Bearing Witness to the American Torture Regime: As Republicans Continue to Support Torture, the Torture Revelations Continue

Andrew Sullivan today directs our attention to this torture report in Harper’s here, and says of the torture deaths of three Gitmo detainees:

This deserves to be the biggest story on the torture issue since Abu Ghraib – because it threatens to tear down the wall of lies and denial that have protected Americans from facing what the last administration actually did. Notice that these torture sessions – so severe they killed three prisoners – were conducted in June 2006. Long after the original crisis was over. Long after we have been told real torture sessions occurred. They were part of an ongoing torture program whose methods were so extreme that the Pentagon has already conceded that over a dozen prisoners had been tortured to death and up to a hundred US authorized deaths-by-torture are alleged by many human rights groups.

And in a separate post, Sullivan quotes from the Harper’s story:

This was Hickman’s memory of the frantic scene after the alleged suicides:

“He asked a distraught medical corpsman what had happened. She said three dead prisoners had been delivered to the clinic. Hickman recalled her saying that they had died because they had rags stuffed down their throats, and that one of them was severely bruised. Davila told me he spoke to Navy guards who said the men had died as the result of having rags stuffed down their throats.”

And then Sullivan comments:

But what really takes you into the realm of totalitarian states is the chilling fact that the bodies were returned to their families in pieces. One part of each body that had been removed was the neck.

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