Muslims treat Christians like wild animals

In Nigeria. This today in the Los Angeles Times:

[A]ttacks in January and on Sunday have left at least 500 dead, making it the worst violence here for some years.

Hundreds of nomadic Fulani herdsmen launched coordinated attacks on three Christian villages — Dogo Nahawa, Ratsat and Zot, just south of Jos — about 3 a.m. Sunday.

The killers planted nets and animal traps outside the huts of the villagers, mainly peasant farmers, fired weapons in the air, then attacked with machetes, according to human rights lawyer Shehu Sani of the nongovernment Civil Rights Congress, who visited the villages and interviewed dozens of survivors.

“People came out of their houses and started falling into the animal traps and mosquito nets and then they were hacked down,” he said. “They were the kind of traps used for wild animals.”

When I read of stories like this, I despair of humanity’s future. Here’s a bit more:

One survivor, Sylvanis Mathias, said the attack was well planned. “They fired in the air, scared people out of their houses and then attacked them with machetes as they tried to escape, and then burned their bodies. They set the houses ablaze. More than half of the houses have been burned.”

The villages of Ratsat and Dogo Nahawa were eerily silent Monday. Houses lay in ashes and the streets were deserted. Survivors loaded bodies on trucks for the mass burial in Dogo Nahawa.

During the burial, many survivors wept and some pounced on a local Muslim journalist, Murtala Sani Hashim, witnesses said. Police fired shots to disperse the crowds and rescued Hashim, who, according to witnesses, was punched, kicked and nearly pushed into the mass grave.

This, obviously, was a crime against humanity. The full article is here.

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I teach writing and literature at Antelope Valley College in California.
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