony of Professor Robert Jacobs. Jacobs, in the 1960s, was in the military and he recounts an amazing UFO event that changed his perspective on life. The second half of this segment discusses a UFO that appears to have disabled a cluster of siloed ICBMs. I think that both of these stories are fascinating, and worth pondering:

And here’s Jacobs telling his story to Larry King:

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21 Responses to Blogging UFOs: What Do You Make of Professor Robert Jacobs’s Bizarre UFO Testimony?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Don’t you think it’s possible that this man faked the film?

    • Just saying you are speculating about something for which you have not spent 30 seconds researching. It is an indisputable fact, according to military records, that Dr. Jacobs served as the junior officer in charge of ICBM photography. He was so well respected that he is the only air force photographer to receive the Air Force Missile Badge. Finally, just how do you think Dr. Jacobs could “fake” a film that is being manned by eight other individuals simultaneously? Get a life.

  2. Anonymous says:

    He is a professor of drama and theatre-just saying

    • Independent confirmation of the incident has been provided, for the record, by Chief Science Officer and Lt. Jacobs commanding officer at Vandenberg AFB, Major Florenz J. Mansmann. His private and public acknowledgement of the incident is available to read all over the internet.

    • StormieK says:

      I 100% believe him. He had everything to lose and nothing to gain.. Its the way he talks about it, his mannerisms. If he is acting or lying he deserves an award more prestigious than an Oscar. hed definitely be the best actor in the world..

  3. spaceman says:

    i wish people would stop knocking people like robert and others if you still believe we’re the only live beings in space you need to see a head doctor this subject is real some ufos are real why can’t people understand that since 73 when i saw one of these discs i’ve looked into this subject for most of my life and all i will say if these brain dead clowns who do not wish to open there mind then i say stop knocknig people who do

    i hope the who world will look at dr greers new movie on 22 april sirus and after they do they will

    shut up robert jacobs and others deserve respect unlike the clowns you have kept this subject away from the people of this earth if all of mankind would only come together on this subject this would be a better planet 1 final thing there’s things out there that are bigger than all of us
    please look and you’ll find and then understand that we have never never been alone?

    • StormieK says:

      I saw a “orb” back in the late 90’s that was definitely not of this world. I lived in Sweetwater Texas which is about 42 miles east of Dyess Air force Base. We would see military planes ever so often but this was not a military plane. It changed direction at the drop of a hat. We recorded it on our big ass tape recorder, that took full size VHS tapes haha and we had sent a few copies to abfew different TV shows but heard nothing back. Unfortunately my uncle stole the tape because he thought he could sell it for a lot of money. I was 8-10 at the time and what i saw is burned into my mind so i can only imagine what impression it leaves on ppl who actually see an unidentified flying object up close snd personal like Prof Jacobs. What i saw was just a ball of light in the sky moving east to west so fast i couldnt keep my eyes on it and my dad could barely follow it with the recorder. So to see something so close you can almost make out exactly what it is must leave lasting a impression..

  4. Chuck says:

    The question I would ask Jacobs is why did they show him the video and then tell him to never speak of it. All they had to do was not show it to him.

  5. Anonymous says:

    probably wanted to know “what was that”,its in the interview!

  6. I like his one line that completely makes no sense “He asks me, ‘were you guys screwing around up there?’ Who the hell would ask that? If there answer happened to be “yes, we were screwing around – we were chasing each other around and snapping a rolled towel at each others butt’s” How would that make a UFO appear on the film that shoots lasers at a ICBM?

    This guy is full of b.s. and ONCE AGAIN…..AS USUAL…..there is NO VIDEO TO SHOW THE PUBLIC AS PROOF. Just left with anecdotes from ex USAF dopes.

    • Anonymous says:

      There isn’t a video for your “proof” because it was confiscated by the CIA. Dr Jacobs speaks of this in the film. Did you not watch it?
      There is indisputable proof that UFOs exist and have been here for hundreds, and likely thousands of years. If you don’t believe it, you’re either poorly informed, or a fool, or both.

