Poet Kate Gale Reflecting on Philip Garrido

Just when I think I’m getting warm and fuzzy towards religion, I encounter testimony like this. Poet Kate Gale grew up in a cult, and the whole creepy Philip Garrido incident gave her a bit of deja vu :

It reminds me of growing up at High View Church Farm School which was regularly investigated for child abuse.  They never found anything while I was there, but finally because of the constant scrutiny, the cult was moved to Canada.  Cults in the U.S. can only be closed down for stockpiling weapons and child abuse; you can’t just be closed down for being weirdos.

When New Hampshire officials would come to investigate, Gale recalls the role of strawberries in the ordeal:

[W]e smiled and clapped our hands.  We were well trained.  When the investigators left, we were given strawberries. The strawberries were good, and sometimes when we ate them, I couldn’t sit down because I’d been beaten to that point.  But the strawberries were tasty.

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I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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1 Response to Poet Kate Gale Reflecting on Philip Garrido

  1. joel says:

    would like to contact you. My family has been torn apart by 40 plus years involvement in this place run by nutjobs!! Finally considering a lawsuit (maybe civil) for the rampant abuse. Shouldn’t have too much trouble finding witnesses.

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