Servetus the Evangelical is Kermit Zarley!

And who is Kermit Zarley?

A pro golfer who has written a couple of religious books. Here’s what Wikipedia says about Kermit Zarley (in a paragraph probably written by Kermit Zarley):

The publication of his most recent book, “The Restitution of Jesus Christ” was preceded by his usage of the pseudonymServetus the Evangelical[3]” – his stated reasons for doing so were: “if my fellow Evangelicals ever knew about my christological beliefs they would not accept me as a genuine Christian and ostracize me from the Evangelical community.”[4] His book endorses a Unitarian[5] viewpoint of Christology, similar to that of the original Servetus.

Okay, so a supposedly prominant Evangelical scholar who had written a 600 page pseudonymous self-published book detailing his opposition to the trinity is a pro golfer. I’m glad he’s come out of the closet, but really now. Talk about a hole in one.


Don’t. Believe. The hype.

About Santi Tafarella

I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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