Eugenics is Fun! Genetic Tracking of Children in Chinese Summer Camps!

According to this rather sunny CNN report from China, the genetic tests applied to these summer camp toddlers “work even on newborns!”


That means, of course, that the tests could also be applied to preborns, doesn’t it?

Did you notice that the “critical” part of the CNN story, at its end, was utterly inane, and completely missed the eugenic implications? Concern was expressed, in distinctly American terms, about the students being pushed too hard, and how it was primarily the ambitious parents, and not the Chinese government, that had powerful motivations for driving these children to excel.

I’m reasonably sure that what escaped the CNN reporter has not been missed by the CIA or the Pentagon. You can bet that people in both the CIA and the Pentagon are nervous about what China is up to here, and that covert “black budget” money is being devoted to some serious scenario gaming over what to do about China’s disciplined race towards genetic superiority over the rest of humanity.

And really, if the Chinese government has no problem showing a Western reporter this prequel to a systematic eugenics program, can you imagine what their covert programs look like? You don’t think that they have any?

The 21st century’s eugenics dam may be breaking up as fast as the Antarctic glaciers. It just hasn’t risen consistently or persistently into the West’s collective public consciousness yet.

It will.

About Santi Tafarella

I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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3 Responses to Eugenics is Fun! Genetic Tracking of Children in Chinese Summer Camps!

  1. Talula says:

    Wow! this deserves to be sent all over Youtube and Facebook. (I am not so tech savy – so its up to others) You can bet our black ops folks have a file already begun on this – the implications behind the published storyline are HUGE! Wanna bet it was on the non-published agenda discussed during China’s meetings with Venezuela recently? Hugo would certainly be interested in choosing the population best suited to be soldiers, and training them from 2 years old; now wouldn’t he??? and might as well invite North Korea to the party? I am apolitical most of the time but this just jumped off the page at me! Pray for a more Peaceful world…and work to stop these programs from becoming reality!

  2. santitafarella says:


    I’d ask this question: Why believe the bullshit coming from the Chinese government? In other words, why believe that these toddlers weren’t genetically tested in the womb? It is probably now becoming routine for China to screen and abort “defective” children. Why assume these tests aren’t increasingly being done while the baby is in the womb, and that the Chinese government has a baseline for the kinds of kids they want brought to term? All you have to do is tell the mother “Down Syndrome” after the amnio and you’re done. You don’t have to tell her what the real genetic thresholds are for arresting the pregnancy, right?

    As the screening tests advance a panel of medical bureaucrats can keep easing the threshold up. And at some point you’ll have DNA procedures that give embryos various enhancements (and not leave them to chance).

    I may be wrong about the speed with which these things are happening in China. China may still be too poor to give a large percentage of its expectant mothers genetic screening tests while the baby is still in the womb. But they are obviously heading in that direction.

    In the meantime, I suppose, infaticide will have to do for the poorer rural areas of China (which I understand is common for unwanted female babies).


  3. Talula says:

    Sadly, you are probably right about the Chinese already using the testing pre-birth. “Everything” & Everyone is for the the good of the state in that country, so we probably saw some of those “engineered” children in the 2008 Olympics without realizing it.

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