Who is Servetus the Evangelical? Alvin Plantinga?

We’re about to find out because, at his website, he has announced that he will drop his pseudonym, and reveal his true name, on Thursday, November 19, 2009. The rather well know biblical scholar, James Tabor, says of Servetus the Evangelical:

There is a bit of buzz on the Internet these days, among Christian evangelical circles, regarding a modern writer who calls himself “Servetus the Evangelical,” who has penned a new book titled The Restitution of Jesus Christ. The author, who has chosen to remain anonymous, is apparently a well-known Evangelical Christian.

Servetus the Evangelical is a non-trinitarian. In other words, he is a strict monotheist who believes that there is only one God. That means that he does not believe that Jesus was (or is) God, but only the Son of God. Servetus the Evangelical takes his pseudonym from Michael Servetus, the 16th century anti-trinitarian who was burned at the stake for heresy by John Calvin and the city fathers of Geneva on October 27, 1553.

I listened to a bit of an interview with Servetus the Evangelical, and although his voice is masked, I thought it had cadences akin to Notre Dame philosopher, Alvin Plantinga’s. Wouldn’t that be a bombshell for Alvin Plantinga, who has long professed to be a Reformed Calvinist, to declare a change of mind about what the New Testament teaches with regard to the Trinity?

Anyway, we’ll find out who this fellow is on Thursday. Here’s an image of Michael Servetus:

Oh, and here’s what James Tabor says about Servetus the Evangelical’s book:

I obtained a copy of the book and I have to say I am much impressed. It runs 600 pages, is thoroughly researched and documented, and fully in touch with the massive amount of scholarly discussion currently available on the “Christology of the New Testament.”

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5 Responses to Who is Servetus the Evangelical? Alvin Plantinga?

  1. Heuristics says:

    Oh, interesting, didn’t know about this.
    According to the website though Servetus the evangelical and Michael Servitus share the same birthday. But Alvin Plantinga has a different birthday.


    I just got Plantingas ‘warranted christian belief’ in the mail yesterday, my first Plantinga book. So far its quite interesting.

  2. santitafarella says:



    I was hoping it was Plantinga—I think that would have really rattled some otherwise locked cages.

    As for Warranted Christian Belief, I spent a month, a couple of years ago, reading that book, marking it up and arguing with it. I find it very challenging, but also very annoying. I was really hostile to it the first time I read it, but I’ve mellowed toward some of his arguments. But there’s a passage in the book in which he professes (as I recall) being a bit obtuse with regard to poetry. If you stumble on that paragraph, please let me know where it is (because I can’t locate it). Anyway, if you blog on the book, or have thoughts about it, please let me know. I’ll be interested to know what you think of it. I might say a few things about Plantinga on this blog in the near future, or revise a critique I once made of his book and repost it (to see what you think of it).


    • Heuristics says:


      Sure, i’ll keep my eyes open for anything on poetry. It will probibly take a while for me to read the book though, longer then a month probibly but i’ll let you know if I find anything.

  3. diglot says:

    I thought someone would have figured out who he is by now, especially seeing as Servetus has given us his birthdate.

    Servetus sent me a review copy of his book. I have been discussing it on my blog for the past week and will post my final review on Thursday when he reveals his identity.

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