Stephen Hawking: Another Frickin’ Atheist Who Doesn’t Believe in UFOs!

Stephen Hawking thinks that the universe made itself from nothing and that there are no intelligent civilizations within several hundred light years of our own. In short, Hawking basically shoots down, in ten minutes, two recent speculative obsessions of this blog (whether mind precedes matter at the beginning of the universe and whether UFOs have maybe visited Earth). Alas! It’s not comfy being on the wrong side of Stephen Hawking!:

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I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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4 Responses to Stephen Hawking: Another Frickin’ Atheist Who Doesn’t Believe in UFOs!

  1. A personal fear of mine is that we came too late to join the sentient party. Almost fourteen-billion years went by before we entered the arena. Other sentient species could have evolved, colonized other worlds, and then died out all before life even started here on Terra. If that turns out to be true, it really sucks, but I also highly doubt we’ve been contacted by aliens. Great blog!

  2. Heuristics says:

    “The universe can create itself out of nothing”.

    If the universe can create itself, the universe must already have been there to be able to create itself. This is a contradiction not only within itself but also compared to “create out of nothing”. Either nothing created the universe, or the universe created itself, both cannot be true at once.

    He rather seams to want to say that there was no material cause for the creation of the universe, but that there was however something else (the universe, mathematics, physical laws? etc). This is however not a problem for mind before matter as long as one grants that mind can be non-material, something that seams free of logical contradiction and has very often been thought.

    Actually it all just seams to be a confirmation for this age old theological point (creatio ex nihilo):

  3. Mohamed says:

    We as Muslims have already known about the big bang and that space is expanding . 1400 years ago it was related to us in the Quran 1400 years ago thought the Prophet of Islam to mankind . We can also tell you that we have known that the earth is round like the shape of an egg . Please email me for more informations , and I will enlighten you all regarding islam and science . The Quran is the way of life not the book of science . many scienctist of become muslims after reading the Quran . my email is

  4. santitafarella says:


    Please quote the Quran passage that you think tells you the big bang occurred and space is expanding.


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