Scott Lively’s Role in Fomenting Anti-Gay Hysteria in Uganda

If you don’t think that there is any real danger in the rise of 21st century American religious authoritarianism, watch this:

Oh, and how many times have you heard Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, or Sean Hannity speak out against the “anti-sodomy” legislation in Uganda—or even mention it? I thought so.

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7 Responses to Scott Lively’s Role in Fomenting Anti-Gay Hysteria in Uganda

  1. andrewclunn says:

    Hmmm… Quite the video. Though gay sex (well sodomy) is bad for your health and there is a higher rate of homosexuality among individuals who are molested at a young age (at least among men.) but this takes those few facts and turns it into a conspiracy, and makes it a hate issue. Though, I would like some references for that legislation as I’m not sure that it can be entirely attributed to Lively. I must seem like I’m trying to straddle a fence here don’t I?

  2. Roger Salyer says:

    Kudos to Uganda.

  3. Just goes to show that so called christians are capable of inciting genocide, there is nothing christian about genocide and inciting hatred

  4. Everson says:

    Lively is basically right on this issue, and he never advocated the death penalty or any extreme punishment for this stuff.
    ‘The Pink Swastika’ is an interesting and worthwhile read about Rudolph Hess, Ernst Rohm, Hitler and much of that whole crowd. ‘Redeeming The Rainbow’ by Lively is also worthwhile on the contemporary homosexual movement.
    Having now seen a few of his presentations and read the ‘The Pink Swatika’ book Lively seems to me to be a thoughtful and decent fellow …and I think that’s what freaks-out his opponents.

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