Anti-gay hysteria is spreading in Africa

BBC reporter Pumza Fihlani:

Earlier this month, US President Barack Obama’s criticism of the Ugandan proposals led to huge anti-gay rallies in neighbouring Kenya.

Soon after, rumours of a gay wedding near the Kenyan coastal city of Mombasa resulted in several arrests – although no evidence was produced and no-one was charged.

For the past few weeks, police in Malawi have been openly pursuing gay activists and anyone suspected of being homosexual.

But at great risk to their careers and lives, some are fighting the stupidity and cruelty:

There are small pockets of resistance within the religious community – but theirs is a hard fight.

Reverend Michael Kimundu served the Anglican Church in Mtwapa, Kenya, for 30 years.

But recently the Church expelled him because leaders found out that he headed a religious organisation called The Other Sheep, which preaches tolerance towards gay people.

“I am a preacher I should be spreading love, not hate – that is why I don’t believe in treating the homosexual community with disdain,” he says.

“My Church didn’t want to be associated with such beliefs.

“Because of my stance I have had many people accuse me and many of the pastors I work with of being gay because we refuse to let this injustice continue.”

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I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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