Teaser for the Pilot TV Show “The Skeptologists”

Michael Shermer and his gang of skeptical inquirers look like they’re channeling the Sopranos. And in the word “skeptologist” I feel a vague association with “exorcist.” I don’t know if this show is ever going beyond the pilot stage—or if any network is biting—but here’s the teaser for it. I bet it would be good, and might even get decent ratings, if Shermer could get the backing:

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I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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2 Responses to Teaser for the Pilot TV Show “The Skeptologists”

  1. andrewclunn says:

    Shermer? Bah, I’m a Brian Dunning fan.

    (Dr. Novella’s okay too.)

  2. Dave M. Brady says:

    I’m hoping “The Skeptologists” will get picked up by a good station, will become a runaway hit, and eventually will help turn the tide of TV land as we know it.

    Obviously, these days most or all of the science-based TV stations are actually pseudoscience-based TV stations. (Check out “Is It Real?” on National Geographic for proof of that.) This is beyond annoying–it’s disillusioning–and it’s time that trend of BS comes to an end. Let’s get rid of “Ghost Hunters” and air in its place “Ghost Hunter Hunters.”

    So, where is this show? I don’t understand. How a network or a station or DirecTV cannot see the potential here is nuts. In the very least, it’ll get great ratings because it’ll be controversial. Most TV watchers (or so it seems) love the paranormal and pseudoscience, and they’ll probably tune it just to object to science and skepticism!

    In the very least, it’s been years since this pilot was announced. Why hasn’t it been leaked?

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