Sarah Palin Groupie Watch

They see themselves as innocent and sincere, and she’s one of them, so they perceive her as innocent and sincere. Who’s in the family, who’s not? Politics is often less about formal platforms and policies and more about cultural signals and cultural style, isn’t it?

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I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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3 Responses to Sarah Palin Groupie Watch

  1. Andrew Clunn says:

    A big problem with the American political system is that we don’t have actual debates, we just pick fights with the bottom of the barrel from the opposing side to justify our own smug notions of superiority. Things like this video bother me because they are nothing but straw man arguments. I’m not a fan of Sarah Palin, but this video wasn’t a fair representation of her supporters (I know quite a few.)

  2. santitafarella says:


    One of my biggest problems with Sarah Palin is her painful syntax and use of English. I like to see philosophical conservatism in the mix of ideas circulating, but could Republicans get some William F. Buckleys into the arena again, pretty please? Eight years of painful Bush-clanging of the English language is enough! For goodness sakes! Please. Put somebody forward who doesn’t grate on the ear. My guess is that an audio version of Palin’s book could be used at Guantanamo to break down detainees. One reason I voted for Obama is that he actually seems like a rounded person who reads literary fiction (and not just the NIV version of the Bible). He has a feel for language, and carries himself with the dignity of someone who actually seems to care about using English correctly. Sarah in charge would give us another eight years of horrid barbaric English. I just don’t think I could stand it. I’d have to move to a different English speaking country. It’s ironic that the very crowd wound up over English-only laws puts forward a champion who barely has control of the language herself. I mean, really!


  3. Eupraxsophy says:

    My first impression of Sarah Palin was that this is a person who is power hungry. That impression of her is even stronger today. This is a lady that has had a taste of power and now wants more. It’s a good thing that she also stupid, because if she was the vice president or even president (and I perish the thought) I think I would deside to move to Canada.
    Eight years of Bush was more than enough for me.

    Obama has in my opinion been doing quite a remarkable job considering the mess he’s been given. And I for one am getting tired of all these “birthers” demanding to see his birth certificate. What’s that about? HE’S THE PRESIDENT! GET OVER IT! Talk about sore losers. Let him do his job that he was rightfully elected for.

    The one person I think I will understand the least is
    John McCain. I use to like him, but now after the last elections and seeing his choice for his vice president, I’m starting to wonder about him. Was he thinking with his head that’s on his shoulders or the
    one in his pants? I saw a video of him looking at Sarah’s ass with a big smile on his face. WTF? If my wife caught me doing that she would slap me.

    When a friend told me that Sarah thought that Africa was a country I almost burst out laughing. What an idiot. And this is the person the Republicans choose to be this nations vice president? No wonder she thinks that Intelligent Design is a science and that global warming is just a myth. She’s stupid! Sarah Palin needs to be re-educated.

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