UFO Mothership, or Just Sun and Clouds?

Last Wednesday there was a large UFO disk-like shape, apparently backlighted by the sun, that hung over Moscow, and the video of it has gotten a lot of YouTube attention:

The Sun says this about the phenomenon:

The video has appeared on YouTube and been viewed more than 100,000 times. The bizarre light was spotted last Wednesday. But meteorologists rejected theories of the supernatural calling it an optical effect. Moscow’s weather bureau said several weather fronts had passed through Moscow as the sun shined from the west to cause the effect. A spokesman for the bureau said: “This is purely an optical effect, although it does look impressive. If you look closer, you can see sun rays coming through that cloud. Most likely, the sun was setting when the video was being made.”

From my vantage, this is like the “face” on Mars. People are primed to look for faces, and they see them everywhere. Likewise, people are, culturally, primed for noticing disks in the sky, and when one appears (even by what looks to be a natural process) there will be people who run with it: “It’s a UFO mother ship, and the government’s official weather explanation is a coverup!” In a sense, this is a double-primed event for UFO believers. People are primed for seeing disks in the sky, and they also expect the government explanation to be an orchestrated lie.

Still, it is a bit odd, don’t you think?


For a firsthand account of a recent UFO conference that I went to in Burbank, Ca., see here.

And for my take on the parallels between UFO belief and God belief, see here.

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I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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31 Responses to UFO Mothership, or Just Sun and Clouds?

  1. Albert Tilsey says:


  2. utherdoul says:

    Interesting, but clearly not a UFO. Maybe some belated District 9 marketing?

  3. santitafarella says:

    Albert’s HAARP question may have flown past most people. Here’s a link to the buzz surrounding the Pentagon playing with the ionosphere: http://www.haarp.net/haarpoverview.htm

  4. psychologist1 says:

    you know, when i think about all these proves of UFO’s existance and so one I can not understand one thing: why don’t they (if they exist) make a contact with us (i mean open contact)? I believe taht we are not alone at the Universe but why then we do not know anything exact about aliens? if they are clever than we are they could make a contact a long time ago.

    as for this video, maybe this is UFO… but again, we’ll not know for sure till we will have exact proves of it.

    • jimmyleec says:

      Think about it… the nearest earth like planet is thousands of light years away, if they are a lot smarter then us and could build even a spaceship that traveled at the speed of light, it would still take thousands of years for them to get here. I am certain we are not alone, but I’m not so certain about intelligent life. (By intelligent life, I don’t mean technology. I think even our cavemen class as intelligent life, they worked with what was given by previous generations just like we did, and it’s the technology that’s evolved, not us)

      • Curtis B says:

        Think about THIS….if they are THAT intelligent, they’d be using a ship that travels in ways we don’t even understand. We need to think OUTSIDE the box to even BEGIN to understand the depths of their technology. Who says they travel those distances in ships that travel at the speed of light??? That might be SLOW to them.

  5. Steven Harris says:

    I saw a UFO once. Only it was a Stealth Bomber. I was in the middle of rural England at the time and quickly decided I’d have felt less worried if it HAD been a UFO.

  6. Deucalion says:

    What ever it is, it looks cool. What ever the so called authority may comment, should most probably be ignored. This is the generation of blatant lies and deceptions.

    It must have given a good chill down a good number of spines around there.

    UFO: why don’t they make contact?
    I have a theory on that.

    Being a race that is a true democratic anarchy, in consciousness and practice,
    Perhaps, they are waiting for a global referendum, by any means possible, and if they could detect a majority vote from the people on the planet in favor of contact, than they would immediately make contact, plain and simple.
    so, let’s vote!

    if there are UFOs out there i vote yes for contact.

    • Curtis B says:

      “The generation that lies and decieves???” Sounds stereotypical to me. Should I judge all teens and twenty somethings as “kids” who are worthless and have green hair, nose rings and baggy clothes???
      Sorry, I’m not buying that one…..try again!!!

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  8. Flower Boy says:

    Deacalion, I agree lets vote yes for contact 😉

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  10. Steven Harris says:

    OPtical effect is all it will be. I remember a wintry evening when a break in the cloud formed a perfect circle with the full moon slap bang in the middle. Wish I’d had a camera as the odds against such a sight must be pretty high.

  11. Lune says:

    they have already made contact.

  12. Karen says:

    Surely someone videotaped or photographed this phenomenon as it ended. If it were an optical effect, it should have slowly dissipated; if it were a UFO, it most likely would have simply vanished in a matter of seconds. Which was it???

  13. tailgunner says:

    This is what China saw before they had a huge earthquake the next week.

  14. Bamola says:

    I think it is beautiful. Strange, but yeah, beautiful.

  15. Jared Burton says:


    Reminds me of Saturn’s north pole hexagonal storm cloud:


  16. Yet another amazing disc like formation.
    perhaps aliens refugees from the moon, since nasa decided to declare war on the moon by blasting it with nuclear ships. Tee Hee

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  19. Dom Carlos says:

    aqui em minha cidade foi avostado um em pleno rio negro.

  20. adirossi says:

    Wow, Fantastic 😀

  21. Wow! It looks absolutely stunning! 🙂 Thanks for posting the footage!

  22. Albert Tilsey says:

    A pillar of electromagnetic energy I’m guessing. Possibly an atmospheric buffer for RF HAARP transmission. Who knows what Moscow is up to, or if it is even Russia who funds this experiment. Surely not a naturally occuring phenomena because there would be more of these popping up all over the world.


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  24. pusorn says:

    Wow ! Amazing, it is beautiful. : )

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