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Freud’s Oceanic Feeling Associated with Brain Damage!

During meditation or prayer, have you ever had what Freud called (picking up the term from Romain Rolland) an “oceanic feeling“? In other words, have you felt your “little self” (the shrew of your ego) submerging harmoniously into the “Big Self”—the Atman—or the universe? Well, … Continue reading

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Physicist Stephen Barr on Natural Theology vs. William Dembski’s “Intelligent Design”

At First Things this week, University of Delaware physicist Stephen Barr has written an exceptionally clear-headed critique of Intelligent Design (ID)—contextualizing it beautifully. The essay really needs to be read in full, but here’s a taste: The emphasis in early Christian writings was not on complexity, irreducible or … Continue reading

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Rick Schlosser and Lawrence Swaim on Sherry Marquez’s Inane Demonization of All Muslims

The true nature of Islam is on display in the murder trial of a Muslim man in New York who beheaded his wife? That’s the essentialist conclusion of an elected Republican official in Southern California: Lancaster councilwoman Sherry Marquez. Here’s how … Continue reading

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