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A Good Quote for Skeptical Bloggers from Ernest Hemingway

This Hemingway quote comes from The Writer’s Quotation Book (1985, p. 55): The most essential gift for a good writer is a built-in shock-proof shit-detector.

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To Boldly Go Where No Person Has Gone Before (from Your Computer)

Recently, an astronomer, using 3000 detailed photographs, reconstructed a panoramic meta-image of the Milky Way. You can now zoom upon and navigate the Milky Way in a fashion akin to using Google Earth. See the Milky Way meta-image here.

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How Do You Spell Relief? NY-23!

The Fox-Limbaugh industrial propaganda complex once again discovered its own limitations on Tuesday when, despite an all out push to win the NY-23 congressional seat, and giving the race a mesmerizing air of inevitability (“teabaggers are rising up in crushing numbers; we’ll … Continue reading

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