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A Metaphor for Global Warming Hysteria—or the Real World Failure of Copenhagen?

My kids think this iCarly mini-disaster movie trailer is funny, but with Copenhagen’s global climate talks failing this weekend, it seems to have an unpleasant saliency. Silly climate scientists! Prophets of doom and gloom! They sure are funny, aren’t they? Aren’t they?

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Copenhagen: Full of Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing

And no plan B. In response to the failure of Copenhagen’s climate talks, an editorial writer at Spiegel bemoans humanity: Copenhagen’s collapse merely confirms the opinion of those who view climate change as some pipe dream of scientists, left-wing politicians … Continue reading

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Survival of the Fittest 101: Charles Darwin, Barack Obama, and the Origin of Health Care Reform

Barack Obama’s organic approach to health care reform is a type of Darwinism applied to politics that I think I can endorse. Though it’s not 100% certain, it appears that Barack Obama will have a living, breathing health care reform bill … Continue reading

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