  7. I find his testimony more conviencing then any other eye witness who has gone on record. He seems like a total no nonsense kind of guy who wouldn’t make up something like that. On top of that his superior Major Manmens went on record as well putting his reputation on the line backing up his entire statement on the incident.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Bang on. Something I’ve come to realize is that some because they’re nuts and bolts craft as well, but most over the years if not nature is actual witchcraft in action. Black magic. The Vrill society Nazis wrote down rituals they would create craft by summoning demons or as they called them tall whites Nordics aliens. Witches are said to be able to travel at the speed of light go through walls. What you’ve stated and what I’ve just stated is Fact.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’ve seen a huge spacecraft and I’ve also seen greys demons. I think some are good and some evil. I think all greys are demons.i remember saying in the name of Jesus Christ and they moved back just like Sigourney Weaver in Aliens movie when she uses the flamethrower to get the queen to order the other aliens back it was earilly similar. They say 3 I think came through the wall of an apartments bedroom. The first time it happened I said the same thing and they left immediately. Years later it happened and they backed away slowly after I said it a few times. VERY SCARY and VERY REAL. Anything who thinks I’m hallucinating or lieing you’re in for a surprise.

  9. Yolanda Chmielewski says:

    I completely believe professor Jacobs as he describes exactly the UFO I saw, along with my sister and cousin on Lindsey Rd. through the picture window of our house in the hours before the lunar eclipse on a night that the Six Million Dollar Man was playing on the television. As we watched the show, I was thinking excitedly about what we would see during the lunar eclipse through the telescope that my uncle had set up for us, and I looked across the road towards the lake, and saw exactly the craft he saw coming towards us. I jumped up and ran towards the window pointing in terror, and my sister and cousin jumped up and saw it too. After it flew over the house I called Uncle Bud crying in fear and telling him what we saw. He came running over, but it was long gone by then. That is my story, from the township of Orangeville, Michigan, and I swear that it is true, from between 1973- 1979, I’m not sure what year.

  10. Anonymous says:

    It needs studying the longer they take the more I think they already taken over.look around and see politically socialy and moraly it’s like we are being led to our own destruction.

  11. Johny knocks says:

    It needs studying the longer they take the more I think they already taken over.look around and see politically socialy and moraly it’s like we are being led to our own destruction.

  12. Johny knocks says:

    I often wonder how they evolved the telepathy could it be they caren’t talk in the vacuum of space and communicating with you own kind Is a must if you want to survive just a though

  13. He names names. Lots of names. His language is professional and direct leaving really no doubt to be factual and no question of its truth. He names places, specific places. The only thing he wasn’t sure of was if it was one day or two days after filming the footage of the UFO when he was called into his superiors office.

    He obviously doesn’t like Philip J. Class, nor would I if I was telling a true story of something I witnessed as fact and had some professional debunker slamming me to make me and my story to be unbelievable and crazy. Professor Jacobs.
    The phone calls of what was said to him were very candid and out of his character with the language, which seemed to be true to tale.
    Professor Jacobs does have a point and it doesn’t seem to be about proving extraterrestrials exist. He seems to know the answer to that question. He is not cool with the United States Government covering this up and not letting the public know of this “out of this world” information. That is a man with character.

    • Roger lynn mason says:

      Mr jacobs while farming in fulton cnty ill my wife an i saw something i have never saw reported anywhere.. Around 9 p.m i just got home from the field there was a brilliant lite about a quarter mile above the ground as we watched a ball of fire shot out of it straight toward the ground. It was like a roman candle it repeated that at least a dozen times my wife brought binoculars to me it came down vertical then i could see it turn horizonal i think it was a small vehicle of some type.the lite stayed there most of an hour.. Maby until it recovered the small crafts that came out of it… After most of an hour the lite went out..we never saw anything like it again….

  14. mike says:

    not sure i believe him and my reason is when he first told his story he sold it too the national Enquirer for 500 bucks so i think hes in it for the money… love too see him pass a lie detector test

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