Have the First Nine Months of the Obama Administration Been Good for Republicans?

Not according to Andrew Sullivan.

Sullivan thinks things are getting worse for the Republican Party, not better:

Anyone not suckered by the usual Beltway hooey . . . could see that the Republicans were drowning, not waving. Their success in airing the most bizarre claims about the president, their extremist town halls, their disavowal from the get-go of any attempt to work with the new president on anything may have helped gin up enthusiasm in their base – but at the expense of making that base even smaller and alienating by large margins the independent voters they desperately need.

If Obama gets a historic health care bill through Congress this year, and the economy starts to pick up by the summer of next year, Republicans might find that the 2010 election cycle is not nearly so much to their liking as they now imagine it will be. Of course, between now and next November, lots could go wrong with the economy and foreign policy that might save the Republicans from themselves, but right now it looks like President Obama is playing a long-term game, Republicans a short term game. Republicans may have to get thumped for a few more election cycles before they start to realize that the Beck-Limbaugh strategy for returning to power is a cruel mirage. In the meantime, Barack gets to continue to play the lithe Road Runner to a hapless and comic opposition.

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I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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