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Eugenics is Fun! Genetic Tracking of Children in Chinese Summer Camps!

According to this rather sunny CNN report from China, the genetic tests applied to these summer camp toddlers “work even on newborns!” Gee. That means, of course, that the tests could also be applied to preborns, doesn’t it? Did you notice that the … Continue reading

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What Do Atheists Like Richard Dawkins and Jerry Coyne Have in Common with Rapture-Ready Fundamentalists Like Tim LaHaye and Mark Driscoll?

Answer: Both sides confidently believe that if all the other guys not already with them would just get the hell out of the way, spectacular human progress could be made. Here’s how John Gray puts it in his excellent book, … Continue reading

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You Break It, You Own It: Whence the Future of Eugenics Research?

God’s a delusion (Dawkins). Religion poisons everything (Hitchens). So let’s have the end of faith (Harris)! Okay. You’ve got your wish. Let’s imagine that the New Atheists have won. The world is our big and collective secular oyster to do whatever we want … Continue reading

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